Nintendo 3DS: Dead Or Alive Dimensions Review

Team Ninja’s fast and frantic beat-em-up franchise arrives on the Nintendo 3DS but is it worth a purchase? Read on and find out.

Why should I purchase it?

Dead or Alive: Dimensions, is a true gem. A fighting game that will appeal to the hardcore as well as the more causal players out there. As soon as you boot up the game you’re littered with a wealth of options and different play modes. This game is going to stay in your Nintendo 3DS for a long, long time. If you ask me, that’s true value for money.

So, how’s the visuals?

The only two titles I have for my Nintendo 3DS are Nintendogs and Pilotwings Resort. Dead or Alive: Dimensions wipes the floor with both of these titles visually. The character models are beautifully rendered, the cut scenes are stunning for a portable, and the animation is super smooth. This sets a new standard for visuals on the Nintendo 3DS that is until Resident Evil: The Mercenaries comes along.

But this game is also 3D, how are the 3D effects?

The 3D effects for this game really shine in the game’s many cut-scenes. Team Ninja have really thought about how to implement the 3D visuals to the best effect. The 3D visuals during game-play are mainly there to add depth to the fighting, but the game is so frantic you’ll barely notice the subtle touches that are littered throughout the game. Regardless, this is the game you will want to show your friends.

Tell me about the gameplay

If you’ve ever experienced a Dead or Alive game then you’ll know this series is fast and extremely frantic. It’s certainly not a slow paced affair. Beginners will be juggling excessive combos in no time, whilst veterans will be refining their attacks to perfection. There’s a handy tutorial mode built into the main story so you’ll soon learn which button does what and when to use it. There’s a wealth of gameplay modes including Arcade mode, Survival mode, Chronicle mode amongst others. I was incredibly excited about the online mode, but as no one seems to have the game yet it’s been impossible to find a match. Therefore I haven’t been able to test out this feature.

Closing Comments

I’m not a huge beat-em-up fan but I found Dead or Alive Dimensions to be incredibly accessible and packed full of options. More hardened beat-em-up fans may find the game modes a little too easy but there’s a surprising amount of depth to be found. Other Nintendo 3DS titles have left my console rather quickly but Dead or Alive: Dimensions has stayed put. It’s a game that I find myself coming back to time and time again to collect new characters and unlock the numerous items available. If you’re looking for a beat-em-up that delivers on content and is visually stunning then look no further than Dead or Alive: Dimensions.



  1. Cool – can’t wait to pick this up. First hurdle will be actually getting a 3DS but hey, no ones perfect.

    You reviewed the whole game without reference to the two most prominent features of the franchise now swaying in full 3D…that’s commendable!

  2. I’m hosting the Official Dead or Alive: Dimensions Post Launch 3DS London Streetpass event in the park in front of the London Eye on Sat 21 May 11, 1100-1400. Tecmo Koei have provided some prizes for a small tournament (the prizes are Samurai Warriors based though).

    For more details check out the facebook event page –

  3. I wanted to pick this game up on release, was very disappointed when I discovered it wasn’t a release title. Can’t wait to play it, looks like a ton of fun ^_^

  4. Wait…. Is there any street pass stuff in this game? is it online multiplayer only or is there local too? Do the Nintendo system coins come into play at all in this game? Does it do any augmented reality stuff?

    1. Apparently it does feature StreetPass functionality but as no one had the game I couldn’t test that feature out. There’s online multiplayer as I mentioned and there’s local play. Play Coins don’t appear to be used in the game. Didn’t notice any Augmented Reality related games.

  5. I hope it has more/better unlockable costumes than the most recent part 4.. Also, augmented breast reality would have been a plus. To add ‘tina cups’ to girls on the way to work would have been a perfect way to get your creep on : )

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