Nintendo: Brand New Pokémon Game Scheduled To Be Revealed In May

If scans from Japanese gaming publication Dengeki Nintendo Magazine are to be believed then it appears as though there will be an official unveiling of a brand new Pokémon title sometime in May.

Whilst it’s not known what system the new game will be for we do know that Nintendo have stated that there’s currently a new Pokémon game in the works for both the Wii and the 3DS. What platform do you guys think it’s being developed for? Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Wii?



  1. I assume this new game will be for the 3DS as nintendo said they would not be making another pokemon game for the wii. I have heard it is some sort of typing game.

    1. Actually they said none of the Main pokemon games will be made for wii. Besides the’ve talked about making one for the 3DS for quite some time now, saying that 3D will be an Integral part of the game design so one for the 3DS would be lovely. OH and another thing for everyone. Pokemon Black and White were a very successful and even though it wasn’t in 3D and many 3DS owners still bought it. Knowing ppl and pkmn, 3DS sales will rack up like crazy if a main game came out for the 3DS :D

  2. That typing game came out today. Their is apparently a Wii game being made and also for 3DS so could be for either.

  3. i’m pushing for a battle revolution/XD type game featuring black and white. i wanna see zekrom on the big screen!

  4. Oh science I want Pokemion Emerald 3DS :D It’ll not be the new gen Pokémon I guess since B&W aren’t that old. (lol)
    I hope it’s for 3DS but I’m almost completely sure about that.

  5. Judging by every previous generation of Pokemon, the announcement of Pokemon Gray is still about a year away.
    No chance it’ll be the R/S remakes. If the remakes ARE a part of the 5th generation of Pokemon, they will be on the DS, not 3DS. If they are on the 3DS, it’ll be the 6th generation, which is at least three years away.

    Most likely a Pokemon battling game on the Wii à la Stadium, Colosseum, or Battle Revolution OR a spin-off game on the 3DS à la Pokemon Ranger or Pokemon Mystery dungeon.

    1. Remember how gem II was on tue gameboy and the gameboy color?
      Gold and silver were on GBC, with color enhancements, and crystal was a gameboy color exclusive

  6. Do it big. Pokemon MMO RPG on 3DS.

    …there’s supposedly a Monster Hunter planned for 3DS, this isn’t too far off. Far off still.

    If not it’ll probably be…I dunno, a new Ranger game…or Pokemon Pinball or something.

    1. Pokémon snap 3DS that either uses AR tech or the camera/gyroscope tech that ocarina of time 3DS… That would be so sweet!

    2. yes, pokemon snap was one of my favs and as I get older, it’d be the only one I’d actually play now…

  7. Either the third version of B/W for 3DS, or a ranger game for 5th gen. If its Wii, it might go along the lines of the Stadiums and Battle Revolution.

  8. Maybe a 3D Pokemon game for Wii or 3DS? That would be nice, like Pokemon Colosseum 3?

  9. I want a new Battle Revolution but they need to fix it because the single player mode sucks…way 2 easy

  10. Mm it’s probably too soon to announce the third version to black and white.. Hoping the 3rd version will be on 3DS

  11. I want a Pokemon game in the same stye as Smash Bros., but you can choose from any of the 151 first gen pokemon.

    Pokemon Smash.

    I think I just jizzed.

  12. kinda hope its a hoenn remake. i hated hoenn but i just need to get the chance everyone else had to fall in love with it. or maybe grey since i havnt played it yet. it makes more sence for them to wait to release grey on the 3ds so they can say it has more features

  13. Since it was said there will be Wii games @ E3 (Wii Play Motion wasn’t “it”) and given their word that they’re working on both, I wouldn’t rule a Wii game out.

    However, I think the fact that The Pokémon Company recieved a 3DS dev kit with special priority carries more weight. A game on both could be a possibility, but if it had to be one the 3DS is more likely.

    That said, the stream of remakes/sequels to cult-classic franchises makes me hopeful for a new Pokémon Snap featuring all current generations. Since the character is stationary anyway, the gyroscope would operate as well as the parascope mode in Steel Diver (office chair setup). But then again, it could just be another Ranger or Mystery Dungeon game.

  14. That would be fantastic. The 3DS is an impressive piece, it just needs good franchise backing like this. And by “franchise backing”, of course, I mean “Nintendo developed titles”.

  15. I really hope that it is some kind of a succesor to the Pokemon Colloseum and XD: Gale of Darkness games. I enjoyed playing them :-)

  16. Doubt it’ll be a “main” game, I think the RS remakes will come out until next year, if they DO come out this soon. Maybe it’ll only be a spinoff game….

  17. Oh c’mon people! isn’t it obvious??? It’s going to be the 6the gen!!
    Nah, i’m joking.
    Although, the move from 2d to 3d in the same generation seems kind of odd to me, but that’s just me. I really hope it’s ruby and sapphire remakes, but it would make more sense if it were to be pokemon gray. The wii series of pokemon games aren’t in the main sequel of games… At the rate it’s going at now, they should be revealing another main game now which should release in japan around septermber and UK/US spring! So it should be either pokemon gray, ruby or sapphire remakes. :)

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