Nintendo Wii U: Smash Bros For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS May Take ‘Several Years’

Smash Bros series creator Masahiro Sakurai has told Famitsu that it may take ‘several years’ for the next Smash Bros game to come to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Sakurai is currently focussing on getting Kid Icarus: Uprising ready for release later this year, and just doesn’t have the time to commit to a Smash Bros title at present.

“Right now, we’re devoting all our manpower to working on Kid Icarus: Uprising. We’ve got no plans whatsoever — we’ve got two new games out in the open when there’s no extra time to work with them at all. It makes me cringe, and I’m not sure it’s the smartest thing to make gamers wait for several years, but the early announcement was made chiefly to attract new team members.”

“If we went solely for the Wii U, the HD graphics would really bump up the visual effects, but then we’d be stuck in another arms race,” he said. “If we made the game another extension over the previous one, we’d have to cut out the new things we could possibly do on the 3DS hardware and compete with ourselves again over the size of the character roster and the amount of gameplay we can put in it.”

“It wouldn’t be a fruitful competition, but doing something completely new would be difficult for many reasons, not the least of which that the gamers may not be satisfied with it. That’s why we decided to think about ways to link the personal connection one has with his portable system to the gather-around-and-play aspect of console systems.”



  1. This should have been expected, seeing that they’ve said that they haven’t even started working on it yet.

  2. Dang it!!!! I was soooo freaking excited about getting a new smash bros the next year…. Now I have to wait for it “several years” what the heck???

    1. Remember Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

      It was announced in 2005. It was a launch title for the Wii in 2006, but Nintendo announced that it’s been delayed until late 2007. Later on, it was delayed AGAIN because of more development until early 2008. And finally it was released in March instead of February for some reason.
      It took three whole years to make, yet it was worth the wait :)

      Sooo…. I think we can take on a few years for this one, don’t you agree?

    2. You honestly though that such a huge game like Smash was going to be ready in just one year?

  3. This is new news? Didn’t they reveal that the Smash game was waiting on Kid Icarus weeks ago? It’s not like they can develop an epic game like this in a year or 2.

  4. What I don’t understand is why they announced there was one coming at E3 this year if it wasn’t even started on development.

  5. It can take how many years you want. I just want Geno (Mario RPG) on the new SSB. I think everyone wants him. :D

    1. He already said they were planning on making a 3DS version first and then they decided to make a Wii U version. Not the other way around. And how will the Wii U version be “better”? I can’t recall there ever being a problem with the 3DS version that DOESN’T EXIST! Not to mention the problem wouldn’t be solved; instead, Nintendo would lose millions of possible 3DS AND SSB sales. That’s why they’re making a 3DS and Wii U version, and you’re not in a marketing position at Nintendo.

  6. I’d expect no less. This kind of game needs to have a devoted team for a sustained period. And hype will build, the game will get better, and it’ll be the big release of 2015. I, for one, am excited already.

  7. Let Nintendo take there time. If they rush, then they’ll miss some important features. Plus the Wii U isnt going to come out till winter of 2012. And SSB probably wont be available during the launch. Patience is the key to a successful SSB.

  8. I’m just dying to know what will be the additions to the roster this time around. I hope they buff Link and all other classic characters they nerfed in brawl. I think it’s worth the wait!

  9. Look, Kid Icarus releases this Christmas season. They’ll probably start developing early 2012 and will get it done for 2013. I’m looking forward to Kid Icarus and want it to have online. If they start making this game now it still won’t be a launch title. I still want a new Smash Bros, I just want it to be the best it can be.

    1. It’s not going to be finished by 2013, I’ll assure you that. I doubt it’ll be playable (in demo form at E3 and the such) by such a date.

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eh, whatever I can still play brawl while I wait…….

  11. well

    looks like i will be buying a Wii U in SEVERAL YEARS

    …sigh by that time the next xbox and ps3 will be out and make the WiiU look like the Wii

    1. that’s right, no Wii U without a Smash Bros. Or until Zelda HD comes out. Which ever come first.

  12. Does this mean The Wii U’s version won’t have as good graphics as it could because of the 3DS version? Or am I missing something.

  13. Sakurai needs to put Wifi on Kid Icarus: Uprising first.
    Then, Sakurai can take all the time he needs. Heck, it’s two freaking games.
    I don’t care if it’s the last Wii U and 3DS game, just as long as it kicks Brawls a%@.

  14. Sounds like their looking for ways to link the WiiU version with the 3DS. That could make for some cool Multiplayer possibilities. As for several years, that could be like 3 so Feb 2014? As long as it’s up to the standards of the games in the series idk how long I have to wait :)

  15. I’ll be patient, I’ll be waiting on getting Wii U anyway, till at least the 2nd generation, whatever Wii games I got, I’ll just play those till I get a Wii U

  16. I can’t wait for Zelda HD in 2017!! Yippie!!! Already pre-orderd!! What kind of awesome bundle am I going to get!!??

  17. This is understandable. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’d expect two or three years of solid development before I’m satisfied with the games.

    I just hope they remake the Smash Brothers Dojo. I had a lot of excitement visiting that site every day to see what was new.

  18. gahh…. I Wish I had an ocarina of time, and the temple of tiem existed in oot in rl…cuz then i’d pull the master sowrd and even thou im 16 go forward in time 7 years, but copies for my friends and myself come back to present time and be happy :3

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