Nintendo Wii U: Zelda Producer Talks Zelda For Wii U

Eiji Aonuma has revealed that Nintendo are still debating what art style to use for the forthcoming Zelda game on the Wii U. The footage shown at E3 was just a demonstration using the Twilight Princess art style that the Zelda team felt comfortable using. The final game however could look completely different. What visual style would you like to see Nintendo use on the next Zelda game for Wii U?

Do you have any ideas percolating regarding how you’d like to a see a Zelda game play on the Wii U? 

Obviously software sort of evolves along with hardware and the functions that are built into hardware. I think if I was to give away all the ideas that are floating around, it wouldn’t be as much fun when those products actually come to life. But one thing I certainly find myself liking is a lot – that you saw in the Wii U Zelda HD experience – is the idea of being able to pill your map onto a separate screen and really make use of that separate display in order to make your adventure more exciting and more streamlined. That is certainly something I find very appealing.

Speaking of that demo, is the Twilight Princess art style what you’d like to use for a Zelda game on the Wii U?

Not necessarily. Really, this time around it was more about seeing what we can do with the Wii U. In making the experience, we had the Twilight Princess art style as a base more or less to gauge what we were doing. But for a Wii U Zelda in the future, there’s no art style or design direction that’s been laid down – we’re very open to distinct possibilities.7



    1. I want the TP style shown in the demo with maybe just a smidge more color. The temple that Link visited in the demo was dark though, which I loved, I think it fit that particular setting. I’d expect the world to be alot more lively than TP.


    1. Thanks for opening up to us and expressing you feelings, it is always good to have a cry otherwise all that emotion would just build up within you. You should be proud of yourself… Here, have a ‘gold star’ ☆.

    2. There there now….we don’t always get what we want, now do we? Just accept your wishes don’t always come true and you will find peace within yourself….

    3. What exactly are pussy graphics again? Last time I checked it was more like cel-shaded…

      Clearly you’re not intelligent enough to matter in a forum like this. Thank you for demonstrating this point. Moving on.

    4. Wow. You use a lot of “colorful” words even in your username! I actually like SS’s graphics, but I wouldn’t mind the demo style. I want the demo style for the next game.

    5. seems to me your a pretty big douche bage.. would you like a big glass of shut the fuck up?

  2. Before I comment, I wanna say that I am NOT a graphics whore, but I would like to see at least one realistic looking zelda game on Wii U to see its capabilities. It could look amazing with HD!

    1. It Would! for sure. But I don’t think Nintendo will make their games gritty-brownish-realistic-mature. i mean their actual franchises. They would rather make a new IP like that.

      But somehow, Twilight and Majora’s Mask has something.. so it’s not impossible =)

      Realistic enough was the demo.. there’s no doubt the full game will amaze us!

    2. I know what you mean! I’m not one to think graphics can make or break a game but the HD demo at E3 was absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see a Zelda game with that much detail!

  3. I’ve said this already, but I think they should use a realistic art style like Twilight Princess so they can show off the Wii U’s improved graphical capabilities and stuff, and it should be a launch title, both of these things would probably help with Wii U sales.

  4. They’d better go with the TP art-style. No point in having all the graphical power and not using it. I’m very unimpressed with Skyward Sword thus far, especially it’s over dependence on motion controls.

    Though this specific title is likely 3-5 years out.

  5. Same here, loved the demo, really, but also liked a lot Zelda: Wind Waker. We’ll see one day a Zelda with such realistic graphics, but it has to adapt to the chapter itself.
    I believe in Nintendo, they know what they’re doing.

  6. Let’s save the Toon Link games for the handhelds. Let’s keep the good looking Link’s on the home consoles. Whether it’s TP or OoT art is fine, just no Windwaker art for our first HD Zelda game please.

        1. The 3ds is awesome and b4 playing games on the 3ds I wasn’t a fan of 3d but since then I have purchased a 3d tv for 3d on ps3 and I’m hoping the wiiu is 3d compatible it adds alot to gaming IMO

  7. I really hope they don’y use the Twilight Princess art style. I didn’t really like it. It’s too dark.

  8. PS, when is Zelda going back to its 2D roots? Now that could be REALLY cool. Can actually have like 20 dungeons.

    1. Best LOOKING game. But it’d be nice if it was the best game, but that is on gameplay and story and not as much on graphics. Gameplay > graphics. Good Gameplay + Good Graphics = Better
      Bad Gameplay + Best Graphics = Not good at all.

  9. I’m not really phased about what art style is used so long as it suits the story and environments.
    My only wish is for the system to be pushed to it’s limits.

