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Nintendo Wii: Super Meat Boy Developer Believes There Are Only Two Good Motion Controlled Games

Edmund McMillen, one of the developers behind the critically acclaimed Super Meat Boy, believes that there are only two good motion controlled games on the market. McMillen has apparently played the majority of games for Wii but is only really convinced by two of them; Wii Sports and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

“In the past so many years we’ve had so many different ways to control games. The Wii came and went and it had the motion-sensing thing. The only game that was really good was the game that was made by Nintendo for the system, that came with the system – Wii Sports,” said McMillen.

“Any game after that, and please anybody chime in and tell me the games that I’m missing here, because I’ve played a lot of Wii games and there’s not one Wii game other than Wii Sports that actually uses these controls and makes the game fun because of it. And I assume that the next Zelda is going to be good. Those are going to be the two games for the system that are really spectacular and really use the controller in a way that’s fulfilling,” he continued.

“When it comes down to it, if Nintendo is the only one that is able to come up with awesome ideas for the peripheral, then I really doubt anyone else is going to.”


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      Yeah they went all the way around the gaming world to do nothing with the wii, but the wii U can still utilize wii remotes meaning motion controls aren’t dead.

  1. Zack and Wiki’s Wiimote controls worked pretty well :) As did Metroid Prime Trilogy – otherwise nothing really jumps out at me. Doesn’t make the Wii games any less fun though.

    1. Metroid Prime didn’t so much use motion controls as it did infrared. Most of the actual motion was a bit gimmicky and unnecessary. Nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t add to the experience.
      Don’t get me wrong, Metroid Prime Trilogy is pretty much my favourite game ever. I’m just stating that the motion controls are nothing noteworthy.

      1. Actually it did! Or that is my opinion it was way to easy and overrated! Game designers who have made one game and it’s a rip off with a POS story shouldn’t throw stones! I’m glad u liked it but I wouldn’t say u sucked because of it. But I’m not a child.

        1. wait wait wait. did you just fucking say it was too EASY. what planet do you live on sir. super meat boy is one of the most difficult platformers i have played in a very long time. obvious troll is obvious.

        2. Wait, what!? Easy? I assume you’ve managed to get all the bandages, A+’s on every level (including the dark world), unlocked all characters, including The Kid, played through all of the retro warp zones, giving you 106% once everything is fully completed, then played through all the few thousand levels on Super Meat World? If so, I applaud your gaming skill, but it sounds to me as though you might have stopped after a few minutes of play because the story was lame. In which case, you totally missed the point, it’s supposed to be a mick-take of Mario’s story, which is essentially the same.

    1. Little King’s Story doesn’t use motion controls. In fact, many reviewers gave it a bit of stick because they think it should of, but that would have detracted from the combat system, so they didn’t use any of the Wii’s specific abilities.

  2. lol if u dont like the wii, use ps move or watever its called. motion sense is unique nd new, so dnot jump too far ahead.

    1. Nah, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s saying that while the games are good, they aren’t improved by motion controls.

        1. Mario Galaxy was NOT improved by the motion control. Those games would have been much better without the gimmicky “shake your controller to do something a simple button press would’ve done perfectly” controls. :|


      He sounded so professional!

      I value his opinions less because he has no respect for anyone else. It’s one thing to not develop for a platform: that’s a dev’s choice, that’s why there’s options. It’s an entirely different matter to call certain platforms “a fucking joke” just because a certain game doesn’t play well on it.

      The Wii’s “waggle” controls were made to enhance the experience. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an undisputed masterpiece in terms of game play. Spin-jumping by waving the remote feels natural and enhances the playing experience. The lack of 1:1 motion sensing in a game doesn’t make it a bad game or make the controls any less effective.

      Kinect was designed as a new platform, and frankly I think the bet is yet to come. Devs are finally figuring out how to synch the motion tracking. Traditional games will not work on Kinect, but does that inherently make any of the games less fun? That’s what this fellow is implying. I myself think that the Kinect would work a lot better with a Wii remote-esque supplement, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say the Kinect is a “fucking joke” without it.

  3. My only complaint deals with games wherein the motion controls are somewhat forced on the player without a viable alternative. Donkey Kong Country Returns is the most notable offender in this regard as every move in that game could have been easily mapped to buttons.

    1. (That awkward moment when you comment instead of reply) I completely agree. It detracts immensely from the playing of the game, to the point where it become a chore.

    1. FlamingKick-ThunderPunch

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Obvious X-Box fanboy is obvious XD Too bad you don’t know good games from bad ones *cough*Halo*cough*

      1. I’m kind of a Nintendo fanboy but I sort of agree. I was really disappointed by how Skyward Sword looked.
        Also, what’s wrong with liking Halo? I don’t personally, but it’s just another game. If it was from Nintendo everyone on these pages would love it. :)

        1. I like halo, and you don’t like the art style? *wind waker* so you “sort of agree”? Yeah the art style is bad so it’s gonna suck! What a joke.

        2. He said the game won’t be any good though he hasn’t played it. Your also saying you don’t like the way it looks. Does that also mean it won’t be any good? I hated the way wind waker looked but the game was crazy fun. Can’t really say much about it til it’s out Just sayin. Though I agree there’s no point in hating on Halo.

