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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Say That Children Should Turn Off 3D Effects On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has issued a warning to parents of children under six years of age suggesting that if they plan to purchase a 3DS for their child then they should consider turning off the 3D function using the slider that’s attached to the device.

Vision in children under six is still in a developmental stage and the delivery of 3D images “has a potential impact on the growth of children’s eyes.”

– Nintendo




  1. Now, this is a good warning, asides, theres always other Consoles for little childrens, so, i don’t think its nothing negative to the system nor Nintendo.

    I’m glad its a warning for children only. I’m far away from that age xD.


  2. I’m glad Nintendo sends out warnings to a handheld that hasn’t been released yet, now that’s smart and safety from the company


  3. Every movie is pretty much in 3D these days, and I’ve seen an abundance of small children attending these movies regardless. These kids are staring at the screen watching a 3D movie for upwards of 2 hours sometimes. I imagine the 3DS won’t be much different. Kids will play with it, ask for one, and get one. It’ll fascinate them like Shrek or any other 3D animated movie. This is pretty much just a safety precaution and an anti-suing measure.

    Regardless of the warning, children will probably be checking out the 3D effects anyway since most parents are too lazy (or too dumb) to know about parental controls. Aside from the rare six year old who has developed a prolonged attention span, the kids will probably move on to play with something else at some point in the day. If anything, they’ll be the most consistent followers of Nintendo’s recommendation to play the 3DS with half-hourly breaks in between.


    1. As far as I can tell, spoiling young kids is common practice for those with an above average financial situation. But I agree, many six year olds won’t even have the opportunity to play a 3DS, much less own one.

      The warning is there for those with a little more fortune, I suppose. At least all of us here (I think?) are well over the age of six and need not worry.


    1. Mostly discomfort like eye strain and eye fatigue. I figure only a handful will experience these within 30 minutes. I don’t think it was a 30 minute MAXIMUM playing time for adults so much as a recommendation to take a break every 30 minutes.

      They give motion sickness warnings for thrill rides, among other things… but I’ve never succumbed and I know maybe one or two people who actually have problems with it. I don’t imagine this being too different. It’s probably going to be on tier with the epilepsy warnings that video games have. How many people do you know that actually suffer from it? I know none.


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