Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Say Zelda For Wii U May Look Completely Different From E3 Tech Demo

Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma has told Wired that the next Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U may look totally different from the impressive demo Nintendo showed off at this years E3.  Once again Nintendo has shown that we can no longer know what to expect from the Kyoto based company. Do you think they will take the Lord of the Rings look, or opt for something more cartoon like similar to the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker?

“So when we show a graphic demo, people think, ‘Oh, this is what the next Zelda will look like,’ but that’s not necessarily the case.”



  1. This is up there with announcing a Pokemon game for handheld and a Mario game for console in Nintendo tradition. It doesn’t surprise me at all, but I am still excited.

  2. They should, it’s the best way to promote the wii u’s improved graphical capabilities, I hope they do this instead of a toon link or in a style like skyward sword. I don’t have anything against those, but I think nintendo need to use the new zelda to show consumers and devs the capabilities of the Wii U

    1. So we’re going to get a cel-shaded toon Link everyone hates that ends up being the best Zelda game ever? Only to have the “realistic Link” everyone wants end up in one of the worst Zelda games (I liked it but apparanlty noone else did) yet? Ya, I’m OK with that.

      Oh, and if this makes you laugh out loud you have issues.

  3. They should make it even BETTER looking than the tech demo >:)

    When I saw that tech demo video (in HD on my computer screen) I nerdgasm’d. It needs to be made into a full game!

  4. I don’t mind if they change certain elements about it, such as Link’s character model or outfit, or even his age. But I think the visual style of that tech demo was very fitting for the next Zelda game. :)

  5. i want the wii u zelda to look like the tech demo! then, if they make another zelda later they can do what they want! please give us a semi-realistic zelda!

    1. The only thing I ask is to make it difficult. Majoras mask was difficult (for me. If it was easy for u then congrats here’s a cookie) wind waker was too easy yet still enjoyable. Twilight princess was difficult the first and second time through. Just need something that will give us a challenge. Is that too much ask?

  6. That’s cool with me. There isn’t a Zelda game where I was visually disappointed.


  8. I think the visuals SHOULD be like the tech demo, or if not, then perhaps an even more realistic style. I liked the Wind Waker visuals, but I’m becoming sick of the rainbow-y games. It reminds me of colourful children’s shows you see on channels like Treehouse.

    The dark style of Twilight Princess with the amazing detail and clarity of the HD demo, coupled with a deeper plot would make an awesome game for the more mature Zelda fans.

    We loved Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask was a great follow up. Wind Waker was a nice change, and Twilight Princess was pretty good. After that, more toony DS games followed, and the quality went downhill.

    Yes, I realize that Nintendo wants to make new fans of the children today. But we’re still here, Nintendo. We’ve grown up with the series. Please don’t forget us.

  9. I want a prototype model Link! Where he’s just a bunch of white polygons running around. The world can be as realistic as it wants (personally I want Uncharted-level backgrounds) but I want a Link without a face! And when he gets the Master Sword he should spout 2 more arms and run around with a bow/arrow and a sword/shield at the same time. Oh, and his nostril should be equipped with a nose flute that causes him to go into the future and back. And he should have a SmartCar as his vehicle of transport.

  10. Think of it this way. Look how old even the Twilight Princess looks when compared to Wind Waker. I would rather a Zelda game looks as it plays, timeless.

  11. Personally, I think straying away from the art style shown in the tech demo is a good thing. It’s just a prettier version of Twilight Princess, and it would be weird for Nintendo (outside of the handhelds) to go back a game in terms of art-style, instead of either using the direct predecessor’s graphical style, or using its own brand new one. Personally, I think every console Zelda should have its own distinct art style from the last, and as long as the new game at least pushes the Wii U’s graphical capabilities to their full potential, then that’s good enough for me.

  12. Wind Waker(Toon) Twilight Princess(realistic) Skyward Sword(Cartoon/Realastic) The Legend of Zelda ?????????(realistic) let’s keep this pattern continuing

  13. I think the will change the art style. Its not creative enough for them to just make twilight princess hd. I still wish to see a steam punk zelda with cyborg link^^

  14. I must admit I was pretty upset with wind waker’s graphics at first. Mostly cause I always viewed the Zelda series as Nintendo’s most mature franchise ( ok Metroid also). Being the nintenerd I was I faithfully bought it anyway and loved it but still think a more realistic Zelda is the way to go IMO. Me I’d buy it either way but if nintendo truly does wants to draw in more hardcore players taking one of the few franchises those people would be interested in and making it look like it’s made for kids would be kinda counter productive. Let’s face it we’ll buy it either way it’s the potential new audience they have to lore in with it. If not Zelda Nintendo also needs new blood to it’s line of games I’m sure a different game all together with similar play style to Zelda but set in a huge realistic fantasy world would be friggin awesome. Think a nintendo oblivion :-P

  15. Man i kinda did want that HD zelda. It was beautiful but what if it turns out too realistic and it sucks. Not to mention short like a ps3 game. Zelda has never failed yet so I don’t mind.

