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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Of America President Says Cheap Smartphone Gaming Is A Major Problem

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Gametrailers that one of the biggest problems facing the games industry is the wealth of cheap disposable smartphone games.

“I actually think that one of the biggest risks today in our industry are these inexpensive games that are candidly disposable from a consumer standpoint.”

“Angry Birds is a great piece of experience but that is one compared to thousands of other pieces of content that for one or two dollars I think actually create a mentality for the consumer that a piece of gaming content should only be two dollars.

“I actually thinks some of those games are overpriced at one or two dollars but that’s a whole different story,” he joked.

– Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime



  1. what!? overpriced @ a dollar? lmao
    Gee buy a game or an mp3 for a buck.. tough decision!
    Anyways good to see he acknowledges where his handheld audience is going though.

  2. I’ve never played any iPhone games, I don’t find them as appealing as more expensive ‘traditional’ games.

  3. Well how is his different to all the shovelware on the Wii priced at $50. I’m able to shrug off a crap game that I spent $2 on then one I spent $20, $30, or $50 on.

  4. Angry Birds sux big time and I would take anything Nintendo has to offer over the crapware on iPod/Android…

  5. Mr. Fils-Aime is absolutely right. I’ve downloaded some dozens of Games for my iPad. None of them I was playing for more than an hour. Whether angry birds nor plants and zombies. Of course no comparison to a “full fledged” console game, like Mass Effect, Metroid, Zelda, Beyond good&evil. But also most of DS and even GameBoy titles are lightyears better: FireEmblem, GoldenSun, The world ends with you, just to mention a few.

  6. His point…those games are lacking deep experiences, but people are attracted by the low price and will therefore form a negative perception of games and think that games of $40 are overpriced, whilst thinking it’s the same crap as those $2 games

  7. Another old Mynintendonews.com news here. But to be honest, some mobile phone games are actually good, but they are an equivalent to the WiiWare titles. They aren’t as prime as the more expensive game titles for the consoles, and their gameplays are probably short anyway.

  8. If I want a phone, I’ll buy a phone.
    If I want a computer, I’ll buy a computer.
    If I want an MP3 player, I’ll buy an MP3 player.
    If I want a GAMING CONSOLE, I’ll buy a GAMING CONSOLE.

    That’s why iPhones and all other smartphones out there fail. They try to master everything at once by jamming it all into one device. They need to realize their flaws.

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