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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Launch Madness Descends On The United Kingdom

The Nintendo 3DS officially launched in the United Kingdom today with hefty queues and predicted stock shortages.

1,200 gaming emporiums were open at midnight awaiting droves of eager gamers wanting to snap up the brilliant device. The biggest launch event was at HMV in Oxford Street London where hundreds of fans gathered to be the first in line to own the Nintendo 3DS.

So, did any of you guys head out at midnight to pick up your console, and what are your impressions?



  1. How I envy all those living in normal European countries like England. Here in Greece the 25th of March is a national celebration and because of that all the shops are closed….. Hope I can wait one more day :)


    1. Greece is a normal european country, most of the ppl got their 3DS @ 24th of March just because of the National Celebration of Independence from the Ottomans.


      1. Ummm, excuse me, but it was impossible to get the 3DS in Greece the 24th of March and this is coming from a person who spoke directly to an official from Nortec the company representing Nintendo in Greece, so don’t go around talking about subjects you know little about.


  2. Why do people do this? Every time I preorder a new game/console online I always get it in the mail the day before release. More people should order online!


    1. Some do it for the atmosphere or bragging rights, at my local store they had a raffle so one person in the store got the console for free.

      I personally did it because I was busy all today and there was nobody home to accept a delivery.


  3. I got mine at midnight there wasn’t as big of a queue at my local Game (about 20 max) I’m loving the AR cards and I bought Street Fighter 4 with it also a great game =)

    Only negative point I have is my own inability to see the 3D properly but it hasnt ruined my fun so far


  4. Since I live in Brazil I don’t know when we’re getting one. Maybe I’ll order one from the US if I have enough money…


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