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Nintendo Wii U: Miyamoto Says Wii U Will Be The Console For New Nintendo Characters And Game Ideas

We know that Miyamoto is working on a new video game character but he has yet to reveal precisely what it is he has been working on. We thought he was going to announce something about his new creation at this years E3 event, but he didn’t. Thankfully it sounds as if his new project is still going ahead and should eventually be coming out on Wii U.

“[Creating new characters and heroes] was my goal with the Pikmin… the [Wii U] looks good: it is the ideal system to accommodate new types of games and new characters.”


50 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Miyamoto Says Wii U Will Be The Console For New Nintendo Characters And Game Ideas”

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  2. Hmm… I know there’s no information yet but what genre would you like to see this character apart of? I’m trying to think of one that Nintendo has yet to dominate.

    1. I wouldn’t mind a new action RPG type series like Fallout or Oblivion. So far, Nintendo has just done the turn based stuff. It doesn’t necessarily have to be first person, though, those were just examples that came to mind.

      1. I second this until infinity. I would love an actual action RPG out of Nintendo with lively worlds and a sense of gradual improvement (basically a level system). That would be great.

        1. i would like the game to be from the pikmins point of view that would be cool also seeing some new pikmin of course but letting them all have onions

    2. A ‘drifting’ game with tracks only in Japan, inspired by Initial D.
      Love Story/Car Mod game with Online Tournaments.

    3. having conquered almost every genre, i’d like to see nintendo create a tekken, streetfighter, virtua fighter style fighting game. smash bros is a fighting game but it’s not a traditional style one-on-one fighter.

      i want nintendo to create new fighters, come up with a great title for the game and have amazing graphics. that would be a challenge for them.

      1. Hindged joints. Think puppet on a string which you control by tilting the corners of the controller. Become possessed by stealing the souls of enemies and receiving their knowledge to help you solve puzzles… n’ sh*t.

  3. Hmmm, Nintendo also said that they were aiming to make a game for a more mature audience. This will be interesting.

    1. Actually, this will be funny.

      Manchild child is evolving!


      Manchild has evoled into Bigboymanchild!

      Give Boymanchild a nickname?
      [ ]No

      What will you call him?
      Nintendofanboy_ _ _

  4. 2.5 D side scrolling action adventure game….with cut scenes……..make a game where your a druggy and you have to steal pharmys from a hospital to heal, steal from the biggest meth dealer in texas to stay awake from the night , or you suck d!ck for cheeseburgers to get energy…..that be the sh!t

        1. Really? You do know Mario is a rip-off of Popeye, right? Brutus=Donkey Kong, Olive Oil=Pauline. Look at Donkey Kong for commodore64, you’ll see the similar artstyles. Watch Popeye gameplay on Atari & you’ll also see similarities in gameplay. Miyamoto said he copied because Nintendo couldn’t use Popeye in a game. He also copied Game & Watch design to make Gamboy. And Flip phone to make GBA look that up. Bottom line is someone did it first, he just added a few touch-ups. As time advances, others will come and do the same: take from someting and add on to it.
          If he was never born, somebody else would take his spot. No one is un-despensible.

          1. So true yet also so full of shit. I already knew all of those things you mentioned doesn’t change the fact that he is the man who is responsible for Nintendo and by proxy the gaming industry as a whole being where it is today.

            “If he was never born, somebody else would take his spot.” What does that even mean? Do you have access to an alternate reality where there never was a Miyamoto so you can make such a bold statement? Stop looking into your crystal ball and look at the real world. His contributions are immeasurable and he can never be replaced, people can and will try to, but they never could.

          2. Lol, look at the release date of Popeye and Donkey Kong, and then look who made the Popeye game. See that Nintendo made both games, and Donkey Kong was released earlier because they had trouble with the licensing of Popeye.

            The Gameboy is usually credited to Gunpei Yokoi who designed both it and the Game & Watch.

            I hope you are trolling, and that you aren’t really as stupid as you come across.

  5. What about a game where your a dodgy ol’ creeper trolling the streets in search of little cuties to follow home. Buy different outfits to blend into the environments and use the controller as a camera to get the prized snap-shot of your victims. Compile a schedule and go for the kill when the coast is clear. Take real photos and put people in your game to simulate the ultimate training tool for up n’ cuming pedos to experience.

  6. …you mean like with the Gamecube? I always felt like the Gamecube introduced more new gaming elements than any other console

  7. As some have already stated, I would love to see Nintendo tackle the action-RPG genre. So far, they don’t have much outside of the Mario RPGs, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Golden Sun and all of them are turn-based. Then again, considering Xenoblade is a 1st party title and they’re not bringing it here, I wonder just how much Nintendo cares about those kinds of games.

    Since alot of people seem to be whining that Nintendo overuses their old franchises, they really need to make some new ones. They can start with whatever Miyamoto comes up with this time and bring back Ice Climbers.

  8. In my opinion, the Wii failed to really reach out to their other franchises or make new ones. They played it safe with classic Mario, Zelda, Metroid and DK. The Gamecube had those and Pikmin, Star Fox, and F-Zero. And bring back our NES friends. I see Kid Icarus and Punch Out is back, but what about Ice Climbers, Excite Bike, and Dr. Mario? Also, I want to see a big explorable RPG game like XenoBlade or something like The Last Story or Pandora’s tower since we won’t get them here. For some reason, I also want to see an actual Wii Sports game for some reason.

  9. I just hope the character is good. Because it could either be a truly memorable and loved character or it could die out quickly.

  10. The Wii U is about “bringing the core back,” but in this light, what kind of “core” character is Miyamoto going to come up with? The most core-ish image that comes to mind would be a Pokémon trainer, which would probably be the most human-looking thing that Miyamoto would have created since Princess Peach.

  11. Calling it now: A game based off of swimming the same way Pikmin is to gardening. Meaning some kind of amphibious, Metroidvania, Ecco the Dolphin-esque game starring some weird fish thing and the main villain is Cthulu.

  12. ah what a contraversal subject when it comes to miyomoto and his beloved characters whatever genre he decided to play this unamed being in im sure it will shock the crap out of everyone

    one thing i’ve been thinking about is will miyomoto ever make a game protraiting bowers as the main charater somewhat like super mario 64 captured on the n64 possibly something that would make good use of the wii U an its capabilities

    1. forgot to mention bowsers inside story was a great addtion to the bros rpg series definantly 1 of my favs

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