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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Successfully Used To Catch Cheating Husband

A Los Angeles area woman named Karen ingeniously used her recently purchased Nintendo 3DS to catch her cheating spouse.

Karen’s husband apparently purchased two Nintendo 3DS consoles; one for himself and the other console for his mistress. Karen presumed that if the mysterious women came over to their apartment then she would carry her Nintendo 3DS with her. So she subsequently purchased a Nintendo 3DS and left it in the closet, hoping to catch whoever the women was via the 3DS’ Street Pass mode.

“I read online that the 3DS was going to have this Street Pass function, and it would allow your system to hook up to another person’s system. So I secretly bought one.”

“I came home from work yesterday and saw nothing, but on April 1st, my 3DS’ Street Pass was lit up and saw the bitch’s Mii on it.”

– Karen



  1. Ahahahahahahaha… This is sooooo Funny !!!!..

    “I came home from work yesterday and saw nothing, but on April 1st, my 3DS’ Street Pass was lit up and saw the bitch’s Mii on it.”

    “… the birch’s Mii on it.” xD

    Very clever uh?

  2. April fools trick it was…”Your new 3DS may leave an electronic trail that unravels your worst secrets…. (This was originally an April Fools post that we thought we’d highlight today.)”

  3. Now another advertisement idea for Nintendo.

    “Helps with relationship problems!…sorta..”

  4. Sony’s ad would work here.

    It only does 3D
    Catch Cheaters
    The Nintendo 3DS: it only does everything.

    1. She just presumed he did. She was obviously suspicious of him at the start. Why would he buy two 3DS consoles and not give his wife one.

  5. Oh my god this is the best use of the 3DS. Even better than the games, the 3D, AND the Circle Pad combined.

  6. damn this sucks. i like people who have an affair. i had one with a woman 5 years back. we went to medieval times and then had a “good time” for hours at the local hotel 2 blocks away. ahhhhh. affairs are great stress relievers…

  7. LoL April’fools anyone ?Also the ps3 catched a burgler one time(and also can contribute to Stanford University’s Foldin) so it still does more then the 3ds ;P

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