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Nintendo: Nintendo America Celebrates 25 Years Of The Legend of Zelda With Symphony Concert Dates

Nintendo of America has finally announced when Zelda fans can attend The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert. The concert will take place October 21st at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, and will include songs from the iconic series hand-picked by Nintendo composer Koji Kondo and his team. The full concert tour will launch in 2012. Ticket prices for the Los Angeles concert start at $35 and will be available starting August 1st. Who would like to attend this momentous event?

“The Legend of Zelda has few peers in the pantheon of video game giants, and the games and their music have always shared a deep connectio. “Through these concerts, fans nationwide will be able to gather and show their love for the quarter century of action, adventure and excitement that The Legend of Zelda games have brought to their lives.”

-Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing

“The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert Tour brings one of the video game industry’s most exciting and enduring franchises to the concert hall and presents what we feel is the definitive concert experience for the series. It’s an event that fans and music aficionados won’t want to miss.”

– Executive producer Jason Michael Paul, the producer of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony

Source: Nintendo of America press release

43 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo America Celebrates 25 Years Of The Legend of Zelda With Symphony Concert Dates”

  1. Woo…for a moment there I thought it would only be coming to California. Still…2012 for the tour? If I have to wait that long, I very much hope it comes to Philadelphia or somewhere else equally close to me! :D

    1. Me tooo I was about to be really upset XD but I hope it comes to philly too cause that’s close to me as well :D

    2. I think Nintendo is supposed to be releasing a soundtrack of the orchestrated music alongside of Skyward Sword as an early purchase bonus and for the 25 anniversary; kind of like what Nintendo did with Ocarina of Time soundtrack. I read it in Iwata Asks and I think they may have mentioned it at E3.

    3. I agree. They will hopefully have something in the Eastern US. I really want to see this, but I don’t want to fly to California.

  2. Thank God it isn’t only California. C’mon, Southeast U.S. always gets screwed over in Nintendo events. Miami? Please? It’s a big city?

    1. Chicago is one of the largest US cities, but it never gets Nintendo events either. Always some odd place in Indiana.

      1. Well, I’m fine with anywhere that I don’t have to get on an airplane to go to. Like Orlando, Miami, or Tampa.
        Maybe Atlanta or something but that’s getting too far.

  3. I’ll probably never get to go. The only place they do in the UK is in London. Maybe Edinburgh if lucky. Both are far too far away.

  4. It’s useless to beg because I’m sure it’ll go south instead but: Please bring the concert to Oklahoma!!!

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  7. If this comes to South Africa I will spend all my money to see it if I have to. Sadly, I doubt we’ll get it here =(

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  9. It’s awesome to know they’re premiering in LA! StreetPass LA, OC, SD and other participating Southern California StreetPass Network groups will be there for one massive event. Expect lots of pictures. ;)

  10. I’m loving the come-to-Oklahoma posts. It’d be great to hear that magic in the OKC Arena or the fine arts district (or Cattlett Music Hall in Norman). At least in Dallas!!

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