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Nintendo Wii: Black Nintendo Wii Finally Coming To America?

Numerous gaming emporiums in the United States have told online gaming publication Kotaku that the black version of the Nintendo Wii is due to be released in North America in May.

The long-awaited black Nintendo Wii bundle for North America apparently includes a copy of Wii Sports Resort and the Wii MotionPlus accessory, and is currently listed by the retailers at $199.99.


12 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Black Nintendo Wii Finally Coming To America?”

  1. Awesome!! :D I’d have to think though that Wii Sports won’t be bundled with this Wii SKU given they will be bundling Wii Sports Resort with it, so I wonder if they’ll create a way for people to buy it for those that don’t already have it and want to play it.

    1. As far as I can tell here in the UK both are included with the black Wii but I don’t know anyone who’s bought one. I would have if I could transfer my downloads (like on the PS3) but Nintendo don’t allow that…

      1. That is really good to hear! Hopefully that’s the case when it launches in the United States :D

        There really should be a way to transfer your downloads over to another Wii. I hate that Nintendo didn’t find a way to do that :/

          1. Well, you can put games on an SD card, but you can’t transfer them to another Wii console because your downloads are connected to the Wii you purchased them from.

  2. Nicee!!! Looks very beatiful and my favorite color is black so this will be perfect for me. Gotta give my white Wii to my bro

  3. It”s pretty much confirmed as CTA Digital just emailed me a press release to say they’re bringing out accessory’s for the Black Wii in North America next month.

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