Nintendo Wii: Red Anniversary Nintendo Wii Confirmed For Europe

Nintendo Europe have confirmed that the special Mario 25th Anniversary Wii console is making its way to Europe, October 22nd. The console comes pre-bundled with a copy of Wii Sports, New Super Mario Bros Wii plus the original Donkey Kong and a Wii Remote Plus controller.




  1. Nintendo, I swear to God that if you don’t release all of this special-edition Mario stuff in America there will be some serious rage coming from my direction.


    1. I’d have to imagine that they’d want to. It’s a great way to extend the interest of the general public in purchasing a Wii.


  2. Wow, I totally didn’t see them replacing Wii Sports Resort with NSMBWii. If anything, I figured they would have replaced the original, because you won’t need the Motion+ part of the remote without it, if you don’t buy any games requiring it.

    I suppose it still makes sense, though, because I’m pretty sure you can’t buy Wii Sports anywhere, unless it’s used.


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