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Nintendo 3DS: Sonic Creator Reveals Brand New 3DS and Wii Game

Yuji Naka the creator behind Sonic The Hedgehog has revealed his latest creation in the latest issue of Famitsu.

Yuji Naka’s new game is titled Tenkuu no Kishi Rodea and according to its creator it enables players to enjoy free flight through the sky’s. The game has understandably drawn comparisons to Nintendo’s very own Kid Icarus Uprising.

Your character – Rodea – flies around and shoots enemies. Rodea can also perform spin attacks. There will also be some moments in the game where you won’t be flying.




  1. I REALLY hope they make a chao garden for this game, it’s seriously all ive been waiting for in a Sonic game. I’m upset that it’s taking them so long to remake one from the Gamecube’s Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.


  2. Sonic was created to compete with mario
    Rodea is created to compete with kid Icarus…le sigh
    Nothing beats the original, I sure hope I’m wrong here.


  3. It’s not a sonic game. Its a new title called “Machinist of the sky rodea” they just stated that it was by the same person who made sonic.


  4. -lightbulb- If they made a Chao Garden 3DS like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for 3DS you can pick out of Sonic Shadow Knuckles Rouge Tails Eggman but this time have exclusives like Silver and Blaze possibly the Babylon Rogues. And Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for wii you could get rings and chaos drives and tranfer them! and the Chao Garden 3DS you could go to chao karate and race and maybe compete wifi and it could have dark and hero gardens too! um sorry its lengthy but itd be awesome


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