Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo File Plenty Of Interesting Wii U Trademarks

It’s been revealed that prior to E3 Nintendo registered a whole bunch of intriguing and zany Wii U related trademarks. Whilst the majority of these are simply just ideas they do give an insight into what Nintendo are thinking about what it comes to future Wii U software and peripherals.

&Wii U + logo

Mii U

Wii Fit U

Wii Sports U

Wii Music U

Wii Party U

Wii Play U

WiiWare U

Wii Balance Board U

Balance Wii Board U

Wii Wheel U

Wii Zapper U

Wii U Fit

Wii U Music

Wii U Party

Wii U Sports

Wii U Play

Wii U Ware

Wii U Balance Board

Balance Wii U Board

Wii U Wheel

Wii U Zapper

Wii Speak U

Wii U Speak

Shield Pose





  1. I think that they are registering the trademarks just so that other people dont do it first. (Although, if they make Wii U music like Garage band, Im getting it)


    1. In fairness, they hardly need to trademark any of their hardcore games. The only reason they are doing it is to secure the Wii U name in the appropriate games, which in this case are the simple family orientated ones. They are hardly going to patent Wii U Metroid because that won’t be the title of the game.


      1. True but this is a TON of casual games to say we have 0 idea of what the frist party core games are going to look like. I guess trademark it now or be f@#ked later somehow. *shrugs*


  2. This makes me rediscover how terrible of a name for a system this is. WiiWare U. Like, “We wear you.” wtf. Wtf. Wtf. Wtf. Wtf. Wtf.


  3. Oh, you used the cute girl again! :)
    I hope we don’t see a slew of casual games like Play and Fit at launch. They’re not bad games but I’d rather see something that will push the Wii U’s capabilities.


  4. So I take it as the so call hardcore gamers was looking for something like

    Wii kill u

    Wii shoot u

    Wii fight u

    Wii beat u

    Wii test u

    Wii core u

    Wii punch or kick u

    Lmao GTFO.. its for both casual and core gamers, y’all dumb asses….. :)


  5. We say Nintendo inovate but what’s that ? I’m bored of that and I hope they’ll create new licenses because with all those all trademarks on Wii U, will Nintendo have the time to devellop other new licenses ? …


    1. Nintendo has done this since the SNES.

      SNES = “Super” ::insert title here::
      64 = ::insert title here “64”
      GCN = nothing that I can recall
      Wii = ::insert title here:: “Wii”


      1. In the U.S. or U.K., yes. They won’t be happy until we’re robots manufactured in test tubes.

        In response to being called “sexist”. Yes, we are all sexual beings. It is 100% natural for men to want to have sex with women. A bunch of gamer fanboys are going to reflect that fact in conversation. “freedom of speech”. \(^o^)/


  6. Oshi- they’re going to try to implement a WiiSpeak again? Man, I wasted like, 35 bucks on that thing. I used it a lot for Animal Crossing when I used to be a part of ACCWiki/FolkBook, but it made me sad that there were hardly any other good games you could use it with.
    If they’re really going to try to make it work, they need to make it like how Sony or Microsoft uses their microphone peripherals, and have maybe a chat lobby (I think they tried that once with the channel, but it kinda didn’t work very well. :I ) Or just have every online game have mic chat capabilities.
    I’ve been a Nintendo fan since I was in the womb (awesomesmiley.png), and it’s been really killing me the past few years or so because Nintendo is so “user friendly”(?), I suppose you could say. They’ve gone with lot of pick-up-and-play-ness to it that draws a new audience like kids and non-“gamers”, but at the same time sort of repelling those core fans that made them so great. I can see what they’re doing by trying to broaden their range of potential customers, but in all honesty, they can’t forget those faithful fanatics like us that kept them running for so long. Like my NES tshirt says: “Know your roots”.
    I love Nintendo, so I really hope they pull through with their future endeavors.


      1. I agree, the WiiSpeak pretty much sucked. WiiU needs to have a headset like the Xbox, so that there’s no background noise or feedback from the game. If they want to step it up and make multiple headsets work per console(I.E. 2-4 people playing online on the same console can each talk through their own headset), then that would be an improvement over the 360.


  7. Interesting to know that they’ve got alot of ideas. Seems the casual market isn’t gonna change which is good. all about the pricing though.


  8. Nintendo are masters at throwing away money. Ain’t nobody gonna want these awful names and I can guarantee that I wont be be buying U rehashes of the worst Wii titles. I certainly wont be falling victim to Nintendos accessories again.


  9. Where is the list of the “intriguing and zany Wii U related trademarks.”? All I see is already known and expected Wii related trademarks with U added to them

    As for the girl, I just thought of a great game. She kneels in the middle of the room while guys hold their wiimotes pointed at her repeatedly pressing the B button, the guy with the Wii U controller is the cameraman…..


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