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Nintendo Wii 2: The Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Will Simply Be Called Nintendo?

With E3 just around the corner rumours are flying left, right and centre! The latest rumour according to respected gaming publication Gameinformer is that Nintendo’s next home console will be simply be titled ‘Nintendo’. Forget Nintendo Stream, Nintendo Feel and all the other name we’ve heard. This could be the one.

The most recent reports Game Informer is hearing, just two days before the show? It’s possible the final name will be just a single word that everyone is already familiar with.



51 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: The Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Will Simply Be Called Nintendo?”

  1. The closest they’ve ever come to that was the Nintendo 64. I really doubt it will just be “Nintendo,” but it could be some different spelling

  2. Sound great! So simple and gives the total idea of the package to the consumer. I am totally on board!

  3. Awesome man. It really do like it. No f*ckin around. It’s just the Nintendo. The definitive console.

  4. Wait.

    I can’t imagine saying “Oh hey guys! Lets go play Nintendo!” or “Wait! Lemme go get my Nintendo!”. I just… nah. lol. It’s kinda awkward.

  5. Say “I’m going to play my Nintendo” you think of the NES because that’s what EVERYONE called it back then and most do today. I can’t see this happening, though I do hope they return the Nintendo name back into the console (the Wii was just Wii not Nintendo Wii).

  6. If they were to go with that title, then they would have to be conscious that it’s the company’s name ofcourse. The system would then IMO have to carry the entire reputation of the company on it’s shoulders. This then would have to be the most ultimate system ever (atleast for this generation of gaming). And I think Nintendo can pull it off.

  7. It seems likely that they’ll have Nintendo in the name, in a similar way to NES, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS. Nintendo HD, perhaps?

  8. well i think its simple but wouldnt they always have to explain the difference between the console and the actual company nintendo??

  9. Wouldn’t this confuse the people who to this day still call any consoles “Nintendo.” Like back in the day I used to call my friends NES the “regular Nintendo” (this was after the Super Nintendo was released).

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  11. I used to often refer to my N64 as just Nintendo but now it just seems… weird. I hope this is a false rumor.

  12. Better than Nintendo “Current”. What happens when Current is last-gen? Are you still playing Current?

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  14. Nintendo = “Leave Luck to Heaven” That’s what the word Nintendo roughly stands for, so if the rumored plans that just surfaced are true, then this would be the most fitting name as one makes his own progress as opposed to luck supposedly giving you everything. I actually wouldn’t mind that name at all.

  15. I already call all the tv nintendo consoles ‘nintendo’ what’s one more, at least this will actually be the correct name for it haha

  16. It needs SOME kind of name after Nintendo. If not, it could be confused with the Nintendo 3DS. Otherwise, I’d say, “go ahead, call it the Nintendo.” Or if they called it Nintendo 6 (NES, SNES, N64, GCN, Wii, N6) it could work. Matter of fact, I’d like the Nintendo 6. It’d be a little confusing at first, but successors wouldn’t have hated names. That’s one reason I’m a fan of Sony as well. I love the simple naming system. Although….they might screw that up in a little over 24 hours with what may be called PlayStation Vita…. (which would be a turn in the wrong direction in terms of names)

  17. Dang it, Brian! I was going to say that! I actually was going to shorten the name I came up with a month ago (NES 6) to Nintendo 6 after I read this. Oh well, congrats for kinda beating me to the punch. Great minds think alike. They definitely do need to bring Nintendo back into the name. They’ve had Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Game Cube Nintendo, and then they left off the Nintendo from Wii. It’s just Wii. They need to get that word we all love back into the title of the system, then people can take it out or shorten it or make nicknames and abbreviations. It’s a great past-time of Nintendo fans.

  18. I’ve heard this one pitched in Café name-guessing threads, but I doubt it will actually be the name.

    It could work if they’re really using this as a re-establishment of the brand with the hardcore as we’ve been hearing. Plus, as was said in this article, it’s a name everyone already knows. That said, I think that name would be best reserved for a swan song console (if they knew it was their last).

    1. According to the “leaked” rumors about the console, it would be the best console on the market and could have enough staying power for 10 years or more. It could very well be the last console because it would be hard to follow it up with something that has more than just improved graphics.

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  20. I still rekon consoles should have stripper names like ‘Maxine’. I’d feel better about throwing money at then.

  21. I guess technically this would be the first system
    Called just NINTENDO. As all before even the original system was technically called the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. But even though I love my NES I kinda feel that it was just a video game console ( great one none the less) but I feel that now the consoles can truly garner the name “ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM”. I think it’d be cool to officially call this new console the NES as that’s what it really is and I don’t think it disrespects it’s previous name sakes….but thats just me.

  22. I think this was just to divert people away from everything they heard before because one lucky winner might be correct. I could be totally wrong, but this seems like something a company would pay for to throw people off. If I am sounding crazy it’s probably because I am not a giant fan of the name. One more thing I live in America and here up ’til 2009 everyone called it the Nintendo Wii. Not just Wii. But that is here not there.

  23. Nintendo knows best and if the name isnt stream it isnt stream. To me it shouldn’t be call stream, Remember just because it might be called “nintendo” does mean anything. Its should be call nintendo, We call it that all the time, that or they should keep it as Wii 2.

  24. Nintendo is always full of suprizes so we dont know what the system might be called. If they dont want it to be called stream then no stream. To me they should keep nintendo, It gives them more of a hardcore reference, everyone says it, and it defines everything about them and the consumer by saying we respect and enjoy the classics and new up and coming games coming out for nintendo. So Go nintendo or put a number after the word Nintendo 6, You never know, Nintendo will come up with something, they alway do and always have. Its the system we all know and love.

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