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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Hope To Get Plenty Of Wii U Exclusive Games

Nintendo UK’s marketing manager Rob Lowe has told online gaming publication Eurogamer that the company has had a major rethink on how it deals with third party development studios. Nintendo are also relying on third part developers to make good use of the Wii U’s unique controller, thus enabling them to make exclusive games for Nintendo’s forthcoming console.

“It’s absolutely fundamental to the success of Wii U to have better third party support than we’ve had in the past for our previous consoles. I think Mr. Iwata totally recognises that. And even at a local level we’re doing everything we can to support third parties much more than we have done in the past. It goes all the way through the company, from Nintendo Japan, to Nintendo Europe, to Nintendo UK.”

“[We’re looking to] invest in a much bigger way in third party partners because there are certain types of games that we’re just not specialists at”.

“However, the way that the controller has to make you think and make the developers think will hopefully mean that titles that are ported over will hopefully have individual features that aren’t on the other systems.”

“I think with EA in particular we recognise that we’ve had a very rocky relationship in terms of products and quality of their products on our systems. Sometimes its been great, sometimes they’ve done bespoke stuff for us and sometimes they’ve very much focused on the other consoles. I think with this brave new dawn with EA its great for us and it was fantastic to see a few slides with all of their key properties coming out, and I think that will be across both 3DS and Wii U as well.”

– Rob Lowe, Nintendo UK


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Hope To Get Plenty Of Wii U Exclusive Games”

    1. hasn’t even bloody come out yet, at least play it before you judge.
      and if Nintendo died the game industry would.

        1. I personally think the industry as a whole might die slowly if Nintendo is not in the game becasue Microsoft and Sony need competition other than themselves in order to better themselves and of course keep a good relationship with consumers, I mean come on now, WTF is Sony going to unleash seeing how the PS3 can already do EVERYTHING? Microsoft? Psht, they’ll never learn from their mess ups. Both companies need innovation in order to improve on their newest consoles, you may say they don’t but trust me on this they do, otherwise there would have never been a Move or Kinect

  1. On a serious note though, here’s what I don’t get: why do people who obviously don’t like something, subscribe to a Facebook fan page and/or visit it’s website? I mean, they have no reason, right? Other than trolling. And how sad is that? You’re so lonely and sad that doing this is actually a valuable use of you time? Woah… kill me if I ever get that desperate and pathetic. Honestly.

  2. As long as Ninty keep the price as low as they can and get proper 3rd party support this console could put the final nail in PS3’s already dodgy coffin!

    1. No dude kill the real enemy, with great online play and hd Nintendo will get the third party support needed to level the playing field leaving the systems with the best exclusives and hardware battling for supremacy. Microsoft’s XBOX will fail just like at E3.

  3. yeah the people who say it sucks are xbox and ps3 fanboys who know full well that this console is going to well outsell anything sony or microsoft could throw at it. the wii alone already outsold both ps3 and xbox, imagine what this will do. im getting one because it looks awesome, cant wait to see a Metroid game in hd!

  4. wish there was an option to hide or mark certain comments as spam. especially from trolls. sigh.

    anyhow, with this new controller, it will lead to so many gaming opportunities and experiences for owners and will hopefully take nintendo to the next level.

    would love to see the usual mario, metroid, donkey kong, zelda but also f-zero, earthbound/mother too from nintendo and lots of 3rd party releases.

    the key is the price but also the quality of the games on offer.

  5. All these Xbox and PS3 fanboys slaggin the controller off but just u watch. In 2 years when Sony and MS try to copy with sum poorly thought out, half arsed gadget they be sayin is its the best thing eva!

  6. @Andalusio the title Is not misleading… Read the full text and you’ll understand.
    For me its clear. And it says something really true. EA doesn’t supported the Wii, instead, they made crappy ugly games in the Wii, and jewel games in the other consoles. Thank god, no EA games like me, so ill not support their games, as a mannifest of my dislike because the way they let down Nintendo Wii.

    And please Sickr, find a way to let us block the trolls…0or delete their comments!

    1. @PakoGDLmx: I hope you were not referring to me, because I didn’t say anything wrong. And it’s not only EA. Irrational Games, UbiSoft, Activision, the guys who made Hitman, etc.

    2. Any yeah, the title IS misleading. It’s implying Wii U-exclusive third party games, but the article seems to be talking about Nintendo getting more third party games than ever before. That’s enough said.

  7. I’m happy for Nintendo. They appear to be hard at work on Wii U. We’ve only known about it for a week and lord knows how long they’ve been building this console. Plus we’ve about a year until its release? Everything we’ve seen thus far is just the tip of the iceberg.

  8. rob lowe. lol. but yeah, i want DOUBLE wii exclusive amount. and NONE of the shovelware! also, the Wii U should steal some PS3 like that piece of shit did to the Wii. hm.. let’s steal Demon Soul’s, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Valkyria Chronicles!


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