Nintendo: This Christmas Is Critical For The Wii Says Nintendo President

With plenty of competition from its competitors in the form of Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move Nintendo president Satoru Iwata acknowledges that this Christmas period is critical to the Wii’s success.

“Having said that, however, in that critical sales season, if everything doesn’t go ahead just as we hope, and if we do not do anything about it, our platform business will be in trouble. We will need to prepare for such situations.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata



  1. This Christmas is gonna be awesome.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario All-Stars and Wii Party are all on my Christmas list, along with GoldenEye.

    Also, they’re releasing the Wii Remote Plus, which is another step up from the Wii Motion+ as it is built in, a red Mario Wii and even Pokemon Black and White DSi’s in Japan


      1. Yeah, it comes out on Thursday in Japan, Sunday here in the states, and sometime before April 1st for Europe. That’s according to wikipedia, anyway.


  2. If things don’t go as they hope they might start preparing the Wii’s successors for the next holiday season and have enough of the product to satisfy a worldwide demand so they don’t have the same problem as with the 3DS.


  3. Whether things go well for Ninty this Christmas season or not, I would like to think that they are trying to have the Wii go out with a bang, so to speak. As Mart2006 mentioned earlier, there is a phenomenal lineup this Christmas and at least one highly anticipated game early/mid 2011 (Skyward Sword, for example). I kind of expect the Wii’s successor to be announced at the next E3, with a Holiday release.


  4. Dunno where everyone’s getting their facts, but the Wii’s gonna be around at least until the end of 2012. Look at the lifespan of previous Nintendo home consoles. It speaks for itself.


    1. Yeah, I know, but (and I hate to say this) I just can’t help but think that the Wii has nearly reached its end. And, actually, perhaps they’ll continue to support the Wii for awhile with games that would work on either platform. Kind of like how some PS3 games are released onto PS2.


  5. when there are as many wiis sold as the competitiors combined, slower sales should be expected, most people that want one, have one


    1. Yes, they would make a killing and I really wish they could do that, but they don’t have enough of them produced to support the worldwide demand. It would be Christmas 2006 all over again.


  6. Gonna love finishing uni this November and then sitting down to all these great games coming out. And can’t wait for the next generation of hardware that they have install, the suspense over the new console is killing me.


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