Nintendo 3DS: Japanese Gamers Regret Purchasing A Nintendo 3DS

A survey conducted in Japan shows that a third of consumers who purchased the Nintendo 3DS were disappointed with their decision. The survey was conducted after the price cut so clearly a few of those surveyed would be feeling a little bitter. Still it’s an interesting statistic.

  • 49.4% felt the current line-up was not adequate, and were “disappointed”, despite knowing upcoming games.
  • 45.7% weren’t planning or were undecided whether to buy Super Mario 3D Land orMario Kart 7.
  • 5.4% said they weren’t intending to buy one after the price drop – out of these 42.1% blamed the current selection of games. 15.3% revealed that they would never buy one, ever.


  1. It is just me or nintendo is kinda….falling down? I mean first they got a bad impression with the wii u by making people mistaken it with an upgrade for the wii, secondly, the 3DS is a big dissapointment for the majority of the people in the world and the 3DS titles are being cancelled…and nintendo reminds silent for this.

    1. They’re failing at the same things they always have, namely the PR, marketing, timing and other business aspects. Their games are still unmatched by any other company (opinion, of course). Would you rather see Nintendo go the way of Apple, and dazzle the world with FANTASTIC marketing strategy while producing pretty, but mediocre products?

      1. Mediocre? So the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iMac are mediocre products? Please think about you say before you say it

        1. They really are mediocre products man, they really, really are, Ive used all of them, i own a few, and to be frank, there pretty….and that’s it.

          1. ya they are i love nintendo i own a 3ds i agree theres only one good game for it atm and it came out like 4 months after the systems ofc im talking about zelda, all the title anounced at e3 look great and i think atleast 2 of them shouldve launched with the system

            1. The topic wasn’t about Macs ((or their shit-quality)). The 3DS has certainly been falling, but the price cut, upcoming GOOD titles, and holidays should fix all that.

      2. Apple products are top quality. I’d rather play games on the PS Vita and 3DS than the iphone of course, but for everything else that’s not gaming, I’d use an iphone.

      3. You think the iMac is mediocre? My friend you are greatly mistaken! The quality of Macs are unmatched! Especially the iMac. Apple sells quality not quantity.

          1. Excellent post. But the iturds still won’t get it. Just that fanboy mentality, like thinking they are getting “special” access to outdated GBA games, when in truth it’s just Nintendo’s way of saying “Sorry we shafted you.”

        1. apple overprices average products. an ipad is not worth $500. especially since my netbook can do more, store more, and process faster….oh and its half the cost

    2. I thought that was just me that Nintendo is falling down to, not just because everyone wasn’t pleased with the 3DS, but I always hear complaints about the Wii, what I’ve heard that there were tons of Party Games for the Wii and they were sick of those games, and tons of Games that they thought doesn’t work well with the Wii Remote.

      I know Nintendo isn’t all that bad with the games and hardware they’re releasing, but I hear more complaints about the Wii and DS more than I do with all the other consoles, maybe its just me.

  2. I am loving my 3DS and there are still some cool games I’m going to buy when their prices meet my expectations: SteelDiver, GhostRecon, Asphalt, maybe a Lego-Game. But there really need to be some new ones soon, everybody had enough time, lets blame thirdparty developers. :D

    1. i agree, i love my 3ds i have Zelda OoT, shadow wars and samurai chronicles and they are pretty awesome y recommend the 3 of them but am waiting for resident evil revelation, metal gear, luigis mansion 2 and paper mario

  3. I somewhat agree with the lack of enthusiasm. tho I would like to purchase a 3DS … I have a DSiXL … And the trade-in value is crap on it, for the price of a new 3DS any ways. I would still be payn $200 out of pocket, after the trade-in. So for me it can look pretty on a shelf for now, maybe once there is a better selection if games, I will think bout it again.

    1. If you are trying gamestop, there are times where they up the trade in value as motive to trade it in. Also when you trade in more than 1 item, you get additional value as well. I got like 60 from my DSi, but that was after I had the 3DS and was reserving Mario 3D land and MK7 (waited to move my DSiware to 3DS).