  16. The only thing that is required to make me happy is that they don’t do the Skyward Sword style again. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t want to see them do the same thing twice in a row.

  17. Bright side, Nintendo is actually giving us a fair warning so people aren’t extremely shocked or dissappointed when they actually do reveal what the art style will be.

    Honestly though, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Wind Waker style game in HD.

  18. I believe it will indeed be like the tech demo, if not better. Miyamoto recently stated that he’s always wanted to do an HD Zelda, and the Wii U has given him this chance. If Miyamoto is going to do an HD Zelda, he’s going to do it right. Don’t worry guys =)

  19. Not a surprise. Nintendo tends to go for a unique art style for each Zelda game, or at least every system change. Even if they go “realistic” again, I doubt they’d retread Twilight Princess’ style as closely as they did in the demo.

  20. Normally, I’m a huge fan of Nintendo’s efforts to experiment with a game’s look through different art styles. You’ve heard it all before: Wind Waker still looks great, Kirby’s Epic Yarn gives the Wii some much needed eyecandy, Majora’s Mask is an expressionist-tinged cult classic (with the OoT engine), and so on.

    However, to say this about the first Zelda game on Wii U was not the right move. Even if they pulled another Wind Waker but didn’t say anything until an E3 reveal, they wouldn’t have people walking “out of the building” (figuratively) until then and would recieve widespread exuberance from the gaming community in the meanwhile.

    I’m sure whatever ends up happening that the game itself will still be solid and appreciated, but they really need to cut back on the teasing. An announcement is only half of the process. Nintendo knows all the stuff their devotees are excited about, so all they have to do is actually put it out there to earn their goodwill. Like fish, we must be fed and not just shown a container of “Fish Food.” They’ve accomplished this in recent years despite their widened demographic, and they can’t start forgetting that now.

  21. As beautiful as that tech demo was, it’s essentially a beefed up Twilight Princess. And not that that game doesn’t look good, it is just Zelda needs to evolve and change with every release. I think Nintendo did great with Skyword Sword’s artstyle

    1. I’ll second that. As I said above, I enjoy seeing Nintendo experiment with the visual styles and think it would get boring very quickly for Zelda to always retain the TP character/environment models.

      Whatever they do, though, their look needs to demonstrate enough detail to show off what the system can do. That’s all anybody has really been on about when it comes to Nintendo in HD. The characters don’t have to look super-realisitic, they should just have definition in order to show developers how its done on the Wii U.

    1. You and me both. I don’t think the first Wii U game is the time to try that, but I’d love to see an effort following that one with a dramatically different but impressive art style.

      For instance, I was at an exhibition my friend was in and one of their paintings struck me as something that could be cool for one of the alternate dimensions. Twilight Realm, Dark World, what have you.

      The environment is completely black. There are angels, all made purely out of a white outline. One’s wings are being ripped off, and there is a bit of red to signify that action. One truly visible, tangible object, Mars, is there.

      Here’s how I’d translate that: Every character is a silhouette of themselves. Shadow Link is a white outline. Link retains his form but is a translucent greenish figure. Think like a hologram. I’d imagine Link wandering like in Journey until he comes across a physical object important to the game like a character or object. When the Triforce appears here, it’s simply triangles of light rather than the solid gold look we’re accustomed to.

      Surrealism could also work. That doesn’t exactly have a look, so it could actually retain a TP style look with odd elements around the environment. Here’s a slideshow I’d recommend for that style. Imaging Hyrule Castle on that giant floating rock or Epona walking through the woods and being blocked out where there wasn’t a tree.

      I’m feeling generous, so here’s one more look. It’s on the toon end of the spectrum, but it’s clearly not Wind Waker.

      Imagine that eyeball plant as a Deku Baba, that brown mountain thing as a Goron (after some shape alteration, of course) and those colored eyeball stones as Sheikah Stones. I could also see this style being perfect for Kirby.

  22. I wonder what style it gonna be? Ocarina of time style, Toon style, Twilight Princess style, Skyward Sword style, or maybe something new?

  23. Reserve judgement. Still Skyward is half wind waker half twilight princess and it looks(Visually) pretty good. They like to keep us guessing.

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