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Nintendo 3DS: 3D Video Chat Is Possible With Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has informed Forbes magazine that it is technically possible to have 3D video chat with the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS.

“Technologically speaking, a variety of different things are possible with the 3DS, for example, 3D video chat.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata



  1. I was almost buying the DSi XL, but I’ll definitely save my economies for this one… the only thing is, I didn’t really like the collors they showed so far.

  2. Hellooo this is weird. But man that’s gotta be awesome if you’re dating the person you’re talking to. “Now show me your three-dimensional bazungas.”

    Seriously speaking, that’s pretty neat. I don’t know how often I’d use it, but it’s a nice little addition!

  3. Hang on…the only problem is the two cameras are on the back of the 3D screen so how can you see the other person? But…apparently the 3DS isnt actually finished, they could still add another camera to the inside so it would actually be good, maybe bluetooth for wii connectivity as a controller also 3G for idle/sleeping 3DS updates or online gaming and 3D chat.

    1. Um dude there is a camera on the inside just like the DSi. They just put it above the top screen this time around.

      1. But the post says you can do video calls in 3D! In order to get the 3D effect, you’d need two cameras, as described in one of the 3DS showcases. There are two cameras on the outside, and one on the inside. :3

  4. I already hoped that Skype would make it onto 3DS, and this seems to support it. However, unless you’re doing 3DS to 3DS Skype calls, the 3D wouldn’t work. I really hope they don’t limit it to only 3DS to 3DS calls if they do add Skype.

  5. Maybe, but it’s possible that the inner camera may work differently than the two outer cams. Or on the other hand, it’s possible that video chat could just add a 3D-like layer to the feed making it seem a little 3Dish, but maybe not as complex as the outer cams effect.

    1. yeah or maybe video “chat” (if it’s being made at all) will be more like messages that you can make turning the 3DS around and making a video of yourself speaking

      1. Yeah that is very, very true. Since Nintendo is a Japanese company, they are well known for saying something, which is can be a little exaggeration of what the actual cause is. Like them making everybody think outside the box when they said the 3DS had a 3D joystick and everyone was like “3D Joystick?” but come to find out it’s just an analog slider…

  6. I think they re-designing it, with two cameras on the inside. Or maybe the single camera is a “stereo”cam with two inputs. But the depth wouldnt be that great if the cameras aren´t a bit apart like our eyes.

    Now that they know the impact and how people really want to buy a 3DS, they could make the lower screen a bit bigger/wider and put them closer togheter to the top screen. And also put anohter camera on the inside.

  7. Wow many secrets are spilling about this device. Now getting more excited each time and want it!

  8. hi there your right there is a third camra faceing the 3DS user infact the iner camera is a true 3D single camera thats that has been liked buy the 3D camera manufactory that building the 3D camera and your right nintendo 3DS is going all out too be the best gaming device on planet earth

  9. hi there i have seen true 3D camera sensors they do cost more then 2 2D camera sensors soo posable 2 3d cameras outside and a single 3D camera sensor inside for 3D video chat thats how i think nintendo 3DS would use for 3D video chat

  10. Not gonna happen people, not yet at least.

    He meant it’s a possibility technologically speaking, but it is not, you need a 3d camera for that and the one facing you is 2d NOT 3d.

    Anyways they will have it on 3ds lite I’m sure :p

    However personally I can’t wait till I get my hands on a 3ds :)

    My theory with buying devices is that once ur in wait two generations to buy the third to come out, I have the old ds slim… Two have passed and now 3ds is my lovely third :D

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