Nintendo 3DS: Amazon Discontinues Offering Nintendo 3DS Hardware, Says It’s Under Review

I’m not entirely sure about the reasoning behind this but Amazon has stopped offering the Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS. If you go to the product page you’ll be greeted with the ‘Item under review’ message. Whether this has something to do with users reporting problems with the device remains to be seen. Hopefully it’s nothing.

Item Under Review

While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here.

We’re working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Update here


    1. I haven’t heard of any actual 3ds owners that complain about headaches yet….I have read though that if 3d causes headaches then the person might have an eye problem that they weren’t aware of…plus it’s only the black ones…the only issue I have with mine is that when it’s closed the edges mark up the screen but I’m sure that’s an issue with the blue one also

  1. It could be due to the poor build quality (loose hinges) or poor design (lower screen border scratching top screen). I’ve had to take mine back around 6 times, always having these two issues – from different stores. In tge end I took it back and got a DSi XL. Hope tgey fix tge issues with a new version.

    1. Got the same exact problem. Gonna use my warranty to get it fixed. I think the L and R buttons are poorly built too.

      1. I agree about the L and R buttons. The DS Lite’s were perfect. The 3DS’s is hard to press conformably.

          1. its true. my L has been stuck for 3 years and my R has been stuck for 2. it sucks ass!

  2. I didn’t even know the black was available yet. Then again, I’m in the US. In which region is this being an issue?

  3. The Prima guide for Ocarina of Time 3D is also under review. I went to buy it there yesterday, because it is about $10 cheaper.

    (I’ve already beat the game.)

  4. Maybe it’s all the people complaining about a broken battery, when most of them don’t realize the actual battery sucks in the first place! That’s my only problem with it.

    1. I was gonna get the blue one but it was girly light blue on the bottom. Black puts more focus on the screen, thats why all of the top screens are black to make the 3d better.

      1. Agreed. I got Cosmo Black at launch and any problems I had were fixable with a screen protector

  5. The quote refers to the way amazon is showing the info, not to the 3DS itself. Apparently they are “reviewing” the info they have on the system along with the handling and shipping of it. They might have been using a different protocol for all of that by mistake with this one. Maybe it’s because they got damaged somehow in their warehouse or something, so they’re conducting a full review on the product. Realistically speaking, they can’t open and test their stock units. If there was a major problems with the hardware, Nintendo would get the feedback from people and if necessary, they would call back those units.

    I like your articles, but please don’t make one thing sound like it’s another. It confuses people, and it’s not much of an article as companies would discontinue a product anyways for the simple fact that it wouldn’t sell. They wouldn’t do it because there is a hardware problem unless it’s called off by the manufacturer since they would have to deal with repairs, not the resellers.

  6. There goes another thing that is under review for Amazon. This seems to be happening a lot. Some of the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Boxes are under review and last I checked so was Dragon Ball Z Season 8. In the case of the Dragon Boxes people said on a forum theirs came damaged.

    Maybe there is an issue with the way the 3DS is shipping from Amazon.

  7. My 3DS from Amazon had a speaker issue, I shipped it to Nintendo to repair and now it works fine.

  8. Other then the small issue with the stop screen pressing on the lower screen if i close it a little to hard, which comes off with a quick light rub, i have no issues with mine at all. Heck, the GF even dropped it and the buttons still feel slick and the console runs fine.

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