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Nintendo: Nintendo In Talks To Get 3G Connections For Handhelds

According to a report featured in the Wall Street Journal Nintendo and Sony are currently in talks with wireless carriers to add 3G network connections to their next handheld devices.

“Videogame makers know that in order for portable game machines to take the next step forward, they need wireless communication. We are discussing this with various players.”

– Ryuji Yamada, president of NTT DoCoMo



  1. finally!!!!!! a 3g for the 3ds. now we may actually be able to have a flash drive too so we can do all the stuff that was promised for the dsi. like youtube video and web video chat.

  2. Unless a paid contract, your 3G is going to operate like Kindle – only for updates and paid downloads. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t expect an iPhone-like online experience

  3. agreed its no iphone. This does mean that you can treat it like one. 3g video chat…(if they get the flash player) will be the same as a phone call and it means you will get a full online surfing experience. if they do this right it will be a good kick to apple. and thats what i want. hahaha

    1. Whoops, I should have added this to the end:

      I really hope that this won’t be a separately sold accessory.

      1. If it isn’t then kinda behind the times, I’ll trade 3D for 3G

  4. O.O Whoa! It’s not even like the 3DS is even considered a handheld console now. More like a home console that just happens to fit in the palm of your hand. It pleases me that Nintendo is making me a fan again :)

  5. I’m assuming this means paying for an internet service from Nintendo? :/ I hope it’s cheap ._.

  6. Lame why not 4g by the time the 3ds comes out 4g will be out for verizon and att. 3g is old tech now.
    Verizons 4g rolls out this september. Att I think is like december. I know verizons is backwards comaptible so if you make it with there tech you can use it in both 4g and 3g areas.
    And in japan there is umpts wich is hella fast it is 4g. They would be downgrading there device for the americas wich is not cool.

    1. Um considering it’ll be prob 3 years b4 4g (even sprint) is fully rolled out and maybe if this is successfull (3G) on handhelds then 4g on handhelds next gen! Just sayin.

      1. 4g will be fully rolled out in 3g areas for verizon at least (I work there) within 2 years of september luanch in 75 plus % of the markets so no 4 years is way off the mark

  7. Nintendo, before you start that why don’t you work on flash player, or a facebook made for DSi and 3DS.

  8. When they make this I’d better be able to take my DSi games from he DSi store to use on it!!!

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