Nintendo Wii U: Sakurai Insisted On Smash Bros For Both Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Masahiro Sakurai, co-founder of Project Sora, told Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that he didn’t just wish to make Smash Brothers for the 3DS but he also wanted to make it for the Wii U.  Apparently Iwata approached Sakurai and asked him which platform he wanted to develop the new Smash Brothers game for, Sakurai’s immediate answer was both consoles. Here’s a few more interesting titbits:

  • Sakurai mentions that for him, just extending upon the previous Smash Bros games, putting in more characters, more levels, and improving the graphics because the hardware is higher spec, is not an option (in relation to the Wii U).
  • As for the portable version, he thinks it’s attractive that they are inherently different from consoles so there are new possibilities that can be explored, although obviously these same aspects can lead to limitations for people who enjoy the Smash Bros gameplay as is. He sees portable gaming as more personal, gaming that you can make your own.
  • That being the case, for the portable version he wants to make it so that when a player plays alone they can get results from that, such as gaining experience and to level up characters, making them customizable. He thought that then you could take that character over to your Wii U and do battle with your friends.
  • For the portable game he plans on making it so that there is merit in players of varying ability playing together, as well as players who are good helping those who aren’t.
  • In talking about the kinds of artists they need to hire, he mentions that he is aware that making the graphics in the same style as the previous versions would result in the characters becoming too tiny to see on the portable screen. (This seems to indicate that they would consider handling that problem through the graphics style in some fashion.)
  • At the very end, he mentions that if he can’t find enough good people to make the games he’ll have to cut it down to only making one (this Iwata Asks was posted on Project Sora’s employment page, after all). Iwata mentions that this surprises him, since he announced it at E3, and then Sakurai backtracks and says , “Well, then instead it will take us like five years to make the game(s)” 


    1. Yes but they need Lloyd more (lloyd from tales of symphonia) and thy should make it that you can take some guys moves(attacks) and replace the guy with your mii and have the same attacks and damage as the other guy.

  1. It’ll be great if they pull it off properly. The concept is good but it’ll be garbage if they do it wrong, it has to be perfect.

    The last bullet point is a bit :/
    I’m not waiting five years lol, neither should they go back on one of the best announcements.

    1. never, cloud has never once been on a nintendo system so no final fantasy characters will ever make it into to smash bros. the only third party characters that should be in are Megaman and possibly Lloyd thats it no more.

        1. Chain of memories was the only bad kingdom hearts game and never should have existed.

      1. im with you on lloyd but his voice avoid me in the beginning
        especially when i only had demon fang

  2. A new PKMN Trainer, Shy Guy, Koopa troopa, Toad, Masked Link Down B/1 to chance mask, Bowser Jr, Crystal, Zoruark, Toon Zelda/Tetra (As Zelda/Sheik ), Paper Mario, Masked man/Clause, Animal Crossing Boy. If Nintendo could work out a deal to get these guys in. Banjo-Kazooie (64 appearers/Form), Mega man,Geno, Conker. Reply if i missed someone AWESOME!

    1. your an idiot. Its people like you who just ask for characters that they think are cool to get in that makes me hate getting up in the morning, Geno will NEVER be in another game EVER!!!!!!!!! As for crystal she would be another clone of Fox and Falco, and before try saying “no they could give her the staff from starfox adventures” let me point out that Sakurai loves landmasters and that he would make Crystal a clone even with the staff. Banjo and kazooie, and Conker dont deserve the right to be in Smash bros and Rare destroyed that opportunity when they told nintendo to F*** off and put them on the Xbox. Masked Link is an overall STUPID idea and should never be used. Shy Guy, Koopa, and Toad dont deserve it and are stupid ideas to begin with. Masked Man wont get in at all, in fact its a bloody miracle Lucas got in considering Mother has only ever had three games. Ghirahim shouldnt even be considered. In fact Megaman and Paper Mario are the only characters you mentioned that are good ideas.

  3. I honestly doubt this’ll take 5 years. Sakurai will find a way to pull both off in less time than that. Plenty of developers have proven they can do it before. (The results vary from game to game but still, they can pull it off) I trust in Sakurai. I think he’ll find some method to pull it off.

    1. No, he could have Kirbyish elements as well, taking on some kind of Mega Man-like ability depending on who he KO’d last.

  4. Just think. First, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Next, we gotta have Nintendo vs. Capcom. Seriously, do you know how awesome that would be? Ganondorf vs. Akuma would be SICK.

  5. 5 years would be alot but just imagene how good that game would be,could be the new ocarina of time

  6. Good ideas for characters are Megaman, Paper Mario, Ray MKIII, Balloon Fighter, Lloyd, Ridley, Mewtwo, Shadow, Knuckles, another fire emblem character(preferably one with an axe, like Greil or Boyd), Isaac, and Staafy.

    1. i agree with some (but not balloon fighter) but they had mewtwo in melee, he was just like lucario but not as bad ass. and shadow and sonic shouldn’t have been in brawl in the first place along with snake. paper mario could e terrible or awesome.

      1. WHAAAAT??? Lucario was like Mewtwo??? Lucario was pretty much a clone of Mewtwo and Mewtwo was way more badass than Lucario. Lucario sucked and has always sucked compared to the awesomeness of Mewtwo.

        1. you guys are idiots. first off lucario doesnt suck at all, he can counter every character almost perfectly and was made to play defensively, hes got great DI, fantastic range, and can easily dodge any attack, trust me i know because my best friend mains lucario and whoops my ass on a regular basis. Second, the only thing that mewtwo and lucario have in common are aura sphere and shadow ball being similar(even though aura sphere works more like samus’ blaster), and Mewtwo was a character made for brawl physics. also Ballon fighter could easily work especially as this games retro character. Sonic should have been in brawl because nintendo and sega had been going at it for years over what would happen if they were to meet on the battlefield. Snake got in because of the close friendship between Sakurai and the head of Konami. Also Paper Mario could easily be great without being a clone.

  7. I liked Sonic being in there, He has been a rival of Mario for years! Like coke vs pepsi.

    And wasn’t final fantasy tacktics on the GBA or DS? Cause Cloud was in that.

    And Megaman could have a scan attack to copy an opponent’s attack, there can even be like 5-7 things he does depending on who he scans. Like Mario, Luigi, Roy give him a fire attack. Pikachu, Samus give him an electric attack…

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