  10. Hm… The Twilight style is the best style i’ve ever seen in a zelda game, please use that one, and please, make Link left handed… Fans would love that…

    1. Zelda Is like a fairy, you know goofy, fun, exiting, however, Its mor like a grownn up fairy tale. I dont thin TPs grafics captured that sence so good. I think it was a bit to realistic for Zelda.
      I still love it, but its my least favourite Zelda game, so in my book, its the #15th, soon to be 16 best game ever.

  11. 1.- Full Orchestral Music
    2.- Twilight/Ocarina or Skyward Sword Art Style
    2.1.- I support something new if there is possible.
    3.- Gods or Colossal Bosses, and Boss Fight like OoT 3D
    4.- Several Weapons like an RPG.. Wait.. RPG Zelda! Monster Hunter-Style! (Just Saying)
    5.- No Voice, we like mute Link =)
    6.- Make Link to return Soul Calibur like a badass!
    7.- If you want to make a movie, start with a series or rendered visuals like Final Fantasy VII

    I like Final Fantasy, and Zelda, just for the record.. that’s why i would aprecciate Awesome visuals, cut-scenes and action RPG elements… Long live to Zelda!!

      1. Yes.. hey can u imagine a Spin-Off (or whatever) when Link is the Villain, Ganondorf or Someone-else is the hero, and Zelda is a real fighter? not all together but Zelda fighting (not at sheik state but as zelda itself) would be something else.. dedicated fans have to work on something like that!..

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. Yes if it is good (but it usually is)
      4. Not exactly (upgrade = yes, but having Iron sword, Bronze sword, etc. = no)
      5. Yes
      6. HECK YES!
      7. Yes if they do it right.

  12. I say keep it like in the demo. Or an HD Ocarina of Time kinda like the 3D version

  13. Use the graphical style from the tech demo. Humor your target audience, rather, the loyal, nostalgic-hooked fans. The hardware of the Wii-U should be utilized completely. I’m talking like water reflection/refraction, particle masses, Global Illumination, normal mapping, SSAO, everything. Create memorable and immersive environments, bring back that Ocarina (some new songs would be nice), avoid linearity, make it challenging like it was back when I was younger, and make sure the story can compete with that of OoT and MM. Make sure the ending isn’t as ‘anti-climatic as WW (even though stabbing Ganon in the head was kinda cool).

  14. I think there is lot to be done with the real mirror effects that you could utilize with the new hardware. Like Zelda: Memory of the Mirror or something like that. With a lot of dungeons using the mirrors and water surface and mirror-worlds for puzzles and theme.

    Like battling a medusa creauture and look for weak spots through a mirror.

    1. Cool. But then, I’m pretty sure that kind of thing is possible without the Wii U. Hell, even Sonic Adventure had something similar, where you could only see traps in the mirror. Any console can render on two sides of a wall and make it look like a mirror. But that’s not to say it’s a bad idea, but only for a dungeon or two.

  15. I don’t think it’s right to talk about a future Zelda game like that that may not be in prodction yet. The reason for that is that they haven’t even shown any of their core games for Wii U, not to mention Skyward Sword hasn’t even been released yet.

    As for Zelda HD itself, I guess Twilight Princess art style would work. I don’t want another game with low color saturation and stuff; we’ve seen a lot of those in the current consoles. Plus, if they did a super realistic Zelda game, it would look like The Elder Scroll, Demon/Dark Souls, etc. Those are good games, but they are different. I would love for them to play around with lighting. In the demo, they showcased amazing lighting effects. Maybe they could use that to reveal hidden paths and puzzles. It would be the perfect way to demonstrate the power of the system while retaining its own style and looking vivid and bright with a lot of detail like in the demo. For ultra realism, they should create a new IP or something for that audience. I like Zelda games when they actually look/play like fairy tales; that is why not having blood in Zelda games is not a problem for me. Eternal Darkness should work with ultra realism though.

    1. Nice stuff. This is really the kind of direction I expect them to take. The huge bloom effects on the demo is the impressive bit.

  16. Realistic graphics don’t mean higher power. I’ve seen games that only look realistic but still contain the same static texture-mapping from the ps2 generation. You want to show real power, you have to be able to render more things on the screen. I don’t want to see grass in the park that looks like someone just made the texture and then put it on the model like wallpaper; I want to be able to see multiple strands of the grass. I also want to see what effect my foot will have on the grass as I’m walking through the strands. This kind of thing doesn’t need realism. You guys claim that Twilight Princess graphics are superior to Skyward Sword’s, but TP graphics merely slap the texture-mapping on the models, whereas Skyward Sword renders smaller models on top of the main model. Realism does not represent power; it’s just another art style. Real power is represented by better rendering.

    1. It shows in the subtle facial movements that Link makes in SS versus TP where he’s kind of static.

    2. Sort of agreed, but you may as well say that textures are unnecessary. After all, if you could render every crack in a rock as a polygon, then use shadow to highlight them (with a realistic lighting engine) then you’d just need millions of separate (differently coloured, but solid colour) polygons for different materials.

