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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Release Brand New Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the incredible The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The trailer was showcased at this years Comic Con event and no doubt left a few attendees drooling. The trailer shows off some brand new footage so make sure to take a look!


47 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Release Brand New Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer”

    1. No, it was a character called Girarhim or something like that. I can’t quite think of the name, but it’s something along those lines

  1. I wouldn’t say brand new…I saw a Goron, that was new, but for the most part it’s the same still.
    But that doesn’t temper my enthusiasm!

      1. my apologies. Indeed, it’s different from the previous trailer, but not much new stuff has been shown (those action sequences I saw at some gameplay videos)

  2. Hmh, what exactly was new in this trailer? I only watched the official ones because I wanted to prevent spoilers, but I already knew everything in this one. Okay, some things were put together, but… yeah.

    Still want to play so hard!

    1. IM HAPPY FOR GORONS TOO :D!! That one looked like a merchant. Probably one you’ll find in more than one dungeon.

      1. I was thinking he was a merchant too! In fact, he reminded me very much of the Goron merchants in Wind Waker.

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  4. Oh man. Nothing gives me such a good feeling as seeing a new Zelda game. And this one looks to be awesome.Nintendo never disappoints with their first party titles, so expect it to be epic.

  5. You know I am actually a bit disappointed in Zelda’s design, which about the only thing I see wrong with the new game. Granted, I am a huge Zelda fan and I absolutely love the series but after the release of Twilight Princess which was absolutely stunning, I’m a little concerned why they wouldn’t want to stick with that same design concept, it was beautiful! Sure there’s a bit if similarity but I’m not to excited about that Zelda T:

    1. Each Zelda game brings its own artistic style. I think this latest one is brilliant. TP was nice, but the movements of faces and such were still a little wooden. SS’s style allows for smoother movements of the characters and environments, like flowing paint :D. Just take a look at all of the subtle shifts in Link’s eyes and mouth during the cutscene where Ghirahim is talking over our hero’s shoulder (the infamous tonguing scene XD) and you’ll see that in some ways this style surpasses TP’s more realistic style.

      1. I think he means Zelda the person, not Zelda the video game.
        And yeah, I concur with Bree’s comment, I was hoping Zelda would be prettier.. the last few Zelda designs made her look regal and beautiful. I think that Ilia from the last game looks better than this one too…
        But this is also a new spin on Zelda the character – she’s not even a princess in this game. So we’ll see.

        1. Eh, my fault. ^_^; I read “Zelda” and interpreted it as the game.
          Even so…Zelda isn’t a princess in this game, at least not in the beginning. She has no reason to be regal. In fact, if she’s a holy figure that is even more reason for her to appear humble and simple.

          1. wah wah wah, appreciate the artistic style. In my opinion, it looks more alive and vibrant the TP. I’ll side with Draug, he’s right about being able to see more facial expressions and movement. Every zelda doesn’t need to be realistic and dark. This new art style gives a whole new feeling to zelda to me

  6. welll this is gay this is not new the only new thing i so was the goron thats all other things is the same trailer as the E3 2011 ? lol

  7. I really hope that something significant is new in this game, it looks the same as every zelda game since Ocarina of Time. Also the visuals look bland, Wind Waker looks better than this! Well hopefully Nintendo will prove me wrong…

  8. Lol, I have a booth at SDCC and I get to come way early, and I saw them building a Zelda booth with this trailer and they said I wasn’t aloud to film it lol

  9. There better be Zoras or at least a new race.

    and hopefully they give the release date over the next few days.

  10. At first I was skeptical, but it’s really starting to grow on me. I hope it’s as different and awesome as Majora’s Mask combined with Wind Waker.

  11. Honestly, we love the Zelda games (and Mario too), but the old graphics gremlin will be biting into their profits. Nothing new other than the “dungeon” play, new baddies, etc. Serious upgrades need to be made to catch up with the rest of the gaming communities. Nintendo is good at story telling, but need to pony up on the tech side. We moved to another country and had to sell all things Nintendo. My teen boys went out and purchased an Xbox to be able to play with friends “back home” and have not been disappointed in this platform’s graphics. I’m still hoping to save enough to get another Nintendo system, but who knows what we’ll end up with as prices rise.

  12. I like this new art style, It gives a whole new feeling to the zelda series in my opinion. and am i the only one that notices a slight change in link’s voice…?

      1. Since he ocarina of time. I’m not talking about voice acting. I’m talking about haaa, tuut, shyaaa sounds. It’s still a voice rightttt?

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