Nintendo Wii U: CryEngine That Powers Crysis Is Coming To Wii U

Crytek have today confirmed that the company’s CryEngine is up and running on Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console. The CryEngine powers Crytek’s critically acclaimed Crysis franchise. We alreay know that Epics Unreal Engine 3 is powering some Wii U titles, so it’s great to hear that another established game engine will be running on Wii U hardware.

“Crytek’s support for Wii U is definitely going to happen.”

“We aren’t showing it but we are pretty much running it already,”

– Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli



  1. You know, I’ve seen what the Cryteck engine can do on the PC, and just like the first game it’s still superior to anything we see on consol today. I hope the Wii U can change that.

  2. im not ranting or anything, its just that pc gamers argue consoles are futile. but really xbox and sony are. Nintendo however change the way we play, and thats why nintendo is special.

  3. I never played that game but willing to try it on the Wii U. LOTS of games coming to the Wii U are new to me but willing to try it.

    1. Agreed. There are so many games that I haven’t played, but would be willing to buy and try them out on the new WII U console. I guess I am a “subtle gamer” rather than hardcore. I started playing CoD when Reflex was released on the Wii. Plan to wait until several new franchises are ported to the Wii U and will buy the games for the console and try them out.

  4. That’s why Pc gamers are not taken into consideration, they might have better graphics just for the reason that the PC can be upgraded anytime they want while a console has to wait 6 years to get an upgrade, its called business. As futher ado pc games aren’t so great, the console have them too and better, I would like to see smash in a pc

  5. For the first time in a long time… its 3rd party developers leading the way with announcements for the WiiU. Now that all 3 engines are running on WiiU without issues… I am looking forward to some serious gaming videos to be release by these developers in the next few months.

    I like Nintendo approach… no mention of in house development and giving 3rd party all the spot light… Very smart.

  6. This console is seriously going to do well. Especially since MS and Sony aren’t poised to release a newer, more powerful console for at least a year or two after this thing comes out. It’ll basically have the same advantage the XBOX360 has now: a huge head-start, and it will be the leading power system for that time as well. By the time more powerful consoles come out, third party developers will be so immersed in the Wii U that it will not want to abandon it, even if the newer MS and Sony offerings are twice as powerful (which they may not even be, considering Sony has already stated it won’t be putting as much focus on raw power with it’s next console). In other words, this console will be fun to play, both from a casual/party-with-friends perspective, and a hard-core perspective w/ better online setup. As a gamer with no bias towards any company (I own an XBOX360 as well): I can’t wait for more fun, beautiful looking games :)

  7. Nintendo is really going with a different approach with 3rd party games this time around. I think this is good for the “hardcore” aspect of things, except for the fact that “hardcore” gamers often time completely write off Nintendo. What fans really want to see, or at least what I want to see, is some first party titles.

    1. Well I’m sure people are aware that this system will indeed have first party titles. There’s no way it won’t. Nintendo is confident that we understand this, so it can focus on third party politics and give them the limelight, while resting assured that it’s fans are well aware that it doesn’t mean Mario, Zelda, Samus and the like aren’t going to also have titles appearing in HD fashion. It’s a smart move, and Nintendo is basically telling us that they know we’re smarter than to think it’ll neglect it’s first party titles. It’s a good strategy.

  8. i think ninty’s main focus at this point in third party devs like someone said above…they are wooing th mess out of them at this moment!

  9. i never heard of or seen this game before but based on that pic, this one looks really good. yet another good sign that the wii U will have an even greater and better line-up of 3rd party games than the wii.

    nintendo have really gone out of their way to woo other developers to make what could turn out to be great games for this system. and this one could be indeed one of them.

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