  4. I’m guessing it’s all because of the Poor game selection of Gaming, the only very good game released right NOW is Ocarina of Time, so how many people would actually buy a console for just one game, most of people will probably wait till other great games will be released

  5. I seriously still love my 3ds. The game selection sucks right now, but that’s not a reason to regret the purchase.

    1. I agree. I have my 3DS right now and the only game I have is Zelda and it’s a good game. But I just bought a few games off the store and play those. I preorderd all the cool upcoming titles such as Super Mario, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and debating Animal Crossing.

  6. Sickr, you’re going to have to work on your headlines. There’s a WORLD of difference between “Japanese gamers,” which implies at least a majority, and “a third of 3DS owners.” And as you pointed out, there was just a price cut, so of course that third will feel a little angry. But that’s the way of being an early adopter. Ask anybody who bought a first run iPhone and saw the price drop by $100 in like 7 months. They bitched too.

  7. I will wait until the great Mario games come out and then I’ll buy one..right now? aww hell no.

  8. just one word: consumerism… people buy any new device without knowing or thinking about the short future of videogames…. I consider my self a hardcore gamer…. Nintendo disappoint me big time with the wii… I hope they recover me as client with the WiiU

  9. One thing this all may lead up to? A drastically cheaper price point at launch for Wii U. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. :D

  10. The only error here was that all the launch titles sucked, none of them were really deep enough adventures. Second, not only most of the launch titles sucked, but also the prices were too expensive for games that clearly lacked content. They should return to their 30 dollar price format. It also has taken a lot of time to release new games, since march to august the only good game we have is ocarina of time. 6 months and only one true adventure game that is also just a remake? I have a 3DS ans I love it but I only have one 3DS game. i had lego star wars 3d, sold it and bought street fighter, got bored sold it, got ocarina of time and now waiting for star fox. On the other hand nintendo will have this christmas for them now that the psp vita silly thing will not come this year. So yeah even sony has problems with marketing too!

  11. Nintendo will be fine this is to be expextced because of the price drop. As for the rest they will buy one with the price drop and all the games coming.

  12. Of course they regret buying it. Only one big game name released so far. So people rather wait until there are more good games are available and sure, as the time pass, it’s going to be cheaper.
    That’s why I still haven’t bought my 3DS

      1. Me too. I’m probably going to wait for the next version of their 3ds, and hope a red color is released, or wait for some type of bundle.

  13. Well, I was only able to get my 3DS on launch because Dick Smith was doing an excellent deal for the first 600 preorderers. (it was for AU$282 for those interested) So I’m not feeling the ‘betrayal’ as heavily as some.

    But man, the 3DS sure is taking a beating. Sad to watch. =(

  14. Well in a sense that’s bad becuz its the Japanese but I think they’re just saying that now. Eventually they’ll go pick it up. Probably on the dl too.

  15. I think it may start to take off from Sept/Oct. The price drop, the bunch of new ‘top’ title due over the next 4 – 6 months AND the fact the PSVita is now post xmas! Don’t forget, the DS sold very slow at 1st and the “experts” said it would fail. look what happened there, the most successful games system ever released. There is time for 3DS, and I hope it really takes hold over xmas period, its a great bit of kit.

  16. It should be noted, that this “survey” was conducted as a poll on a gaming website. So there is no prove that the voters actually were 3ds owners or not… The information contained in these poll results equals zero.

  17. Give us games Asap.
    Mario 3D land, Mario Kart 7, Paper Mario, Kid Icirus, Star Fox, Luigi Mansion 2…

    And Bloody Announce Pokemon, Super Smash Bros and Metroid and I can garantee the price drop will turn in to an asshole price increase.

    We just want games. No 3rd Parties. Your Nintendo. We don’t buy you for 3rd Party games. Mind you a Call of Duty game would also be nice!!!

