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Nintendo Wii 2: Leaked Specifications List For The Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe)

An investigative sleuth over at the Neogaf forums has uncovered what appears to be a ‘final specifications’ document for Nintendo’s forthcoming console which is currently dubbed Project Cafe. Whilst it’s highly likely that the specification sheet is a fake, it’s not unusual for confidential information to leak out this close to E3. What do you guys and girls think, legit or just plain fake?


99 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Leaked Specifications List For The Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe)”

  1. that looks pretty real to me, but this could be fake as well, though Project Cafe was confirmed to be in HD and I’m seeing HD stuffs in there

      1. Erm. Well, it kind of does, seeing that’s what the game is stored on. That’s usually standard on home consoles so that is the limit.

        1. Except for the fact that compression with minimal loss is something that they’ve made a lot of advances in – more disc space doesn’t necessarily mean more game. Most PS3 games are full of useless data just so Sony can claim to use the full bluray disc’s capacity.

  2. hmmm…Not being a technophile I’m not one to judge on if this is real or not. But it’s fun to think it is. :D

  3. Definitely a fake – 1.5gb RAM is extremely high for a console. Although we’d all love that much – look at the cost of 360 and PS3 when they first launched. And they only have 512mb RAM. There’s a reason they didn’t put 4gb in them like most top-end PCs have!

    And the way they name the hard drives specifically as SATA is suspicious too. Just seems like the faker wanted to make it sound overly technical for the sake of it.

    1. That was YEARS ago dude, I don’t see 4 gbs being out of the range of this console and it is forefronting the NEXT generation so I want to see a leap this high.

      1. Dude, 4 GB RAM is overkill…. computer games don’t even use that much! Computers use most of those 4GB’s for the OS, and the rest for the game. 1.5~2GB would do the same as a 4GB these days. Developers won’t know what to do with more than that. Just like what happened when Sony put 8 cores in the PS3. Developers haven’t been able to use then all effectively (besides 3rd party devs), even to this day. At launch people were treating the system like a dual core.

        1. You’re partially right… the PS3 doesn’t have 8 useable cores…. it has 2 cores and 6 SPUs… though many developers where treating it like a duel core it isn’t like the SPUs can be used for anything. Four gigs would be awesome for devs… imagine the size of a level they could keep in memory or the limitation on art that would be removed

      2. The only reason RAM is even necessary in gaming PCs is to run the operationg system and other background applications. However, RAM actually isn’t very expensive compared to other hardware. I still don’t believe this to be the final specs. Just seems too good to be true.

    2. I’ll agree that it certainly does sound overly technical, but I have to wonder. This is a next-generation console, it won’t be competing against PS3 or XBox 360, but rather paving the way for them to make a new console to compete against it. Graphically, it could outdo both of them for all we know, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has the capacity to do so.

      1. Exactly, it sounds stupid when people say “it is going to compete with the Xbox360 and PS3” for what 1 year? And then they release something More powerful. This needs to be A LOT better than them seeing as this is a next gen console not a current one.

  4. Seems plausible. I don’t know if I trust the blu-ray part though. in terms of keeping the system cheap that seems like it would spike the price not significantly but enough.

  5. Probably fake unfortunately as Sony owns the Blu Ray brand and I doubt they will let one of their biggest competitors get hold of their system’s golden egg. I really hope this is real but I’m sceptical. When e3 comes and I’m wrong about there being no Blu Ray capabilities feel free to spam me.

    1. Blu-Ray, and Playstation are different parts of Sony, and having a system that is going to be planted in a very large amount of house holds around the world would mean lots of money for Sony. There is no reason for them to keep Nintendo or Microsoft from using blu-ray. They would only be limiting their own profit.

    2. Sony don’t own the Bluray brand. The fact that only Sony-made Bluray players have the word “Sony” on them is proof of that.

      They helped develop some of the technology, but by no means does Sony own Bluray.

      1. Sony does own Blu-Ray, other brands making Blu-Ray players have to pay them royalties, its the only way Sony is making any money back from the colossal loss they made the PS3 at!!!lol.

        1. No they dont, the Blu-ray spec was made up from a range of DIFFERENT companies, Sony is only ONE of the companies. Do some research before you comment, I recommend Wikipedia. :)

          1. Yes they do own Blu Ray. They were the first to make them. Remember HDDVDs? Those were only out when Sony wasn’t sharing the Blu Rays. When they finally did, HDDVDs disappeared because Blu Ray was obviously better.

