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Nintendo: We Still Have Plenty Of Ideas For New Pokémon Says Art Director

Pokémon Black and White art director Ken Sugimori has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the company still have plenty of interesting ideas for new Pokémon characters.

Whilst there are currently 650 different Pokémon in existence Sugimori believes that recruiting new talent helps bring about fresh ideas and characters for the immensely popular franchise.

“It’s not only myself designing new Pokémon – we have about 20 people in our team at Game Freak who design Pokémon, so if every one of them came up with 10 Pokémon ideas, it’s going to be 200. And that will make a lot of Pokémon designs.”

“Also, there are people still coming in new to Game Freak and that’s where we get fresh ideas from.”

– Ken Sugimori


26 thoughts on “Nintendo: We Still Have Plenty Of Ideas For New Pokémon Says Art Director”

  1. Awesome. after seeing trubish (the trash bag pokemon, for those who don’t know,) i really thought things could only get stailer.

    1. Dude Trubbish wasn’t a bad Pokemom at all…. just because he didn’t look cool doesn’t mean he sucks…. if anyone read his PokeDex entry they’d know Trubbish was supposed to symbolize the damage people are doing to the environment.

  2. The only pokemon game, which I have played, was the pokemon red for the original gameboy. Was a great game and I loved it.

    If I ever get a 3DS, which I hope I will, I will get the next coming Pokemon title. I know Black/White is very good. However, I believe if I play a pokemon title now, it will be quite some time before I will feel like playing a new one again. It would be best for me to experience a 3D version first off then.

  3. Great! I’m hoping for a pokemon based on a jack-in-the-box (ghost-fighting?) and a jack-o-lantern (grass/fire?) (don’t you try and steal fans!)

    1. Love the Jack-O-Lantern idea! Could start as a squash-looking (or a seed!) Pokemon and evolve. Has to learn some ghost and/or dark moves at level up to be awesome. I’m liking the name “Hallowjack”.

  4. Hopefully for the 3DS cause I have a 3DS and I love pokemon. I’m just imagining it in 3D. (sigh) that would look awesome :)

  5. I love Pokemon, but there are way too many now. Pokemon has always been incredibly popular, but I noticed that a lot of people started giving up on Pokemon after Black and White came out. My friend even gave me her game because of how much she disliked it. If there was a way to cancel out Gen 5 and possibly even 4, I think the series would be much better off. It’s not that I hate them all, in fact, I love some of the fifth generation Pokemon, it’s just that there are too many now. You need to stop making up new ones, Nintendo.

  6. Personally, I don’t feel there are enough for every new vision comes new inspiration. I’m really glad the inspiration well hasn’t dried up because I look forward to every new generation only because the old, to me, get boring to capture over and over. It’s always great to have to revamp how you capture newer creations versus knowing how to capture the old gen. Many look at the new and say you’ve already duplicated the old and just put a new image over an old concept but in truth if you look at all the animals and insects that exist in our world today the variations would scare you because there are so many of the same that exist. Think about all the many types of frogs, birds, insects, and animals that exist for frogs alone your looking at about 4740 different species! Keep the ideas and concepts flowing Game Freak because there are still many a fan out there that love the new on top of the already existing old generations.

    1. I agree I like the ideal of them making more and more pokemon to me it what make pokemon pokemon because each gen you see a whole new world not just a new region or just a small town but pokemon as well and to me thats what makes Game Freak some awesome at what they do with Pokemon

  7. As far i know, from an interview to Pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, it told that he got almost 1500 Pokemons at ink. Or something. I don’t kwow what you think, but i love Pokemon, but i can’t imagine how it will be when all 1500 Pokemons are Unite… or how you will “catch ’em all” o.O!

  8. Honestly I don’t ever want Nintendo to stop creating new pokemon. The More the better! For people who complain theres too much pokemon, you don’t have to catch them all, Just catch your favorites! Im already half way through the National Dex in black and white, it really isn’t that hard to complete a Dex. I do it without cheating (action replay)

    I have pkmn diamond (Generation 4) National Dex 100% completed, again without cheating.

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! These people should hire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Pokemon and I think that I have so many great ideas.
    I wish I could tell them my Pokemon ideas.

  10. that dude who loves flygon...

    youtube has some of the best ideas for all companies and we need a voilent pokemon game for once with blood for the people who left it also i’m thinking of some dragon/ghost/flying/steel/ground type eevee evolutions

  11. Many of the new Pokemon in the Black and White games are very lame, i stopped playing after a few hours because of that. i have never been disappointed with a Pokemon game up until Black and White came out. Game Freak and Nintendo: a lot of people (just everyday regular people) have great ideas and designs for new Pokemon they want to see, so start taking them up on the designs! it would make the games a LOT better if you had some fresh minds coming in with ideas, use the minds of the people that have been loyal to these games for so long and stop trying to come up with things that are just horribly lame (the designs for the B/W Pokemon aren’t ALL bad, just mostly, but seriously! the NAMES SUCK!!!) so get some ideas from fans, even if it does cost you a little to patent the idea, it’ll make you more money in the long run because people will be more interested. oh and there needs to be some new Eevee evolutions, we all look forward to those!

    Sincerely, a hopeful fan

  12. I have 5 new great ideas of evloutions just for generations 2-4 (Uttrachi,Azspritxe,Floine,Togeake,Deoxisnis,Gohstlytomis,Rotomis,Unownia)

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