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Nintendo Wii 2: Huge Amount Of Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Information Supposedly Leaked

With E3 just around the corner it’s not entirely unusual to see plenty of confidential information leak ahead of E3 press conferences. Whether this information is legit is anyone’s guess, but there’s certainly quite a few interesting titbits that’s sure to excite many if this list of Project Cafe related information is true. What do you guys think, plain fake or legitimate information?

The System:

  • Uses a custom IBM triple-core CPU running at 3.6GHz per core
  • The development kit contains 1gb RAM, but Nintendo have hinted that the console will actually have 1.5gb
  • Nintendo will be releasing games that will run 1080p natively. Sources say that with Nintendo’s art style and the power the system has, the games look ‘stunning’.
  • The system does run on AMD R700 card, but the architecture is slightly different and the clock speeds are much higher.
  • The System resembles JPN/EU SNES machines in color only and not in shape
  • The development kit is about the size of a 360, not the console
  • Close sources say it’s as if Nintendo is in “damage control” with 3rd party developers.
  • Nintendo is trying really hard to get 3rd parties on board to develop games and have offered incentives such as not releasing big-title Nintendo games in holiday seasons to compete against 3rd party titles.
  • Nintendo went to many 3rd party developers on guidance on what they were after with the new console in terms of system specs, controller and online system.

The Controller:

  • Nintendo have been keeping this really quiet and have only given developers controller prototypes to start designing games. However, the final controller build with all the features have only been given to Nintendo 1st and 2nd party developers for now.
  • Nintendo had planned on inserting a screen on the controller back when the Gamecube was in development, but opted out due to technology not being advanced enough to be functional
  • The controller that’s been given to developers has a large 5.7inch hd (960x640pixel) screen, 2 analogue sticks, 4 face buttons, 3 middle buttons (select/home/start in that order), 2 shoulder buttons and 2 triggers.
  • The triggers aren’t as deep as the 360’s triggers, but have plenty of push
  • The big thing about the screen is that it’s a multi-touch screen, contains it’s own battery and is detachable from the controller unit
  • The screen when detached contains its own memory so developers can store data on it, so gamers can play whatever the developer designs for the screen-only use
  • When the screen is attached to the controller it works by streaming content directly from the console
  • Nintendo are giving developers ideas other than just having it function as a quick menu screen for games while attached, or as a simple tamagochi-like mini-game when detached
  • The controller contains a gyroscope, but motion controls isn’t the focus of the controller like it was for the Wii


  • Nintendo will release a Mario platformer as a launch title which hasn’t been done since the N64.
  • The Mario platformer looks to be the spiritual successor to Mario 64.
  • Gamefreak and EAD are hard at work developing a Pokemon online RPG.
  • The Pokemon RPG is not an MMO, but does have a large online emphasis and will be Nintendo’s flagship title when showing off the online capabilities of the console.
  • There will be at least one new IP Nintendo will reveal at E3.
  • Nintendo is working on a new Zelda, but didn’t reveal anything to developers.


  • Some developers have had the Wii 2 dev kit for going on 2 years now. When the Wii 2 is released in late, that’s 3 years to develop games on
  • Because of such generous development time, Nintendo have pushed 3rd parties to develop high quality games to be released at or near launch.
  • Nintendo have sourced an external company to develop their online network, which the developer has commented, surpasses both the PS3 and 360 in terms of speed and functionality.
  • Nintendo is pushing for the console to be online 24/7 and have seamless online integration with many of their games
  • Friend codes are confirmed to be gone
  • Nintendo has been toying with the idea of a game where the main character is your Mii
  • Nintendo will be pushing their Pokemon RPG to showcase their online network
  • Rockstar are supposedly hard at work in bringing on of their “most popular” titles to the console.

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Huge Amount Of Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Information Supposedly Leaked”

  1. Yay, no more friends codes=WIN!

    Sucks there is no Pokemon MMORPG but a Pokemon game that focuses on online sounds interesting.

  2. I almost believed it until the Pokemon RPG and the death of friend codes came up. Nintendo have confirmed that they still think that friend codes are a much more reliable and safe system and in the past, Game Freak have said many times that they don’t think a Pokemon RPG is suited to a home console.

    1. Nintendo has confirmed multiple times that friend codes are no longer going to be used once the new system is released. Miyamoto has already stated this himself over a month ago. He came right out and said it was a horrible idea to use codes and now has to play “catch up” with xbox and Sony. Pokemon as a flagship? I dont think the Big N would be that stupid! I could see a real game like Zelda, Metroid or Mario being their online flagship bcuz they want their hardcore players back not the 8yr olds that don’t know what gaming is

      1. Wait, did you really just insinuate that Pokemon is for stupid eight-year olds? Wow, I don’t know how to tell you how wrong you are. An online-focused Pokemon game as a flagship title would be HUGE.

    2. I don’t know. A Pokémon console could be possible. It may not be just for the home console. If the screen is detachable, it can be used as a portable gaming console. Then you can bring your own controller to a friends house to play Pokémon and have a battle.

