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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Say ‘Seeing Really Is Believing’ With The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell has reiterated that ‘seeing really is believing’ with the Nintendo 3DS. Honeywell also admitted that the Nintendo 3DS is one of the more trickier products that he has had to promote.

“It’s been one of the trickier products that I’ve personally had to work on. “We can’t show the product benefit in 3D to consumers through TV and so forth, so it did stretch our imaginations a bit.

“I think what we’ve found is that when people play it their initial reactions are amazing, so that’s why we embarked on our programme of sampling and recorded the TV commercials at the sample events.

“There’s a lot of debate about whether or not those people you see are actors and they genuinely aren’t,” he added. “These are people we took directly from our sampling events before they experienced it as part of the sampling.

“We sat them in a separate room, gave them a 3DS and recorded it. What you see in those ads is exactly that. I hope that seeing lots and lots of peoples’ reactions is compelling, and even if it’s intriguing as well, it drives people down to experience it for themselves because then they’ll see it first-hand.”

– James Honeywell, Nintendo UK



  1. I was always gonna buy it cuz I love nintendo but after trying it at best buy I’m definitely gonna get it

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