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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Of America President Explains Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has explained to MTV why Nintendo thought it necessary to implement friend codes on the Nintendo 3DS.

“The thing that we’ve learned is that there are some games that you want to battle head to head, but you don’t want to necessarily want that other player to have full access to the space. ”

“Probably the best example is something like ‘Animal Crossing.’ We may want to trade items in ‘Animal Crossing,’ but do I really want the potential for you to come into my town and maybe disrupt it in some way? That’s what Friend Codes are all about. There are certain games where Friend Codes are important. There are other games where, because of the head to head nature of the gameplay, it really isn’t necessary.”

– Reggie Fils-Aime



  1. thats stupid, and so are friend codes. learn from micosoft nintendo. after all they have the best online.

  2. I don’t understand why people are still crying about Friend Codes. With Nintendo 3DS we have 1 Friend Code for the system that functions across all games. On Xbox/PS3 we have 1 Gamertag/PlayStation ID that functions across all games.

    Does this not make them all the exact same thing? Think about it people…! Geez.

    1. What you describe are accounts, that isn’t bound to any hardware or system. So, yes I have thought about it. And Nintendo is doing it wrong. One account per console , that enable anyone who have purchased a 3DS to login on any console. THAT is the WAY it should work. So, did you think about that?

      1. Although that’s stupid. Unless you buy a new console, you should only have one 3DS. It’s a personal gaming system, not something your whole family needs to share.

        1. No, it´s not “stupid” It’s how it should work. If you wanted to reach your data, your games that you have bought on another system it would be easier. And if your system breaks down in some way, after your warranty has run out and such, then you could reach your saved data or purchased games on your new system. AND all your friends that you added to your ACCOUNT would still be there. As if it was your old 3DS. You can´t argue about the benefits an Account would bring.

          1. For purchased games are run threw a Nintendo Club account, so a new system will have all your pre-purchased games ready for download, just log in with the Nintendo Club account, this same account also handles your warranty. But agree accounts are better than Friend Codes, but as i said before, it all depends on how the developer wishes to use it.

  3. A friend code works the same as a username on XBOX. Only difference is the 3DS doesn’t allow multiple friend codes (usernames) on the one system.
    Seems fine to me for a handheld. To say Nintendo are doing it “wrong” is “wrong”. Its just different.

  4. ugg… seriously? This sucks… I hope the 3DS gets like, Elder Scrolls or something, cause then I don’t need to bother with friend codes.

    1. You don’t even bother with friend codes on games like Street Fighter, bro. Friend codes are there if you want to play with specific people. If you want to play with whoever, a majority of games will have that option available.

  5. I do not like the Nintendo friends codes I think that is limit when we are looking for
    friends to play

  6. The only problem I ever had with Friend Codes is having to find them elsewhere. I’m saying they’re difficult to find because they’re not…I’m saying having to go through extra steps of going online, finding a forum or what have you and register FCs (of course after leaving your own). Same with the Wii. A lobby (while it may be more maintainance) would seem more readily available than having to hunt FCs…

    …this all being if your friends just so didn’t have that particular game or couldn’t be bothered to look for their FC. The way it’s being implemented on 3DS is a great improvement over a long annoying friend adding system.

  7. As seen with Monster Hunter Tri(great online btw, i was surprised), the games are not forced to have a Friend Code, so having a friend code is not the problem here, the problem comes when the developers make a poor choice when to implement the Friend Codes i.e SSB Brawl.

    And of course i don’t want any1 taking my apple trees, there mine!

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