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Nintendo Wii 2: Swedish Publication Says New Nintendo Console Is Called Nintendo Feel

Online Swedish gaming publication Loading have revealed that a source close to Nintendo has told the site that Nintendo’s next home console will be called Feel.

It’s long been known that Nintendo are preparing a console that will once again change the way we experience video games. This time around it will be the ability to touch or feel that will differentiate this console from what we’ve previously seen before.

After Touch will Feel
We have already heard that Nintendo will develop a controller with built-in screen. Since the information is leaked, it has drawn parallels to both Apple iPad and how Nintendo used the Game Boy Advance hand control to a few Gamecube games. But the new screen controller has another dimension – convey the sense of touch. Our source using the working title of Nintendo Feel .

Haptic technology is a form of tactile feedback Used To Simulate the experience of Different objects best moments on screen. The player cannabis move Their fingertips across a surface and Clearly Feel the Difference Between Soft, smooth or rugged texture. Electronic companies across the World Have Been Conducting research in this field for years. It’s Been That rumored Apple is close to patenting a similar technology, and we’ve seen the Toshiba demonstration of ‘New Sensation UI Solution’ That Applies a thin film over a screen in order to Achieve a haptic effect. In Nintendo’s case, this is a natural progression of Both the Nintendo DS touch screen & the Wii technology.

And sure, anyone can imagine what the feeling of furry coat against the fingertips would make for Nintendogs. One need not be especially familiar with The Legend of Zelda for the understanding of the fantastic in order to draw patterns in the sand, feel the coolness from the river, burn on lava or perceiving structures of the bark of an old tree.

But at the same time, Nintendo Feel an experience you will not want to explain in words, but just put in the hands of the player. Which probably explains why Nintendo chose to have playable demos at E3, with in June, although the finished console not being launched until 2012.

– Swedish website, Loaded


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49 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Swedish Publication Says New Nintendo Console Is Called Nintendo Feel”

  1. this better be false because that is the worst name they could pick. it doesn’t sound right,

    “hey did you get any new Feel games?”

    it even sounds gay. please, nintendo, don’t call it the “FEEL” i’d rather it be the stream!

    1. It´s not stated that the name is going to be Feel. It´s just a pun on the touch generation -> feel generation… It will have a brand name that is marketed with the “feel” somewhere around it…

    1. The site is called and it is the site of the no.1 (paper) magazine in Sweden about videogames. They are well known around the world for there unique take on the videogame culture and the industry.

      About the rumour it could be from a good or a bad source nevertheless.

  2. Really wow! GameCube and Wii is not a
    Commom name! And they name the successor of the Wii…FEEL?! not gonna happen Bud!

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    1. It won’t be called Wii 2 and Project Cafe is the name that Nintendo use internally for the console. Stream and Feel are the only two names that have been banded about. The concept behind Feel sounds legit. Nintendo wouldn’t add a screen to the controller for no good reason. They’ve touched on the touch screen concept before so why not expand it.

  4. Nintendo Feel doesn’t sound gay, its sound sexual. Not a fan of the name, though…

    The touch screen, texture feeling technology sounds amazing. btw I found a video with a prototype of that kind of thing:

  5. Hmm the name doesn’t feel perfect. Should be Nintendo Stream. Just got to wait till E3 comes around to see.

    1. Nowhere has it bin said that this is the name. It´s just a “label” for the rumour. (as the source also says.

  6. It’ll probably be the Nintendo Fiil, just to keep the double-i pattern going. Plus, NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime can make a little joke about it being an homage to him.

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  10. As long as the screen has multiple uses (this new use isn’t the only one), Nintendo can sell this. Looking forward to trying it out.

    FYI, the referenced article also mentions that the Vitality Sensor could be a key part of the next console as well. Ignoring the fact that no one was particularly interested in it @ E3 ’09, that would certainly explain why they haven’t shown it off since then. I know they said E3 ’10 wasn’t the right atmosphere, but things went silent again after that.

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  12. If they call this thing feel I’m going to want to stream over to Nintendo and kick someone’s ass. The touch and feel applications just need to be extra additions not key features we all want a hardcore gamer console with strong power beautiful graphics and online play. When it comes down to it we all just want to play smash bros. And call of duty on the same console. Plus we would love to have bragging rights over Microsoft and Sony about how strong and amazing our system is ;-)

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  15. “The player cannabis move Their fingertips across a surface and Clearly Feel the Difference Between Soft, smooth or rugged texture.”

    Me: Wat

    (It seriously says cannabis there, go check.)

  16. SinPunishmentConqueror

    Feel’s a dumb potential name. I’d rather it be called “Nintendo Stupid.” That way I’d AT LEAST get a laugh outta asking, “Wanna play Stupid with me?” Conversation on the phone:

    Me: Hello
    Friend: Hey whatsup man?
    Me: Not much.
    Friend: Whatcha been doin?
    Me: Playing Stupid.

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  20. this sounds promising like fore example dead space u can us the touch screen to pick up ammo but at the same time feel the necromorphs skin or organs

  21. Are you guys even thinking this through? Remember the “revolution” no one knew the name of the wii until they announced it. These are just internal names! Just like revolution obviously. And the fact that they’re leaked probably means they’re off the table now anyways. We won’t even hear a whisper of the final name until june k, calm down

  22. While entirely possible, and potentially quite useful and cool (at least it would improve on the type of feedback controllers like the Xbox 360’s have), I do worry about whether this could work out or not, given the amount of OTHER rumours about the console. Clearly they can’t all be true, not because its impossible but because of the price. The Wii 2 controller nearly sounds like a new hand held console.

    That all said, things like 3D, force feedback, touch controls, surround sound and this novel haptic feedback technology Toshiba etc are working on help bring realistic, or at least involving, gameplay closer to the consumer without having to resort to full-on VR.

  23. If this was true, it would make the tablet controller more legitimate. Haptic technology WOULD be the next step in gaming. We would more easily be able to experience our video game world. With motion controls and touch feedback, virtual reality is even closer to being true.

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