Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Announce New Wii Game Titled Pandora’s Tower

Nintendo unveiled a brand new game for the Nintendo Wii titled Pandora’s Tower at today’s Nintendo investors meeting in Tokyo which is due to be released in the spring.

Whilst information is scarce regarding the newly announced title Nintendo have put up a teaser website which features ambient piano music and a young women with a decorative tattoo.



  1. My Japanese is really, really not good. But I’m fairly certain she is asking which is better, life or death?
    Shinde = dead
    Ikteiru = live
    Dochi = means something in the lines of “which”, depending on the context.

  2. Whoa, just judging from what we have here, this game is way different than Nintendo’s usual style. I can’t wait. Hopefully it’s not just a one time thing and becomes one of the “Nintendo Allstars”.

  3. I’m more excited about the new old Kirby game announcement. Traditional Kirby for the win. Also, Indiana Kirby for the win. Watch the trailer and you’ll understand that last comment.

  4. Some were worried there wouldn’t be enough wii titles this year…well…Zelda, Kirby and this, sounds awesome! Now bring The Last Story over here and we’ll all be happy!
    ps. can you fall in love without seeing someones eyes?

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