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Nintendo 3DS: Fifa 2012 Will Be ‘The Best Football Game On 3DS’ Say EA

Earlier today EA announced that they’re bringing the next instalment of the immensely popular Fifa franchise to the Nintendo 3DS. The games producer Matt Prior has boldly stated that it will be the best football game on the Nintendo 3DS bar none. Football fans will have to wait until Autumn to find out whether or not it surpasses Pro Evolution Soccer 3D.

“We challenged our development team to develop innovative features that would maximize the FIFA experience on 3DS.”

“They delivered intuitive new touchscreen controls and a curved pitch in our Street mode that truly brings the 3D elements to life.”

“When you combine these features and many other innovations with all the authentic players and kits for the upcoming season, we are confident that this will be the best football game available on Nintendo 3DS.”

– Matt Prior, EA Sports


3 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Fifa 2012 Will Be ‘The Best Football Game On 3DS’ Say EA”

  1. It’s true that the 3DS ports a lot of games from other systems but I actually like their choices. Pro evolution soccer is a great portable sports game that will be tough to beat. Having played this and Splinter cell on 3DS, it’s a great idea to choose games that are successful and work well on the new system that some gamers have not tried before.

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