Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon CEO Hints At New Pokemon Game This Year

Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara has hinted to Famitsu that there could be a brand new Pokemon game on the way this year. Ishihara’s comments to the Japanese gaming publication suggest that the Pokemon Company may accommodate both Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS owners. Any guesses what the next Pokemon game will be?

Pokemon Co. has things in the works that will surprise players at the same level as in the first half of the year.

Ishihara tells Famitsu that Pokemon Co. hopes to continue taking care of DS users, while also showing how far play can be expanded on 3DS.

Sinobi views Ishihara’s comments as suggesting that we could be getting some sort of Pokemon title with connectivity between DS and 3DS.





  1. “may accommodate both Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS owners” Sounds like a Mystery Dungeon game to me. You know, like they did with the GBA and the DS before? Yep. Just like that. :)

    1. It could be any game since Nintendo announced that for everey 3DS game they make they wll make a DS game

  2. My guess is, it’ll be either Pokemon Grey or B/W’s version of Pokemon Battle Revolution. Either that, or it’ll be something completely different…who knows?

    1. Its a bit late in the year for Gray. That’ll be next year. Those usually are revealed around March or April and released in September.

    2. I don’t think they’ll release a Battle Revolution version on the DS/3DS. I does sound more like a Mystery Dungeon game though.

    1. Remember a few E3s back we had Mario spam =P (Galaxy 2, NSMBWii, and BiS (or was it Donkey Kong vs. Mario?). This is hardly any worse.

    1. The Wii is dying out, most of the focus is on the 3DS and the WiiU. Just be happy that we’re still getting Skyward Sword.

  3. They need to make a series of games that connect to each other. From the first region to the last. Pokemon data transfer from one game to the other. Get a new starter from each region. And to make it difficult, pokemon from a previous region cannot b used until 8 badges from current region have been collected.

    Just something I thought would be an awesome change. Really no need for a new generation of pokemon.

    1. thats is acualy a good idea like all regions in one game and choose whitch region to go to and just travle through them all

      1. I really like this idea, however I think that this kind of game would take years to make especially if they were going to completely re-design it and add some new things to it. I could see it having like an expansion pack or something because I don’t think they could fit all that information into one game cartridge. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did do a Pokemon Grey, although they did say they weren’t going to. Them saying that is just a business strategy to probably keep that hush hush since a remake is more than obvious from what we have seen over the years. In all fairness, I do think it is time to make a Ruby and Sapphire remake. I pretty much see that remake coming in less than a couple years due to Nintendo’s repetitiveness of issuing out remakes.

        1. same i think they are going to remake ruby and sapphire. I think it would be dumb for them to release the game only on the 3ds… with this economy no one would by it.

      1. mine too!
        on another note, i heard they werent planning a 3rd game for the 5th gen? this is a BAD idea in my opinion, there needs to be a 3rd version for 5th gen, and preferebly on the 3DS!!

        1. Note: they said that BEFORE B/W were released Internationally. If they had said “oh, yeah, umm there’ll be other versions” that’d be an idiotic business move. Because then people would cancel B/W pre-orders nor pick them up at all due to waiting for said 3rd version. And thus, a loss for GF.

          I mean, at this point we know the pattern. But GF still has to play the business game smart. So there will most definitely be a 3rd version, they just didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early here.

  4. It’ll probably be Mystery Dungeon. Grey’s probably next year, and RS remakes should be the year after. Ranger will be thrown in the middle. That’s my guess.

    1. The Ranger series has ended, there’s no more coming out. I agree with everything else, though.

    1. you’re not very good at this, seeing how at least 5 comments about said game were made before you posted that comment. so either you’re a poser who doesn’t know what that statement really means or your computer took about an hour to post that comment of yours

  5. I think, Pokemon Grey version w/ a Battle Revolution-Styled mode for battles between players, and using special cards or qr-codes, you could have a living and 3-D simulated pokemon battle on your desk! That’d be really cool. Who wouldn’t wanna be able to bring around their Pikachu and show it off somewhere? Also, BRING POKEWALKERS BACK!! That was a really well-played business effort and I, for one, was apalled when I learned that Black and White didn’t have pokewalkers. I think the IR is a keeper for the Pokemon series of video games, and also want the PokeWalker back, in maybe a monochrome style that had 3D effects like, idk, the stuff you see on baseball cards. OR BETTER YET, bringing the TCG and Video games together… being able to get the card for a pokemon and scan it into your game! That’d be sick! Like, the pokemon would come out on the cards (like yugioh) and theyd be on the table and they would battle and stuff XD

    Aw, listen to me ramble about my ideas. Anyone else think these are good ideas?

  6. Please let it be pokemon snap!!! But it will probably be a stadium/coliseum/revolution game which is also kinda cool

  7. pokemon 3ds idea


    2.spotpass-recieve items,events

    3.pedometer-find items,level up

    4.character creation

  8. Im probably the only person who wants a game that mixes 2 old ones into one journey kinda like how silver and gold mixed the johto and the kanto, but like with maybe ruby and sapphire mxed with diamond and pearl, but thats just me… i personally think it is a pokemon snap remake though..

  9. absolutelyvlove this image every blessed time you post it, sickr.
    being a big pokemonz fan, tattoos, blah blah, i must kno- is that a completely original photo concept scheme? (by whom?)

    1. It’s the Tomy pokemon mini figures they released when the anime first came out. (Obviously they continued the line. I never got any after the first gen) taken with a figure from another anime series that’s name escapes me. I believe it’s a Nendroid or Revoltech figure (I have Layton in similar style.)

  10. Sounds like a whole lot of stuff. Remakes, streetpass, and probably something completely new and different

      1. im adam the one who said that it’s pokemon scramble his also right look at the statement: Known as Super Pokémon Scramble in Japan.

  11. im adam the one who said that it’s pokemon scramble i’m also right look at the statement: Known as Super Pokémon Scramble in Japan.

  12. You idiots. It isn’t Pokemon Rumble. For one, that’s already been announced a long time ago. For two, they clearly stated they were making this game for both DS and 3DS. Pokemon Rumble is 3DS ONLY. Think before you type, please. ;)

  13. I used to think it would be pokemon grey for 3ds, but recently I read an article talking about how they’d completely have to recreate the whole region to make it 3d, and it would be pointless to even relate it to black and white at all. So grey for ds, dsi. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon seems a likely candidate. Of course, so dostadium, tcg, r&s remake, among others. Really, anything nut grey or brand new region/generation. But I do hope for and suspect mystery dungeon. At some point, I agree, they should do the pokewalkers again.

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