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Nintendo: Nintendo Bringing Official Pokemon App To The App Store And Android Marketplace

In a completely unexpected move Nintendo has announced that it’s partnering up with Game Freak to develop a Pokemon App for the App Store and Android Marketplace. The App itself is titled Pokemon Say Tap? BW and uses music and on-screen Pokemon cards in a timing game. Who would have though it…


30 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Bringing Official Pokemon App To The App Store And Android Marketplace”

    1. It should encourage a new audience to look into buying a 3DS. Spread the word, spread the temptation. ;)

  1. So this is the first time that Nintendo actually publishes something in another console… could be this the first sign of a long way towards the SEGA way? I surely hope not… I hope this only means more Nintendo games on my Ipod…

    1. Android isn’t Apple =w=

      Anyway Android isn’t even a console, its a phone OS that already has access to roms to play pirated games, so might as well put some other type of content there,

  2. *Solid Snake, Please Respond.*

    “Infiltration is a success. We’ll giv’en a taste of what their missing, then lure them in.”

  3. I think this is funny considering Nintendo’s prior statements on cheap games on smartphones. Now they are entirely contradicting themselves. A bit pathetic really.

    1. There’s no contradiction! There are cheap throw away games and there’s quality! You are pathetic!

      1. It’s one thing if this game will be “quality.” I am doubtful on that. But regardless, Nintendo has shown distaste with smartphone games in general, quite adamantly in fact. Just a bit ironic is all I’m getting at.

        1. That was the first thought that came to mind too. I saw a video of Reggie specifically stating that Nintendo was all about “making quality games with lots of value to the consumer” and would never sink to the level of cheap apps on phones “which is why there’s a minimum price on the eShop.” Now they’re doing the exact opposite of what they said they were doing. That’s not irony; that’s hypocrisy.

          1. This is an ad not a game. It’s not even a demo. They are the number one publisher of games.

            This actualy means they are getting close to another smart company, google.

            Hey go ahead and spread that negativity around. Sony is actualy loosing devs like ms.

      1. If you look, clearly there is a Pokemon Droid App made by someone for the longest time. Nintendo probably wanted to finally publish one they will be credited for, not just that but I am sure the droid app was used widely, which was another hand in the batch for Nintendo to do.

        And honestly what would Microsoft/Sony do? They’re already making cell phones that try to play video games.

      2. I don’t recall Nintendo stating they dislike apps and app games. I know they stated that they don’t do free to play games. Two different things and if you pay close attention, the 3ds has apps. Pokedex 3D, Mario clock, Mario calculator, my notebook……

    1. dude, software is games. You have to be specific. There’s Hardware aka gamecube, wii, wii U, 3ds, and then there’s software that goes with the hardware aka games and accessories.

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