            1. Blu-ray (not Blue-ray) also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a new optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a group of the world’s leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers (including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson)

    3. At first I thought Nintendo’s new system having the ability to play Blu-ray was impossible but then think again. Both Nintendo and Sony are Japanese companies. Way early in the PS3’s life cycle there was already rumors that there will not be a PS4. If these rumors prove to be true than the most logical business choice for Sony would to be to partner with another major Japanese company.

      Also as far as the technological specs go it is possible for Nintendo to have all this and keep it less than $500. As economists know, as time goes on technology gets cheaper and easier to produce.

  6. How ‘real’ this may look i can hardly believe these are real.

    I thought Nintendo confirmed that there would be no hard drive inside, just flash memory.

    1. That was a rumor. Only confirmed thing is that Nintendo is making a new console, and more details are coming at E3. We don’t even know for sure if “Project Cafe” is the official codename yet!

  7. Probably fake, as I’m agreeing with previous comments. There are a few things that just don’t ring true…

  8. I think it’s probably fake.
    Even without referring to the specs, this image looks like it was created in MSPaint and then horribly compressed. Most of the fonts are also very generic and Nintendo would use some a little more of their flavor I think.

  9. The stats look nice but “significantly” more powerful than the PS 3? I didn’t think so though blu ray discs for games is a plus. The only downside is that no one fills blu rays now. The remove content from games and offer it as DLC. We’ll all know more in a week or so.

  10. lol nobody noticed the Wolf and Fox chips? So Ninty’s naming after Starfox/Wolf now? And thus if I dont see lots of Starfox & FZero at E3 I’ll be pretty upset at this lying specs

  11. That’s pretty much the same as a decent PC at the moment, apart from the RAM. Also, it only has 512 mb RAM, the 1024 mb is the graphics card memory. Not likely it’s real though.

    1. Well, the 360 has subpar specs at face value, but when a system is designed to work in harmony with each other, as well as play games specific to that hardware, it has amazing potential

      1. Yeah, quite, it was by no means a criticism. It would be awesome if this were true, but it’s still not miles ahead of the current gen – knowing Nintendo there’ll be some sort of killer app to it though.

        1. It may not be “miles” ahead of the current competition in power (though it will be ahead), but it will be miles ahead in innovation.

  12. Yes. Probably fake. Though it could be the real deal, considering it´s 5-6 years ago PS360 was about to launch and it´s probably one year until we see the “Project Café” in the stores.
    But I don´t believe Nintendo will have anything to do with the Bluray disc even if they make their own version of it, but anything is possible.
    If we consider the Wii’s small step, and take into account how powerful N64 and actually Gamecube was at the time for their releases this one could really be true. But we are so used to the new Nintendo console to be a bit weaker than the competition. Even if Ps4 or the next Xbox will launch in a couple of years I don´t think they will be so much more powerful than this (as Sony newly stated). Because what sells nowdays isn´t the power it is the innovation in both hardware and in game design.

  13. I like some of the specs there but I’m saying fake until Nintendo state otherwise.

    I think that a specialised dual-layer optical disc format seems more likely than Blu-ray, but I’m happy for Nintendo to utilise the latter. To be honest the actual graphical specs don’t concern me as long as the games look “good”. I like the idea of the Café having a harddrive with the possibility for SD expansion and 250GB actually sounds rather nice; I’d be happy with that much. I would hope for at least backwards compatibility with the Wii, but the Gamecube would be a nice bonus. I also hope that all Wii purchases can be transferred forward somehow.

  14. I don’t know much about specs but these look too high, and it’s a bit too good to be true so I doubt it…
    Also a far as i’m aware of, leaks don’t usually come in the form of an actual document like those, isn’t is usually only text stuff?
    And if it says something about Devkit, surely that then wouldn’t be an E3 related leak? And so your reason for believing it to be legit is kind of invalid?

  15. This is fake. Nintendo is better then to let something like this release onto the internet. Anyway, if this was real, It wouldn’t still be online.

    1. dont’ have to… it’s fake… just look at all the stupid in the thing… SATA? Really and eDRAM? why only 16 megs you need 24 for a full frame of 1080p… bah

  16. i’m ok with tech stiff but why does the “Display” on the bottom says 1080p and 480p???? why does it go that high and that low? is the 480p a minium?

