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Nintendo: Nintendo Handhelds Losing Out To Google Android And Apple iOS

According to mobile analytics firm Flurry Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS have significantly chipped away at Nintendo’s market share.

Flurry have stated that game sales on both Android and iOS flourished between 2009 and 2010 whilst sales for Nintendo’s handheld have ‘shrunk’ leading Flurry to refer to the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS as Mario’s “burning platform.”

“It’s clear that prolific installed base gains by Apple and Android devices, low priced games (including a very robust free-to-play model enabled by in-app purchases) and seamless digital distribution to games on devices so near to consumers 24-hours-a-day, is driving potent industry-disruption.”

“Over 2011, we expect to see continued and significant smart-device game growth fueled by the recent launch of iPad 2, iPhone coming into distribution on Verizon, the expected release of iPhone 5, a relentless expansion of Android devices by leading OEMs across all major U.S. carriers, and Google’s enablement of in-app purchase billing, a proven key driver in iOS game revenue,” Flurry said. “Mario may indeed be standing on a burning platform.”

– Flurry



  1. Burning platform……. No it sounds like a nicer version of what that Angry Birds douche bag was saying.

  2. While I agree that this is destroying Nintendo’s market, it still doesn’t mean that I like it. Iwata is right. Not only are cheap “Quantity-Over-Quality” games destroying Nintendos market, it’s destroying the video-gaming market in general.

  3. To me, this isn’t really that surprising. A lot of people weren’t too thrilled about news of the 3DS, and to be honest, Nintendo is marketing most of their DS games to a very young audience. Not too many adults are going to pick up a 3DS and a copy of Zhu Zhu Puppies when they could pay a similar amount for an iPhone and download games like Angry Birds. As much as I hate to say this, Nintendo really needs to step up their game.

    1. That makes no sense..first of all nintendo has always marketed to ALL ages.. Not just children, which is why you have games like street fighter 4 on the 3DS the number one fighting game, that revived the fighting game genre. 99% of the games you find on the iPhone and such are shovelware vs the triple A titles you will find on a DS (not zhu zhu pets). Plain and simple the markets will intersect.. But there is no dead end for either one.

  4. People shouldn’t compare multimedia devices like the Iphone to gaming devices.
    Gaming devices can have extremely unique experiences that multimedia devices will never have. Multimedia devices have cheep and fun games, but are nowehere comparable to 90% of games on a Gaming device.

  5. It’s sad, but true. As fun as the 3DS is, it’s outdated from day one in so many ways. The lack of digital distribution (at least for now) and the pricing model for games is way out of touch (not to mention the lack of a modern online experience). If Nintendo would loosen up, make the 3DS SDK more widely available, and create a games marketplace comparable to Apple’s app store, we’d have thousands of cheap/free/awesome indie 3DS games at our fingertips, and the ecosystem would thrive. But relying on $30-40 cartridges from traditional game publishers is going to make it really hard for the 3DS to compete. Most of the launch titles have less depth than games I’ve played on iOS for 1/4, or even 1/10 as much money. There are still portable games that are well worth $30-40 for a long, robust experience, and I wouldn’t ever want to see that go away. But Nintendo is ignoring quick, cheap indie games at its peril. It needs to put out quality titles that clearly distinguish themselves from iOS games and justify their higher price tag – but they also need to open the gates to basement developers and more flexible pricing models.

  6. Yeah. The company that uses child labor to get the technology to make their devices is SO much better than Nintendo, the company that revived a dead gaming market in 1984. Game sales on those crappy cell phones are so high because all they are are stupid $1 gimmicks. Yeah, I really want to sit down and play a game for hours on end by tapping touch screen buttons that take up 1/3 of the screen and don’t register as a button press at times. Let me just spend my $800 and buy that wonderful device.

  7. Have you tried playing FIFA (or Pro Evo) on a mobile? No Thanks! I would rather pay £40 for Pokemon or a Mario game on 3DS than a couple of quid on mobile game that I would find annoying to play ( for the reason mentioned in ‘Jared’s post).

    Nintendo will live forever

  8. The market for gamers (handheld gaming devices market) is littler comparable with the Cellphone market (Everyone or almost everyone has a cellphone nowadays), That’s why there’s a bigger Difference. Not every iOS or Android device sold is a Gaming device, used for play. NO. No every person who bought an iOS or Android devices are playing in there, not everyone is spending $1 for a CHEAP, BORING angry birds title.
    Not because the people want a iOS or Android device means they want it because its amazing, great and accesible gaming experience… of course, that’s BULLSH*T.
    They are getting it because of: Connectivity, Easy Access, “Because is Nice”, “Because its Popular”, Because they can use it as an Music Player (almost every one is used for this), because it’s in Offer… and so.

    Gaming devices are that, for gaming experience. Cellphones and Tablets are Tools, some, multimedia Tools, not Gaming dedicated devices.

    I really doubt that Nintendo got to worry because of the mobile phone market.

  9. Who really cares if one is better than the other? They are different in many ways and they please different audiences.

  10. The article also ignores the fact that no matter how sophisticated mobile gaming becomes, you still can’t play games like Mario, Metroid and Zelda on them. Nintendo has, and will always have, its franchises to back it up.

  11. Apple or no Apple, there will always be a market for games that come in discs/cartridges!

  12. So easy to see where this Flurry’s bread is buttered. Just another example of a hired drumbeater for the iOS/Android market painting a very scued picture and taking liberty with certain misleading facts like the fact that the DS market is pretty much saturated and reached its peak. The 3DS market will no doubt start growing.

  13. And we’re hearing this news right after we hear about the 3DS’s record breaking launch and pokemon’s extreme success? Hmmm…..

  14. No offense, but why are they comparing a gaming console with a phone to start with I mean yeah phones have game on them but mainly a phone is suppose to be use for to contact some not as a gaming device such as like nintendo ds or psp.

  15. I don’t really consider someone who will only spend a dollar on a cheap downloadable game a gamer. It is nice that we have these little games for our phone but you are never going to hear someone say wow that was one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life after playing angry birds. For in-depth, thrilling, innovative games stick to gaming consoles. Whether you are a nintendo or a Sony person (or both) these are where the real portable games are that keep us coming back for more.

  16. 2 words. BULL. SHIT!

    there is no way in hell that the iPhone and crappy android will ever beat Nintendo handhelds. they sell so much and break records all the time! saying a fake game platform (phone, MP3, PC) will ever beat consoles or handhelds is bullshit.

    first, a phone is a phone. not a game system. $1 gimmicks are not games.

    second, even THINKING a phones games are better than a handheld/console is ridiculous. they never are.

    third, its Nintendo. who SAVED video games? Nintendo. in 1984, video games crashed after E.T., Nintendo fixed that. idiots.

  17. mario would kick an angry birds ass, smash style..hehehe p.s. phone games gobble cox.

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