Nintendo Wii: Pandora’s Tower Coming To Europe In 2012

Nintendo Europe really seem to be on a roll lately as they’ve already confirmed that European consumers will get Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Now you can add the highly anticipated Pandora’s Tower to that list. The news that Pandora’s Tower is coming to Europe can only be good news for Wii owners. Let’s hope Nintendo of America see fit to release it as well…



    1. It’s called hope not a kick in the nuts. Plus since it will be in English its pretty much a done deal.

  1. I’m wondering if “core” titles are selling better in europe or not. the only reason I can think of on why they been getting more games lately. we got the prime trilogy and excitebots…that’s something…

  2. YES!!! This was the one I was hoping for! Sorry America, but this has gotten me extremely excited!!!

    (P.S, I have signed the Project Rainfall petition, and I urge for anyone who hasn’t yet to do too)

  3. I’m happy for Europeans. I wanted to play all three, but Pandora’s Tower is the one I’m dying to play. Unless NoA brings tha, I won’t be able to since the Wii is region locked.

  4. Come on, NoA! Please give us a good reason why you’re note even planning to release these games here. I’d probably disagree with you, but I want to at least hear an answer.

  5. if NoA don’t do there job one thing to do LEGALIZE PIRACY WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Wow…just…wow. Nintendo of America has totally dropped the ball. If they don’t bring these three games to North America, I will be softmodding my Wii for the first time and playing these games that way. One way or another, I WILL be playing these games, Nintendo of America. In one way, you will get my money; in the other way, you will not. It’s your choice which way we go about this. Make the right one.

    1. I don’t get it. Which choice should they choose? You never made it clear. If I was Reggie and I saw this comment I’d be pretty confused. Heck, I’d probably ignore you and just go about my daily life playing the un-released version of Zelda. And 3DS VC games.

      1. If you were Reggie, you’d obviously pick the choice where YOU GET MY FUCKING MONEY. Money is a language that CEO’s understand. It’s also probably why you are not a CEO.

      2. How were you confused, if NoA doesn’t release the game he is going to mod his Wii to play it. If they release the game in the US he will buy it. Not confusing at all, maybe a bit wordy.

  7. What are the risks of modding my US Wii to play Europe games? Cuz i am seriously ready to do so now.

    1. Not much risk to it, there are tons of tutorials on the net, and since this seems the only way many people are going to get to play three awesome games on their Wii you might as well start searching.
      Mines already done so I just have to wait for the pirated copy to hit the net.

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