Nintendo 3DS: Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Has Navi Alerting Players To Take A Break

Nintendo are adamant that players should take a break during the epic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, so much so that they’ve decided to give Navi the task to inform players to step away from their console and do something else. Navi still gives out the occasional helpful hint during the game but according to Nintendo Power she appears to be fixated on telling eager gamers to take a rest break.

“…There are so many clear improvements in the 3DS release that it’s tough to quibble, but I could do without the extra comments from Link’s fairy companion Navi, whose distracting alerts were already borderline annoying in the original game. While she does sometimes give useful hints, more often then not she interrupts the game to repeatedly suggest that you take a break from playing or go watch a hint movie. Turning to her for advice when I’m hopelessly stuck only to get great tips like ‘Keep Moving!’ or ‘The barrier is blocking the door, there must be some way of opening it’ is like pouring salt into a wound.”

– Nintendo Power extract




  1. As if she wasn’t annoying enough in the original! Now she’s telling us when to stop playing… Grr @ you Navi.

  2. There should be an option to turn off Navi’s comments, and when you do there should be an animation of either link sticking Navi in a bottle or swinging his sword at her like a baseball bat!

    for me, Navi was the ONLY downside to the game! grumble! not gonna stop me getting it :P

  3. That’s terrible. The one thing that Zelda games shouldn’t do is break the fourth wall; it’s what makes Zelda games so epic. Poor choice N. Plus, people are gonna stop playing when they feel like it, not when a stupid in-game troll fairy tells them to.

    1. Actually, the forth wall has taken some damage in earlier titles.

      But I don’t remember it being outright broken before.

  4. Wow, as if Navi wasn’t annoying enough now she will have an option that cannot be disabled to tell players to take a break. Amazing Nintendo just AMAZING!

  5. *dies laughing*
    Oh gods, Nintendo. That is bad. Terribly bad. I’m laughing but only because I fear Navi’s badgering voice will finally tip me over into insanity.

  6. You can easily just press a button once or twice to end what she is trying to say. I’m happy that navi is still in the game, because she was the game for certain blind people. She made most of the game playable to everyone. Also why is links sword in front of his scabbard and not in it? In the picture above?

    1. I hope you feel like pressing that button “once or twice” serveral goddang times in a row.

  7. NOOOOOO FUCK FUCK FUCK I CAN HEAR THE BITCH NOW ‘Hey listen!! Hey listen!! Hey listen!! Take a Break!! Hey listen!!” suicide rates are going to go up

  8. Why should link have to take a break? I mean we all know that ganondorf isn’t taking a break. While link is taking a break ganondorf could destroy all of hyrule. But no seriously, it’s dumb for them to attempt making a “health suggestion” when it’s going to just annoy people and make them put down the game altogether. When I was a kid I’d play Zelda for hours. OOT didn’t get saved often, usually just paused so I could get a drink, and I turned out fine. I’m healthy, not overweight. This whole video game health craze is kinda dumb. Its not a video games job to tell me to go feed my dog. I mean the 2 hour movies don’t stop during the middle of it to say “HEY! We know you were enjoying this epic battle but wouldn’t it be nice to go wall around for a bit? We believe that popcorn is going to make you obese.”

    1. But it’s not about you eating while gaming; it’s about your eyes sploding with the 3d slider on full. O3O But I guess that’s something, too.

      1. So turn the 3D slider off; I play with it off anyways since with it on I can’t focus on multiple layers at once.

        Games actually get a lot harder when you can’t focus on your character and an enemy at the same time.

  9. Doesn’t sound like a huge problem to me.

    Honestly, this was kind of predictable. We know how Nintendo was been emphasizing taking breaks cause the 3D effects could potentially damage your eyes if you play it for long periods of time. At least Nintendo is showing they care about that stuff.

    I never had much of a problem with Navi anyway.

  10. Some of these comments have had me laughin like a berk. Very true, let’s hope there’s an option to turn Navi off as we all no where to go……doubt it though! ;)

  11. They need to add in at least an option to turn this off.



  13. It’s fine. They know that people will be too immersed in the awesomeness to remember real life.

  14. For those of you who are really bothered by this, remember that Nintendo isn’t developing the remake. Grezzo is. It sounds like a Nintendo move in recent years, and Nintendo did oversee the project, but they weren’t the ones making the tweaks.

  15. I rather them care for the consumers than for Lawsuits to be developed. If you don’t want to take a break, then don’t do it.

    This will be similar to SMG2, but I played continuously and enjoyed the game. :D

  16. Lol nobody is really like UPSET about it, its just funny that one of the most annoying characters in video game history may have gotten even more annoying, wont stop me from buying the game and it may even encourage me to take a break in between the 3d sessions to relieve eye strain

    1. she’s not TOO annoying, mostly when i am doing sidequests she is like “Hey Link, Somehow Ruto got inside Jabu-Jabu! Let’s go rescue her RIGHT AWAY!”

  17. I don’t care. XDD Hopefully it will at least keep my skyrocketing eyeglasses grades from going even higher until I go blind. XDD

  18. don’t forget they were doing this in the wii and in pilotwings it tells you to take breaks.

  19. Y’know that reminds me!
    I was sneaking into Hyrule Castle and the Navi was like HEY! LISTEN! TAKE A BREAK! and then before I knew it I got busted!
    That fairy needs to mind her own F-ing business! xD

  20. Alright everyone, I played both the original OOT and now with the 3DS am now playing the new version of the game. Both times when I played, I often heard others complain hours on end how annoying Navi was and I always wondered why. Yeah sure, she may be pointing out the obvious at times like “Lets go find Zelda” even though we are right in front of her, or now with her new suggestion of taking a break even though the action of the situation might want us to continue anyway… but what’s the harm in that? If you really believe that a glowing blue ball that gives hints and advice is really that annoying… doesn’t that make her advice all the more valid…? In my opinion… that answer is yes! IF NAVI IS THAT ANNOYING, PUT THE FREAKING GAME DOWN AND RELAX!!!


    YOU ALL FORGOT HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH A GAME!!!! You don’t let little fairies dictate what is annoying or fun, it’s the story itself and the action… she’s just there to point us in the right direction, or at least do her best to do so. Remember, this is a 3DS, NOT A WII… she can’t have ridiculous AI and know exactly what to do the second we need it… there’s not enough memory space for that at all!!! It’s amazing enough that we get a beautifully rendered 3D version of OOT with added dialog and things unique to the remake, just stop complaining about one tiny little fairy already… and appropriately with the theme of OOT… GROW UP ALREADY!!!

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