  18. I love my dsi I won’t buy the 3ds anytime soon. A lot of people complain about the blur factor on the 3ds. Well that happens when you play a game with lots of action. Just goes along with the technology. I don’t see myself buying Zelda for any reason. The series died for me after snes. And I am tired of rehashes of Mario. Maybe I would buy a 3ds if it were $99. but not for $170. I did like the way street fighter and ridge racer looked. And as far as trading in my dsi for $60, I think I’d sell it for $115 on craigslist. Screw gamestop. They are going to fold when every game requires a pass for used games.

  19. its the lunch titles like squear enix they show a trailer of a game 4 years or five befor it comes out
    nintedo showed mario kart metal gear samus and super mario. so people were exspectingthem 2 come out at lunch
    they shud of waited

  20. once i get kid icarus, animal crossing, and the port tales of the abyss ill be fine for a long time

  21. The problem with companies is that they’re looking for the HUGE IDEA THAT WILL MAKE MARKETING ADVANCE INMEDIATLY!! and that does not exist, you must push something to make them advance, if they desing games (amazing games) for the 3DS, people will be forced to buy it. FOR NINTENDO, LONG LIVE!!

  22. i think nintendo made the mistake of letting third partie provide most of the launch line up people dont buy a nintendo system to play third party games no they crave zelda, pokemon, animal crossing, mario, and anything else nintendo makes. Plus to all powerful game designers have not released one of their you have to have it(kngdom hearts, final fantasy) games on it yet.

  23. It’ll go back up in a couple months with the price drop and the release of all the games coming out. I am personally waiting for bundles such as a red 3DS. with Mario 3D Land/MK7 or even a green one with OoT 3D.

    If Nintendo is smart, they can really get back up with a smart price and good launch titles for the Wii U.

  24. I absolutely do NOT regret buying my 3DS. I 100% agree, however, that the line up at launch, and even now, is insanely lacking.

    However, after I get my 20 free ambassador games and buy all of the new 3DS games coming out the end of this year-beginning of next year, I’ll never be able to put my 3DS down.

    So it had a slow start, big whoop. Apparently everyone is forgetting that when the DS first launched, it also lacked. Then the great games started flowing in and now everyone has a DS. People need to be patient, Nintendo’s trying their best and I for one respect Nintendo for admitting their faults, and their excellent work at fixing them.

  25. I think Nintendo have gone a bit overboard on this whole 3DSiXLBigMegaAstronaut etc thing. Like, the Nintendo doesn’t need a camera in it; it’s for playing games, not going on a photo safari or taking mugshots. I liked it better when it was just the DS and DS Lite and it wasn’t so overly complicated and… tacky, for want of a better word. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nintendos, I just think they’ve gone a bit over the top and now are struggling a bit for new ideas.
    I think they should end it in a bit. After all, better to go out with a bang than with a whimper :)

  26. Although I can understand that ppl would be disappointed when a new system comes out, it still mystifies me. Every system that is released tries to have something for everybody (or at least as many ppl as they can please). I am never really amazed at the launch software lineups of any of these systems; but they have something I like, usually, so I just enjoy my new toy. That’s what it is all about – seeing the new system and what it can do. That in itself is a game. There are always going to be games that will come along that make me happy. Usually after the first year, I look back and see a ton of games were released, with some titles that I started building my library with, for this system. I am sure that it will be the same for the 3DS. I think we just need a little patience. There were only two games I was looking forward to at launch, but, having now seen more and more upcoming titles, I am giddy about the future. CAN’T WAIT!!

  27. I do not regret buying my 3DS. Even though I agree the launch wasn’t great, it felt the same as the DS launch line up, and look where the DS is at now. The system JUST came out, so we need to give it some time before complaining. Now if a year went by and the 3DS was still lagging behind, then yes, there will be some problems. But, let’s still be patient. Honestly, I spent over 170 hours on my 3DS so far. It is a great system. It has potential. I just hope Nintendo doesn’t do the same mistake with the Wii U.

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