    1. hang on dude. it never said the online was better than xbox live. don’t make assumptions. that can lead to a flame war.

      1. “Nintendo have sourced an external company to develop their online network, which the developer has commented, surpasses both the PS3 and 360 in terms of speed and functionality.”

        Yes it did.

  3. I believe. With just one day left I can afford to. :) Hopefully this is true. Or even more hopefully this isn´t true but Nintendo show something even more awesome. :) HYPE!

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    NOW I REALLY WANT THIS! but… what will it be called? if its feel i’m gonna rage.

    btw.. nintendo news guy… your grammar is bad.

  6. Word of HD Zelda already being produced just made my heart skip. Some of this info has already been confirmed by a few of the companies out there but alot of this is new info. At least there’s only 2 more days to wait until it’s all out there for us to soak up and be euphoric. Last months confirmation of friend codes being done away with was EPIC enough!!!!

  7. So I’m going to write all these rumored additions in my notebook, ready to check each one off come Nintendo’s E3 presentation. I hope most will turn out to be true.

  8. I’m very hesitant to believe half of this stuff, but if all of it were true, then Nintendo, you have won E3 again this year because this is just TOO AMAZING.

  9. They are gonna mess up when they release games… tehy said that they’re not gonna release things in holiday season but thats when you do it.


    1. Well Galaxy 2 came out in 2010 and they only needed to create new levels for that since the engine was the same as 1. It’s possible that they have also been working on another Mario title in the meantime.

    1. Your post made me imagine raising a baby Metroid on the detached screen like a virtual pet. I don’t know if that’s what you meant, but the idea is sooooo exciting. Baby Metroids are cute.

  11. In the event that this is true, this system is going to be the greatest thing ever! There were so many good things on that list I don’t know what to talk about. The controller, the online, the fact that there should be a ton of games at launch since they’ve had development kits for so long, the third party developers(Rockstar! [LA Noire!])… it’s all sounding pretty awesome. Hopefully it’s true.

  12. I really want to believe all this…but we’ve been let down before over much smaller things. Guess we’ll find out in the next couple days!

  13. The controller also has a lot of promise. Imagine playing Eternal Darkness 2 and casting spells by drawing on the screen, playing a party game where you all select your quiz answers by tapping on your screen that nobody else can see, playing a co-op game where one person uses the controller frame and the other uses the touch screen; working together to overcome obstacles. There could be a platformer where when your character enters a place like a cave or tunnel that he appears on the touch screen instead and you have to direct him out.

    I’ll bet that there’s even better possibilities than the ones I’ve mentioned.

  14. That was a lot to take in, and my brain almost went numb. Seriously, if this turns out to be true at E3, people will have seizures on that day!

    While it’s still not confirmed, it’s not too far away from real. The incentive of not launching big Nintendo IPs over the holidays might be the reason why Nintendo has been releasing games in other sections of the year, like SMG 2. Iwata has already confirmed that they were looking into hiring an outside, specialized party for their online infrastructure. Also, if the dev kids have 1 GB and the actual system has more, then that means the rest is not available to developers, but it’s only usable for other system-only features. Also, many developers are using the touch screen on the DS/3DS for menus and stuff, so Nintendo giving ideas of how to use it is great. And the fact that developers have a hard time releasing something good at launch whenever a new system comes out. We’ve seen it before, so if they’ve had that much time, then it’d be great.

    The Pokemon RPG game sounds pretty good and believable. A portable-like game is what Nintendo doesn’t want to release for the system, but maybe it’s a different kind of Pokemon RPG.

    The detachable screen is amazing. That means people can just buy the controller for a cheaper price and upgrade later on. It significantly eliminates the worries of an expensive controller.

    There was a previous rumour of a new Mario game being revealed at E3, so a Mario for this system is not that shocking.

    Amazing stuff, but we’ll see on Tuesday.

    1. About Dev kits having 1 GB RAM:
      This just means that Nintendo could be saving that extra .5 for their First Party titles. SSB anyone?

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  16. Sickr, I love this site and your work, but you need to stop using the same image over and over and over.

  17. Rumor is the removable screen has a camera an like 3ds is capable of augmented reality. Pokebattles online or with friends in person with augmented reality would be very awesome . Even a pokemon snap type game would be incredible with AU ! I know for a fact id go buy a system today just for a well made pokemon rpg for tv thats compatible with pokemon black an white an pay 400 bucks for it.. Especially if i could catch pokes in au !

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  20. Way too much, all or most of it will be just random rumours, and if some of it is true, it’s probably a lucky guess

  21. words for this, A New Smash bros, The fact that a pokemon mmo could be on nintendo would be great, Image playinging pokemon on the new console and connecting with people online that way or even better the same time they’re on their pokemon quest you’re on your and meet up like how animal crossing or the sims. Man this whole console things is getting me hyped up, I love Nintendo!

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