Nintendo: The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask Came To Zelda Developer In A Dream

You have to wonder how certain game developers come up with some of the more intriguing concepts for games that get thrown around these days. Well, it seems that Majora’s Mask designer Yoshiaki Koizumi was inspired to create the critically acclaimed game due to a vivid daydream he had. Clearly an odd dream at that.

“Occasionally I also take images from dreams. Perhaps I am a little bit different from Mr Miyamoto in that sense.

“So if I could just give an example of one of those idle daydreams that turns into an idea for a game, I would look up at the moon and think about what would happen if the moon started to fall towards Earth. From that idea we moved onto the world in Majora’s Mask which is threatened by being destroyed by the moon.”



  1. I thought Majora’s Mask came about because of the demand for a quick sequel to Ocarina of Time…?
    Maybe this explains the trippy voyage to the green plain with the lunar children. XD

  2. For a moment I thought the article was gonna be about Majora’s Mask itself coming into Miyamoto’s dream and demanding a 3DS remake.

  3. I loved MM almost as much as OoT
    but yeah, dreams are awesome, most of my short films are made because of dreams ^^

  4. Well, it’s official then: Yoshiaki Koizumi needs to have more dreams and apply them in games.

    Oh, and Majora’s Mask needs a 3DS remake. It will probably never get one living in Ocarina of Time’s shadow, but still…

  5. I’d bet down the road there MAY be a MM 3D. But it’s way too early, OoT was just released.

  6. No matter how much I love Majora’s Mask, I’d rather have a new game. Been playing Majora’s alongside Ocarina 3D for a while =P

  7. Perhaps he has a troubled childhood where no one wants to play with him, so he imagined him stole a mask and imagined himself trying to destroy a fictional world.

  8. ahh i rather a new full story with Link in a crapy world like termina, majorask has one of the best stories ever. The way how you can see the life of the people and how Link’s life change is so awesome, i’m still waiting for them to make another title of Zelda like majorask

  9. kinda figured it was from a dream, thats what makes it so great. it strays from the logical and realistic. I may be alone in this but I would prefer Majora’s Mask over Ocarina of Time any day, thats just me though.

  10. majora’s mask 3ds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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