Nintendo Wii: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Coming In June

We all knew it was coming but the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine has confirmed it: Modern Warfare 3 is on its way!

Whilst there’s no news regarding what platforms the game is coming out on we know for definite that the highly anticipated game will be making its way to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Fingers crossed that Infinity Ward see fit to release the game on the Nintendo Wii.



  1. Pleeeeeease, please fix Scavenger on that game! I don’t want to be spammed with grenade launchers. D:

  2. One of the items in Emily Rodger’s rumor mill (she releases screenshots this Tuesday, btw): A beloved first-person shooter franchise will be on Nintendo’s next console.

    This could be it.

      1. Thanks for sharing. That story went right under my radar.

        So cool, it’s looking “likely.” That’s the key word here, btw, “likely.” They never outright said “We’re making Battlefield 3 for the next Nintendo console,” but they said it’s something that could be expected.

  3. what does playstation know about anything besides getting hacked and losing money?

    wait until xbox magazine or gameinformer says anything about this.

    another thing. people, don’t get so excited about MW3 on Wii. it would suck.

    1. the wii COD games are pretty good, graphics lack but sooooo what, if a game is good then its good for its story and gameplay not for graphics plus Black ops was damn good on the wii! god damn graphics whores leave the gaming to the pros who know great games!

  4. Awesome. I never play Call of Duty before, but will try it since it’s gonna be on the Wii…or project Cafe.

  5. The story in the Modern Warfare games was better but I think Black Ops had the better online.

  6. Even better. It won’t be announced. The Wii already has too many shit games. Doesn’t need another.

  7. I am guessing we MIGHT get Modern Warfare 2: Reflex Edition and MW3 will show up on Cafe if anything.

  8. pleeeeeesssseeee have it for the WII I have one its all I can get now but i love modern warfare games
    im playing cod modern warfare reflex right know and i love it

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