Nintendo Wii: Monster Hunter Graphics Are Putting Pressure On New Zelda

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has commended Capcom for its lavish graphical style on Monster Hunter 3.

Iwata claims that Monster Hunter Tri has put an immense amount of pressure on the Zelda team to create a new Zelda title that looks equally as good, or better, utilizing the Wii’s graphical capability’s.

“Nintendo’s staff have been galvanised by Capcom. I can tell they feel like you did what they hadn’t yet,” he said to Tri’s director, Kaname Fujioka, and producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto.

“Looking at the graphics objectively, I feel like the game’s visuals are one of the representative examples of what can ultimately be done with Wii. I think it has placed the Zelda team under a considerable amount of pressure,” he added, speaking in the latest edition of the Iwata Asks interview series.

“What did you think when you first tried out Wii? For example, I imagine the first thing you thought with regard to visuals was that you might not be able to do much,” Iwata asked.

“Yes. To be honest,” Fujioka responded. “Graphics aren’t really Wii’s best point…” Nevertheless, the game makers stressed the importance of visuals, and said that it was always Capcom’s aim to make the title stand out.

“I think good graphics are an incredibly attractive aspect of games,” Fujioka said. “Even before people play a game, they are aware of its general appearance.”

Tsujimoto added: “The first project planning document that we wrote said, ‘Let’s make the best graphics ever seen on the Wii console.’”



  1. The new zelda doesn’t need fantastic graphics, it just needs to be ZELDA, and itll be amazing. I still play Ocarina of time everyday, and all the 8 bits are instantly my favourites. Honestly, you could go back and make it an 8 bit game for wii, and most zelda fans would stil llove it, because they play for gameplay, not stupid aspects like graphics

  2. My favourite Zelda and favourite game of all time is Zelda Ocarina Of Time. Gameplay is amazing, sound is amazing, controls are perfect, and the graphics (for the time) are pretty damn amazing. Zelda doesn’t need mind blowing graphics and Ocarina Of Time proves this. Not only Ocarina Of Time, but also A Link To The Past, The Adventure Of Link, the first Zelda, Majoras Mask…. etc
    One day these graphics will be dated. As long as the game is fun people will love it for generations to come.

  3. Nintendo fans need to stop hailing Nintendo for everything they do. I am a huge Nintendo fan, and I love Zelda, and the fact that the Zelda team wants to push themselves on the visual aesthetics of the next game is great news. I will always stand by Nintendo for putting gameplay over graphics, but the video game world we live in now is competitive. I dont want Nintendo falling under the radar for something as trivial as “not as good of graphics as ‘X’ “. Also, Zelda is an epic title, and deserves epic visuals. Twilight Princess was just a gamecube port. Lets see what the wii is truly capable of I say!

  4. well you know what I think fans of zelda will be pleased no matter what I still think there is no suck thing as perfection.
    I would be even more happy if the next zelda had good graphics and great gameplay that we all love

  5. They said they would release it when it is perfect, so they shouldn’t feel pressured.

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