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  20. im trying to post a link but it won’t let me any help here?
    its something about that their will be cod mw3 for ds and possibly wii idk i can’t post it though

  21. 480p was the highest the Wii could go, so since Project Cafe is backwards compatable with Wii and Gamecube, it would only make sense to have 480i and 480p in there, unless they can somehow upscale Gamecube and Wii to 1080p

  22. well ill just right what it basically says

    it says that we should expect a port of mw3 for the wii and ds hopefully by the launch date in november… it also stated that they might not make it for the wii in time for the worldwide release date for the other systems… they said it takes a long time to set up the controls for the wii but we should expect it soon! i hope it has zombies but that is registered by treyark so they also said it’s supposed to have something similar, i read a comment that said u play as a ninja and have to hold out against samuris and it’s supposed to have 2 maps kino de samuri and six… i don’t beleive it though

  23. it’s fake, a nintendo with a hard drive and a blu-ray player? please, i think we all know nintendo will stay with dvd and flash memory (also if anything they’d most likely go with hddvd due to the fact that you can’t buy it commercially anymore in most countries, so piracy would be extremely hard) and as for gamecube compatibility, they won’t, it’s two generations behind what the second wii would be, you don’t see the ds being able to play gameboy games, or the 3ds being able to play gameboy advance games, do you.

    obvious fake is obvious, the guy just took specs from the playstation 3 and cut them down a bit

    and if i’m wrong, i’ll eat my hat

    1. as i once read from a fortune cookie(im serious about this too, i got this from a fortune cookie) “never smell the inside of a hat”

    2. You are wrong. If the new system allows Wii compatibility, it then has to allow Gamecube because some Wii games use the Gamecube controller, and also virtual console games.

  24. LoL people think that spec is weaker than the ps3. You guys are gullible. The specs are face but close. Peace.

  25. Not that the list of specs is unrealistic, but there is a small error in it. SD-HC cards does not have a maximum capacity of 64 GB, it’s 32 GB. You wolud need SD-XC card for 64 GB, however they have a maximum capacity og 2 TB so it still dosn’t make sense.

    So I guess this list is fake, but then again, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Golden Eye Wii info was leaked a few days before E3 2010, so who knows right?

      1. I did not know anything about that, the only SD cards I have seen and heard of with 64 GB are the new SD-XC cards, of course in Europe we don’t get every thing the same year as in the US. :(
        But I also noticed that it says component cabels have a maximum output of 1080p, it’s only 1080i. So “2” errors in 1 fact sheet seems a little lazy if it was to be the real thing.

  26. This seems fake to me, it just seems a little over kill for Nintendo.

    Yes the ‘project cafe’ will probably have MUCH better specs than the Wii, but these kind of specs just don’t seem like something Nintendo would use, 250 GB is awfully high, considering how much room the Wii has.

    The price of the system that would use these speca would be really pricey, and Nintendo likes to keep their systems offordable.

    There have been a lot of ‘project cafe’ rumors around, I’m not going to beleive any of them until Nintendo themselves reveal them

    1. Actually it is not fathom that Nintendo will use a 250 GB Hard Drive. The Specs does make sense as this seem like 2009 equipment which would keep the cost within the $350 – $450 range that’s been going on. I don’t know it is fake or not. The only information I have on this the person that first posted this had a brother that works at a German developer and was supposedly given this. Fake or Real I don’t know.

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  28. It’s fake, I know first hand, just saying!
    *Wonders if they deliberately forgot to mention the up to 2TB USB HDD connectivity with WBFS support*

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  30. The Blu-Ray drive and the 250GB hard drive are two of the biggest reasons I believe this document is fake. I highly doubt Project Cafe will include either of those.

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  32. So this is basicly a ATI HD4870 but with a 32nm manufacturing process?
    If this GPU and the rest of the specs are for real, it could be a significant step up from the PS3 and Xbox360.

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  34. 32nm process = less power hungry + cheaper to mass produced + lots of room for customization….now if the specs above are true wii2 shouldnt cost no more than 350 to 450 bucks.

  35. this specs seems to bee to good to be true…….however I belive they are true, or as close as we can get the truth…
    But someone in here comment that Sony would never give one of their competitors the chance to use Blu-ray because they own the brand… Why? Because I think it would be a very smart move of Sony to let Nintendo use Blu-ray on their upcoming console.
    What I mean is that for every console that Nintendo sales Sony will make an earning. And we all now that Nintendo is good when it comes to sale consoles in big numbers and I think that Sony want´s a piece of that cake.

    As a last thing I´ve come over is this link of a list that compares the new Nintendo console´s specs with the Xbox´s 360´s and the PS3. Read and enjoy:)

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