Nintendo Wii U: Ubisoft Talk Assassins Creed For Wii U

We all know that Assassins Creed is coming to Wii U, but we weren’t too sure whether it would be a port of the forthcoming Assassins Creed Revelations or a brand new entry in the series. Thankfully Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed that it’s going to be a brand new Assassins Creed game. Whether it’s a port of a forthcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Assassins Creed game, or one built specifically for Wii U remains to be seen. Any ideas on what it will be?

“We saw something about a new Assassin’s Creed for Wii U. What can you say about that?” asks the website.

“Our next edition of Assassin’s will be in a Wii U version,” Guillemot replies.

“Assassin’s Creed: Revelations?”

“No, not Revelations. For the future.”

“So it’s Assassin’s Creed III? Or is it something else?

“I can’t tell you that.”



  1. Let’s hope it’s a next-generation Assassins Creed game. So it’ll release simultaneously on the Wii U, PS4, and the next Microsoft console.

    1. Uh, no. They’re not going to wait 3 +/- years to release an Assassins Creed game on the Wii U. You’re a PlayStation/XBOX fanboy as well, I get it. But I’d give up hope for this game to also be on any other next-gen platform: it’s not going to happen.

  2. Nah, the Wii U won’t be able to compete with the PS4 or next Xbox. Nintendo are planning on being a generation behind again…

    1. Question: What fantastic breakthrough technology has emerge/is emerging in which will keep the WiiU behind next consoles?
      3D is the current development focus and the WiiU and Ps3 will both support that. I don’t see what the next generation could bring in this current context.
      Yes they will be future consoles, but Nintendo hasn’t released any full on 100% committed hardware specs so they have left room for improvement and fine tuning. They did state they will compete on graphics, HD is the current buzz for consoles, I wonder how much more we can improve on current HD technology.

    2. Yeah, or maybe one generation ahead. Depends on how you see it. Nevertheless, their ingenuity and innovations make up for what they’ve lacked in GPU, and with the new Wii U, Ninty’s gonna open up a can of whoopass on Sony and MS. Better believe it.

    3. I don’t think PS4 and new Xbox will come out any time soon, why? ps3 still has too much power that has not been used, and if a ps4 comes out all I see it having is, more power, then the ps4 will have crap sales (just like the ps3 did at launch) and fail, again.

      Xbox may come out a bit sooner than ps4, just because its the oldest and will be the weakest at Wii-u launch.

      but even then this wont be a power race, failed ps3 launch has proven that.

      1. Aside from power, Sony still seems to be sticking to their 10-year plan. They did bring it up again at E3 this year, so they haven’t thrown it out into obscurity.

        Meanwhile, I remember a report saying that Microsoft would most likely launch their next console in 2014. If they put something out in 2013, the report claimed it would only be a 360 with Kinect built-in. I’m not trolling, that’s what it said.

    4. Exactly wat they said, yea there will be a ps4 and Xbox 720 but Wats gonna make it next gen. More power? I think not. It’s not about power, its about Wats new that the system can do and really I can’t see anything new coming from them unless they copy something from Nintendo. You can go past 1080p yet so that’s another obstacle.

    5. @Griff Idiot. Sony has already stated that PS4 wouldn’t be that much more powerful over PS3, so…WiiU will be fine.

    6. Unless the ps4 and Xbox 720 are released several years from now they won’t be that much more powerful then Wii u. From what I’ve herd Wii u will have a direct X 10 era card in it. If Microsoft and Sony released a direct x 11 era card this year the darn systems would retail at like 1000 bucks.

    7. You’re an idiot. Graphics is all that matters to you. The Wii U will be a generation ahead with it’s innovations it brings to the table. Now, go back to your mother’s basement and play your Xbox. Just don’t stay here.

  3. I don’t see why Wii U can’t get a slice of Ubisoft. I remember when Prince of Persia came out for Nintendo as well, along side PS2. Now Nintendo has something developers acually want to use. It will be an awesome game. Make no mistake of that. But it will be nothing compared to. Assasins Creed on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles

    1. Wat are you talkin about? Theyre next consoles won’t even be out for awhile. Were talkin about now and even then wat makes you think it’ll be better on they’re consoles

  4. I foresee this upcoming generation that every console will be neck and neck power wise, or maybe slightly more or less powerful than the competition. I really hope so, because as pretty as graphics can be, I’m ready for gaming to go back to it’s foundation. Fun and awesome gameplay.

    1. There will be plenty of hype still but it’s going to be like the hd4890x2 verses the hd5000 cards there is no way they put a hd7000 in there it would make the console way to expensive.

      I think you just got a lot of wishful hating going on here.

  5. All of a sudden the argument shifted towards console power. How much more powerful can it become? If Sony and MS decide to go with power again, they will most likely use bleeding edge tech. PC components are cheap as of right now. However, that only applies to older tech. That means higher prices. Even at that, PC will always be ahead, and Nintendo realized this a long time ago. The rumored video card on the Wii U is old, but it can play current PC at very high settings. Just because it’s old, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. So what’s next for power? 2160p? I know there are TVs with that resolution. However, those TVs cost over $40,000 right now, and it’s not likely they will go down to a reasonable price within the next 10 years. Plus, games are expensive as they are right now without even doing 1080p, so imagine what would happen if they did that. The current trend right now is 3D, and while those TVs are still expensive, they’re way cheaper than 2160p TVs. And the general consumer will not spend that much money if the rest of the media can’t catch up. Even for HD, a few console games support 1080p and all HD movies support 1080p. TV programs and cable only support 720p. 3D is still in early penetration (that sounded kind of dirty). With the economy as it is and with the PS3 proving that “future proof” is practically useless if everyone else moves forward, then their safe bet is to do something fresh. MS has the advantage of improving upon their kinect hardware. Nintendo has already shown some of what Wii U can do. So what’s left for Sony? A rip off of Wii U with multitouch screen and back touch pad? Multitouch screens are nice, but for gaming, I think the stylus would work better for a wider number of ideas. The DS/3DS have proven that.

  6. I hope it is something different to what’s been on/coming to 360 and PS3, so not a remake. I will keep buying Creed on 360 as I know that I will be the only one out of my group of friends to buy a Wii U (just like I am with my 3DS and as I was with the Wii for a year or so).

    For me, it would be good for it to be something like “Bloodlines” on PSP as I have never played it or some other side/back story that will not be covered by a 360/PS3 game.

  7. This excites me! I never played a Assassains Creed game but always see my brother play. I’m willing to try when it comes to the Wii-U

  8. I just had to use that picture as my iPhone backround. Looks awesome. I love that picture.

  9. I just want a good Assassin’s Creed game for the Wii U. Graphics really don’t matter that much to me.

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