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Nintendo Wii: American Localization Of Xenoblade Is Complete, Last Story Coming?

Operation Rainfall are reporting that they have heard from an anonymous source within Nintendo America who has confirmed to them that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the United States. The source has also stated that The Last Story is currently being translated into English for an American release. Nintendo of America has yet to officially announce either titles for a North American release.


29 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: American Localization Of Xenoblade Is Complete, Last Story Coming?”

  1. Each and every person who has complained to Nintendo about these games better buy it, day one or at least week 1, brand new. Buying it too much later or buying it used means the sales number Nintendo sees will be lower and from a marketing/financial perspective, not worth the localization. I hope they do extremely well, but I just can’t help but imagine them selling poorly, justifying why Nintendo may have hesitated in bringing them over, and all the fans that complained and then bought it super late or used end up just looking stupid.

    1. ditto….but if it’s true i’ll lmao in the faces of all of the nay sayers and cry babies because it sounds fun!

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  3. You realize this doesn’t mean Operation Rainfall was an actual success. For all we know, they were planning on localizing them all along and they just made it look like they weren’t.

    1. That’s genius strategy of them to build up all this hype all this time, it’s weird but exceptionally genius -nods-

      1. That is completely not what I said at all. I’m saying that we’re so damn focused on pleasing our (apparently) fragile egos that as soon as Nintendo confirms the localization, we’ll be pumping our chests like some sad conceited morons who never considered the possibility that Nintendo was actually planning it all along and because of our bigheadedness, we’ll always think Nintendo’s too dumb to do these sort of things by themselves.

  4. I’m taking this with a grain of salt until some more official leads come in and confirm or deny this.

  5. Mark my words. If this is true, I will xerox a copy of my ass and send it to all of the cry babies and nay-sayers who made being online unbearable. Some of the disappointed was justifiable, but then you have those ones who brought up the japanese 3 just be be pricks. I seriously hope this is real.

  6. Operation Rainfall wouldn’t lie about something like this. If it’s false it’s the “inside source” that lied. Either way, anxious to see how this turns out.

  7. I am truly excited :D I will preorder and buy all three day one. Even if there had always been plans before OpRainfall’s inception (and news of these 3 games has been around for months) I’m still glad I did my small part to contribute to the rain.

  8. Wow so much troll to the ppl that complained spoon much. I knew it was gonna be localized. That would be one of the worse moves in years and Nintendo knows that. It’s a serious blow to bring it Europe and not America especially when its the same language. Not official yet but i know it will

  9. But Nintendo said, just a few days ago, that they had no plans to localize the games. Would they lie to operation rainfall?

  10. Great if it’s true. However I’d wait for an official source to confirm it first.

    And Last Story is already being translated into English for the European release. How else will they do it in the UK? Unless they’re translating it into American too.

  11. I will get these games mainly to support sales. I’m interested in playing these games, but the one I want to play the most is Pandora’s Tower. I hope they don’t ditch that one.

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