    2. what an ignorant opinion has to be a troll what zeldas doing with motion controls is goona be so fun, o and halo so innovative using the same shooter controls as every shooter ever made for a console

  4. Wth is wrong with that guy, wii sports resort? One piece unlimited adventure/ cruise? red steel 2? Wario ware? if he jas played a lot of games then he jas played those bad budget games :o

  5. FlamingKick-ThunderPunch

    Who cares what this guy thinks? It’s the developer of one game that honestly wasn’t the greatest game…and it’s the people who own the systems opinions that matter…

    1. In my very humble opinion, I would say that his game has the greatest controls I have ever seen in a platformer, and so, I would say that his views are something to take note of when it comes to this.

  6. He’s referring to the games that use motion control as their fundamental design, not the games that included them as “accessories” and not an important factor in the gameplay. Skyward Sword’s design mandates motion controls because you can’t slash at a certain angle on a specific part with regular controls. A majority of games that supposedly use motion controls didn’t really need them at all. They may have been easier to play with motion controls, but that’s not the same thing as absolutely requiring them.

    1. Super Meat Boy is actually quite a successful game on Steam. I’ve never played it properly but I have heard good stuff about it.

        1. Seriously, it’s the best platformer I’ve ever played, and it’s brilliant. So, get when there’s a sale on if your computer’s up to it.

    2. It’s a pretty hard platformer. I like hard platformers so I like the game, but a lot of people hate on it for its difficulty. I 100%’d the (free) flash version before trying the full version, and I recommend you doing so as well.

  7. Mario Kart Wii, The Conduit, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Goldeneye, Excite Trucks/Bots, Red Steel 2, Fluidity, Twilight Princess, Wii Sports Resort, Super Mario Galaxy, just to name a few.

  8. Super Meat Boy? Seriously? It’s just a downloadable game! Obviously this guy has never played any good Wii games to say only 2 are good. Many games have made great use to the motion control.

    1. Woah there! You can’t say that just because something doesn’t come on a disc or on a cartridge means it’s rubbish, I mean Minecraft was doing pretty well last time I checked. And it’s his opinion, and a valid one, where in a number of games, motion controls have been forced in. Yes, it’s an exaggeration, but game design is what’s important.

  9. Mmmkay let me try and prove ol’ Eddie wrong.
    1. WarioWare: Smooth Moves (one of the best uses of motion controls I have ever seen)
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 (the spin attack, the ball rolling trick that made me feel like a pilate, and the blooper racing thing if that is what it was called so don’t quote me)
    3. Metroid Prime Trilogy (best shooter on the planet with great controls)
    4. Red Steel 2
    5. Zac & Wiki
    6. Boom Blox
    7. Warioland: Shake It
    8.Mario Kart Wii
    9. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ( you know the sword swinging and arrow shooting was fun)
    10. Punch Out
    And the list goes on….

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  11. I don’t think the Wii remote provided much initially other than a convenient way to pull off a certain action without having to press a button i.e. reload in Resident Evil 4, swing sword in Zelda TP, spin-attack in Galaxy etc. But that wasn’t a bad thing. The controls worked much more efficiently when used practically rather than as a novelty. The afore-mentioned games (two of which were superior remakes which benefitted from motion controls) have received consistently high review scores from gaming publications and the controls were often emphasised in said high reviews.
    Wii sports was one of the few games to actually implement the remote in a way that felt revolutionary and fun. I loved it when I first played it but after playing Resort it just feels obselete.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that this ‘peripheral’ he is referring to is in fact the motion plus and not the remote itself. Correct me if I’m wrong. :)
    The motion plus is something which hasn’t been utilised. Resort was fun when it was new but there were no first party games after it which could entertain you for large amounts of time. There were some third party games like Red Steel 2 which weren’t bad but I personally wanted a Metroid, Mario or Zelda. I’m only getting one of those.

  12. Red Steel 2? Madworld? Metroid? Conduit? MoH Heroes 2? All epic because of their motion controlled gameplay elements!

    Rayman Raving Rabbits? Better than Wii Sports!

    No More Heroes?

    Seriously, this guy needs a lighter view of good games, cause he is making himself very unhappy in the gaming community….:S Like only wanna drink expensive wines, cause the cheaper ones arent good enough for you, the person who does, is much more easily pleased;)

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  15. I know I’m gonna get flayed for this but…

    The Firce Unleashed force powers, controlled with the nunchuck… never before has force push felt quite so satisfying…

  16. You said it! But it is a little wierd moving the remote around constantly It takes getting used to.

    A really good game is resort and sports
    I found wii play very bland with barely any fun minigames accept tanks.

    Other m had an okay control scheme in terms of motion control it took me a while to. Realize you needed motion plus to heal in battle by lifting the remote up.
    I’m hoping skyward sword will take advantage of motion plus by making it like swordplay.

  17. Btw whens the release date for skyward sword I’m hearing late 2011

    And I heard meatboy was a great game review wise is it on wiiware? Heard something about that

  18. I wasn’t even really that bothered by motion controls on Zelda: TP. I prefer more hardcore faire, and I kind of like motion controls. Obviously, the response time could have been better with Wii’s first forays into using motion controls for “traditional” games, but there is an intuitiveness to flicking your wrist to slash rather (or, to blow in DKCR) than pressing a button. (The knife slash in Resident Evil 4 comes to mind)

    But that said, I really wish the developers for Super Meat Boy would shut the hell up. They’ve had one modest hit, popular amongst the ‘core crowd, and they’re talking so much crap and nonsense about Nintendo these days. I mean they got the name Super Meat Boy from Super Mario Bros. (SMB) for crying out loud.

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