  17. Welllll just because it might not be twilight princess art style doesn’t mean. No other art style can look realistically stunning or maybe even more better given Wii U capabilities. Get use to it cuz Nintendo never tries to use the same art in zelda more than twice

    1. Um, Cel-shading was used for what, 3 or 4 games, where the model of Link was essentially the same. You could argue that Ocarina and Majora’s Mask share an artstyle with Twilight Princess, as if they were created on more powerful consoles, then they would have had a very similar look. And that’s essentially what the next iteration of Zelda would be if it used “realistic” graphics: an update of TP’s style.

    2. Um… Ocarina of time and Majora’s mask, Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, and Four Swords and Minish Cap.
      Most of the Zelda games with the same style.

  18. i hope nintendo tries cellshaded graphics some time! i would really like to see link with graphics like … tatsunoko vs capcom ? i wonder how hyrule would look and zelda.. the abillity to imagining things is great :D

  19. It’s not a bad idea to stick with the same art style as in the Zelda HD demo, it was gorgeous. But who knows maybe Team Zelda will find an even better art style within the space between Skyward Sword and the first Zelda for the Wii U.

  20. Art? Like Wind Waker.
    Environment and Story? Like Majora’s Mask.

    Nothing beats a crapsaccharine world.

  21. I would love to see the same art style used in twilight princess. It was a fresh new look to Zelda. If there is a better style than that, then I would like to wait until the next Zelda title. The demo for Wii u look awesome. I wouldn’t want to change a thing. But then again, I could change my mind if I saw something better.

  22. I want to see the capabilities of the wii u so please use the TP artstyle. That would be awesome :D

  23. When Nintendo said that they were making a Zelda WiiU, and every one was convinced thet the Twilight Style as it. And I told my self: “Self, I will laugh SOOOO hard when Nintendo says that this is not the art style” And boy, did I laugh hard!
    You Know when You cannot stop laughing at somthing, and then you suddenly cant breath? Well, lets just say that I was out of air for
    OVER 9000

    1. They haven’t said no to TP’s style. They said “not necessarily”, so they haven’t decided yet. I would say that they’re probably considering it, among many others, but that’s just guesswork.

  24. How about a Light and Dark world (similar to LttP). In the “Light” world, it is COMPLETE cel-shaded graphics and and an adult version of Toon Link (NOT like Skyward Sword) with a happy feel . In the “Dark” world, you are in Twilight Princess style graphics with a more grunge feel to the area.

  25. I am a huge fan of alternate artstyles, and I could think of several that would be fun to see at one point or another. Perhaps not even in Zelda, but that is a series that takes these kinds of risks. Even though Majora’s Mask was essentially the OoT engine, it had an Expressionist/David Lynch flavor all its own. Maybe they should delve deeper into that style soon.

    However, the best thing for the series and Nintendo at the moment would be to stick as close to the E3 2011 model as possible. There comes a time every so often when a Zelda game should be a system showcase of certain graphical elements, particularly detail in general (I think highly-detailed is a better way to refer to this look than “realistic”), and I believe this is one of them. I don’t want every Zelda game to look like this from now on (I’d personally get bored with that), but it’s necessary to return to it.

    Please note I’m speaking from a purely visual standpoint. I do consider actual gameplay as the most important aspect of a game, but that’s not the topic at hand.

    1. Yeah I want Wii U Zelda to stick closely to the demos style, but any Zelda after I don’t care!

  26. I think the scariest part of this comment is that they don’t seem to have started production yet.
    Considering how long Skyward Sword has taken, when would we get this?

  27. I want them to keep the Twilight Princess art style that they used.

    By the way, moving the interface to the ontroller’s screen would make the Wii U a great 3D system.

  28. i dont care what graphics they use, but for the Wii U, which is capable of HD graphics WHICH iis a first for Nintendo, ill be disappointed if they use the Wind Waker graphics. I mean cmon, HD Wii U + WW graphics = T_T

  29. Twilight Princess art style, left handed Link, orchestral soundtrack… please…

  30. Yeah they should keep TP style but wouldnt it be awsome if they changed link suit to a whole diffent cool suit i just tired of that same suit

  31. Hopefully it’s a different art style but still with the realistic look. Just because I think they need something to display the Wii U’s capabilities

  32. I’d personally like to see them stick with the art style used in SS. Unfortunately though, they’ve already stated they won’t be making another game in that style, so no point getting my hopes up. =[

  33. I hope that they’ll use the TP artstyle, cause that demo was amazing and I hope that the actual game will look like that maby even better, really as long as it will look just like the demo(or at least something close to it) then ill be happy:)

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