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Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) May Have An HD Virtual Console

It sounds like a given but according to Telewatcher the Virtual Console on Project Cafe will feature an array of HD remastered titles. Whilst this HD update won’t apply to all Virtual Console games, certain high profile titles will receive an HD upgrade. According to the source you will be able to transfer your existing Virtual Console purchases over to Project Cafe but if you want a high definition version of a game you’ve already purchased you’ll have to buy the said game again. Do you believe we will get to play classics such as Mario 64 in HD?


29 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) May Have An HD Virtual Console”

      1. Yea, it was the number 2 search words some week ago. I don’t like it either, and based on Nintendo’s naming conventions, it definitely won’t be called it. I certainly hope at E3 they have the name set unlike the Wii. Which was revolution until the May before it was supposed to come out.

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  3. Rebuy games yet again? I hope that the prices of the standard come down and HD be the prices of the games now. I’m not going to buy all my favorite NES titles in HD if they are going to be $10 a pop (like for an NES one). Certain ones will definitely be a purchase (Mario 1-3, Mario World, Legend of Zelda 1 & 2)…

    1. Those titles wil probably not be abled to be upscaled to HD, it will probably be for N64 and upwards titles.

      1. If that’s the case, less titles for me to worry about. I didn’t have many N64 games that would be on my list for purchase on the current VC (a number of them are still unavailable). I guess Mario 64 and maybe OOT. Depends how I feel on OOT getting it a 4th time (Original, GameCube, 3DS)…

  4. I hate that people complain about it being referred to as a “Wii 2”. Before it had a code name, that’s all we had to say really. We know it won’t be called “Wii 2” so stop complaining, people – It’s just an obvious keyword.

  5. From the moment I typed this comment there is 10 days 23hrs 20 mins until Nintendos E3! Im keeping track, and we’ll see the new awesome console of Nintendo!

  6. would be sweet, maybe try to get Goldeneye 64 again (We can dream), and other stuffs you weren’t able to get on the VC this time around, i.e. DONKEY KONG 64, come on now, you got 3 other Rareware titles: Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 on the VC already, you own the rights to the Donkey Kong franchise as a whole basically, its been nearly 6 years and no Donkey Kong 64, maybe you are working on a remake for 3DS with Rare right now, idk I guess we’ll find out at E3

  7. As sketchy as anything is that Emily Rodgers posts, I could believe this because it’s so incredibly plausible. Anyone reading this blog could’ve come up with an”HD Virtual Console” with limitations for NES/SNES games if they really thought about it. While (again) Emily Rodgers posted this, we really didn’t need her to reach the same conclusion in speculation.

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