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Nintendo: Brand New Mario Game For Wii 2 (Project Cafe) To Be Shown At E3 According To CVG

Those news hounds over at CVG have composed a list of rumours that they’ve heard concerning this years E3 event. What is exciting is that they have heard word from a source over at Nintendo who has revealed that there’s a brand new Mario game on its way and it will be shown off at E3 next week. The source has hinted that the game will be on Project Cafe but that’s all that’s known at the moment. Who’s betting Mario will be a launch title for Cafe?

We’ve also heard another little whisper from our Ninty sources – that Super Mario 3DS won’t be the only new Mario title to be shown off in Los Angeles. Could we be looking at a Super Mario Galaxy for the next, next generation?


E3 whispers list


36 thoughts on “Nintendo: Brand New Mario Game For Wii 2 (Project Cafe) To Be Shown At E3 According To CVG”

  1. A Mario game will definetely be there in the E3 also I would like to see that new Mario game to be more or less like Mario world but with HD graphics and that.

  2. Doubt it’ll be Galaxy 3. If it’s true, it’s probably something totally new to show how different Cafe will be from Wii.

  3. As much as I love the galaxy games, I hope that they dont make a third one.

    I’d rather see something entirely new

    1. I have the opposite opinion, every mario game for the mainframe systems, since Super Mario World, has been “something entirely new.” I found that Galaxy 2 was a refreshing departure from this and would welcome a 3. Though I think they need to do a true 2 player coop mode pairing mario and luigi, or perhaps a new human character.

  4. Why is every source who is speaking of a Mario game for Café immediately assuming it’s a Galaxy 3? I think Nintendo is at least smart enough to know the jig is up with that series. The only reason they even felt compelled to do a second was because they had all those ideas left to share. Since the game was acclaimed, they were wise to share those ideas, but now it’s time to try something else.

    Plus, why would Nintendo carry over a series defined by the Wii? Sure, you could say World was SMB4, but it wasn’t titled that way and certainly felt different from SMB 1 & 3. With the Gamecube, they didn’t just give us Super Mario 128, they introduced FLUDD and gave us Sunshine.

    I also find it absolutely contradictory to their pattern of main games so far as pointed out by a few fans recently.

    SMB=SM 64, SMB 2 = SMS, SMB 3 = SMG, and SMW = SMG 2. The first changed our view of gaming, the second were the oddballs, the third were absolute refinements of the first, and the fourth turned the third on their heads. It’s time for another revelation, not a continuation.

  5. So long as it’s not another sports or party game I’ll be bappy. :D I prefer the platformers to the party games.

  6. Yea galaxy was amazing but I would love a totally new atmosphere or even princesses castle again? Hah

  7. I’d love a new Mario spin-off series titled ‘Jumpman’… 2D Mario with a new outfit, new moves and weapons.
    Time to let Capcom know that if they are to continue by only partially supporting Nintendo in then they can keep their Mega Man titles

  8. Because I loved both Galaxy games I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was a galaxy game, but I’d still hope that the worlds would be entirely different from the first two galaxy games. I think the mario worlds need a remake in style. I think there need to be more worlds that are really expansive with lots of areas to explore. After playing the Galaxy games for a while I started to feel that the planets were too limited and that even the larger worlds constricted you into smaller zones most of the time where if you wandered into another zone you couldn’t go back.

    I actually would love another Sunshine style game (meaning a game filled with beach/Italian themed worlds!) but without Fludd.

    I just hope we’re not reading this wrong and it’s actually a NSMB or Mario Sports/Party game. (Especially sports or party, I hate those.) I suppose I wouldn’t mind a NSMB style game but I’m really in the mood for another 3 dimensional platformer.

    Every time I start thinking about these things I get all kinds of good ideas for levels in my head. I need to find a way to get a job with nintendo. haha

    1. I agree with this, the worlds need to have the expansive feel that 64 had, only now they need to fill the worlds like the technology is capable of, make the worlds alive and even make them feel more real… I also didn’t really like the FLUDD mechanism after the first 60 or so stars, granted it’s cool, but it doesn’t need a revival, and mario has always been about the power-ups, not a robot gadget

  9. Super Mario 128 maybe? A direct follow up to Super Mario 64 would be cool. A lot cooler than a Mario Galaxy 3.

  10. Super Mario Cafe. I can only imagine what the Mario world will look like in HD graphics similar to that of an Xbox 360. E3 is so close.

  11. First of all, I highly doubt that it will be a Mario Galaxy 3 game because it requires shaking AND pointing, seems to be a better chance with a 2D platfor game like the Super Mario Bros. series, also, going off topic, how will we play rockband based on the controller descriptions so far?

  12. I doubt it will be Mario galaxy 3 too!!

    I think it might be Super smash brothers.!
    Every nintendo console had that game at the early stage!

  13. If its not a spin-off then these ideas spring to mind:

    Mario Galaxy 3: While I agree that it would be nice if Ninty let the previous two titles define the Wii I wouldn’t mind a lush HD looking game on Café so its neither here nor there…

    New Super Mario Bros 3: Since these seem to be released on new platforms (sans 3DS as of yet) I wouldn’t mind a new one of these as long as they give it a good spin and so on : )

    Super Mario Sunshine 2? As much as I love this game I joke of course :P Though a HD expanded version would be nice, oh wishful thinking lol

    Though if it is a spin off there are only 2 words that are acceptable…… MARIO and KART, and no I am not talking about ‘Kart Mario’ lol

  14. Sounds like New Super Mario Bros Wii to me, note how they call it Super Mario Wii 2 (or in other words, lazy retailer code name for a third New Super Mario Bros game). That sounds like a good game too.

    However, since the DS one was based on Super Mario Bros 1 and the Wii game Super Mario Bros 3, will this be based on Super Mario World? I’d love to see some of the elements from that game come back, like the Yoshi abilities, Chargin’ Chucks, Rex, Reznor and Fishin’ Boo, and another trip to Dinosaur Land would be a great end for Mario on the Wii.

  15. I hope it is a Mario game that is not in space I love Galaxy but I think Nintendo should make a whole new thing. I would really love to see a Mario game that is in his world. Every time I play Mario kart I always love there levels and I just feel like jumping out of my kart and walking around. The would be wonderful.

    1. yes. This! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I always loved all of the parts where we got a piece of the lands of Mushroom Kingdom. Like at the beginning of the Galaxy games where we can explore a tiny bit but are trapped by that stupid gate, etc. They could make it where the entries to new levels were hidden throughout the land. Almost like SM64 except replace the inside of the castle with the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

  16. I’m sure if it’s not a spin-off, it will be something totally new. It will be something no one can really predict, or at least, that’s what I would like to see.

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  19. Dearest Eliane, Thanks for all your blogs, pics and music. I have enjoyed them all so much and will miss your esacpades with the rod, the Alvis and all the wonderful people you have met along the way. It has been great so if you have more adventures I would love to hear about them! Carol (& Douglas) xxx Lots of love to Alice too.

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