Nintendo Wii U: Gamecube Games Coming To Wii U Via WiiWare?

It appears as though the huge library of Gamecube titles could be coming to Wii U as downloadable titles on WiiWare according to Nintendo of America executive Amber McCollom. I’m not too sure if McCollom simply misspoke, or if she got slightly mixed up. Either way it would be fantastic if Gamecube titles did make it to WiiWare on Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo will see fit to confirm something in the not too distant future.

“GameCube discs will not be compatible with Wii U, but a number of the games that were playable on GameCube can be downloaded from WiiWare.”


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  1. Not sure if I love this, I mean, yay Gamecube games and stuff, or if I hate it… yay, buying the same game I already own D: I’m keeping my Wii anyway so it doesn’t really matter, but no doubt I would pre-buy my favourites anyway

    1. Why don’t buy another? It’s not difficult to find one. Not in US. I’m from Venezuela, and we sure have problems for that, because video-games are luxury. but Well, this is good news because Wii U is getting Big Downloads… 1.36GB games? That’s Rock! Yes PS3 is used to that but Nintendo isn’t, so… I’m glad

  2. This will be interesting if true. But I still have my adorable black lunchbox and I’m content with it enough not to go out and re-buy my GC library on the Wii U. Plus the GC controller is one of my faves; the Classic Pro, while nice, can’t capture its charm.

  3. This could be a good idea if done right. Maybe add some new features to them like online leader boards, communities etc.

  4. I bet they would use the old resolution again. easy bucks…
    What I saw on Dolphin emulator was so awesome, I wish Ninty would put some effort in it to give us something like that. That would satisfy the new Nintendo crowd who wants the HD experiences.

  5. Smash Bros. Melee might be a good start before the proper sequel, but here’s hoping games like Eternal Darkness and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (which could really benefit from online play) to come out on WiiWare.

    But here’s the thing…if the Wii U doesn’t have a proper HDD to save its contents (rumors are saying they have 8 GB of flash memory)…doesn’t that mean that Nintendo will limit their WiiWare title sizes again? Developers clearly hated the ~40 MB limit, so Nintendo better hear them and not do the same thing again…

    1. They won’t cap game sizes because you can attach an external HDD via the USB ports. There’s probably gonna be an official Nintendo one and then most people will just buy any huge hard drive and plug it in to store all of the (hopefully upconverted) Wind Waker goodness. :D

  6. What about controllers? It’s sad, but I have high doubt that they’ll be compatible either. *Sigh* Nothing is better to play Smash with than a good ol’ Gamecube controller.

    1. Seriously.. have you NOT been paying attention to the new controller that it will have?
      hell you could play your gamecube games on the screen on the damn controller!!

  7. OMG Skies Of Arcadia, Baten Kaitos, Wave Race, F-Zero GX, Smash Bros Melee, The Wind Waker. All in glorius 1080p

  8. Well duh. This is how they deal with not having full backwards compatibility. They’ll probably have GBA games on 3DS too.

    1. Actually, i am hoping they put DS games on the Wii U simply based on the fact that the WII U is basically a giant super powered DS.. 2 screens at your disposal.. one with touch screen…
      yeah.. Wii U is gonna kick butt.

  9. Cool, but I will probably keep my Wii if I can transfer my data, or just get a Gamecube if I can’t and trade my Wii in. I would definately use for GC games which are really rare like Fire Emblem and Tales of Symphonia. I really want to play those, but they are just too expensive!

  10. if its gonna have gamecube games for download, then this thing better have 3 VERY important things:

    1) one helluva a big hard drive/high flash memory
    2) an adapter for gamecube controller use

    1. 1.. it will have the option for an external hard drive..
      2.. the damn controller that makes the Wii U so different can be used to play this games easy.
      3.. i agree.. sadly you know how Nintendo is about that crap..

  11. At the time I decided to buy a Playstation 2 instead of a GameCube… I couldn’t afford both at the time so I met new franchises of the time like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and a big ETC… Now I see backwards and I can’t believe I didn’t play a Wind Waker, a Smash Bros Meele or many other at the time. There are plenty of game I haven’t play at the moment like Wind Waker, I’ve just read about it and seen videos. So for people like me this is pure awesomeness =)

    Let’s hope they do this really and that they do it RIGHT =) ;)

  12. Well, this is not exactly aimed at people who already own the games, if it’s true. It’s more for people who buy Wii U and may have passed on gamecube games. My siblings f**ked up my copy of Smash Bros Melee, so I can’t play it anymore. However, if I can just download it off their virtual service, then I’m ok.

  13. very very good if this is true, Now what about the few games that you had to use GC GBA link cables for multiplayer. how would that work?

    1. Well.. Windaker had that support for a GBA with tingle tracking stuff… i’m sure the Wii U controller with its cool screen can replace the GBA and what it did easily..

      Seems like people who commented on this post had no clue about the cool controller it has.
      Than again.. these posts are all pretty old.. as i am seeing now..

  14. Cool idea, but I’m glad my GC and games still work so I don’t have to rebuy everything.

  15. Awesome! I still firmly believe that the Gamecube was one of the best consoles, if not the best, of all time. And most GC games that you would buy or sell make Nintendo lose money. Downloadable games ensure that this does not happen, so Nintendo can make money on some of their best games.

    1. The best?.. i dunno.. for different people it’s different systems.. i been around since the NES back in the 80s… i have seen all kinds of systems that could be “the best”..

  16. I knew this would be coming tbh, and I would like to see all the Gamecube games upgraded to HD quality or at least upscaled, a USB adapter for Gamecube controller, though Classic Controller Pro should do just fine I would think

  17. Shouldn’t they be on Virtual Console and not WiiWare? Whatever. Still looking forward to this because I missed out on so many Gamecube games when it was still a new system. Pikmin, Wind Waker, Smash Bros. Melee, etc.

  18. This sounds great for new gamers, but now that I get older, I look over and see my current gamecube collection and wonder about trading them in.

  19. I sure hope Pokemon XD is one of the games that are available to download, but I doubt it!

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