Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Of America President Hints At Nintendo Wii Price Cut

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told online gaming publication GamaSutra that the Nintendo Wii isn’t going to be replaced any time soon and that Nintendo still have plenty of marketing tools at their disposal.

“The Wii has a long life in front of it. We’re still sitting at $199. There are a variety of marketing tools at our disposal.”

– Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime




    1. He’s basically saying that if sales dip then they will introduce a price cut. Given that the console hasn’t had one for a while I’d imagine we will see one at the later half of the year.


  1. This article in no way suggests a price cut. Furthermore, all the talk that the succeeder to Wii isn’t going to come out for a “long” time, is a lie. The Wii is reaching it’s peak. This just what NIntendo wants us to think so they keep it secret and “surprise” us when it comes out.


  2. price cuts, or various bundles. “variety of market tools”. I mean, a Wii with four controllers, Wii sports Resort + wii party and you have a great bundle for the whole family. (and so on)


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