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Nintendo Wii U: THQ Is Committed To Bringing Hardcore Games To Wii U

Danny Bilson Executive Vice President of THQ has told online gaming publication VG247 that the company are fully committed to developing hardcore games for the Wii U. Bilson stated that THQ are always looking at unique and innovative ways to use the Wii U’s tablet controller, and that he believes that the console will offer plenty of interesting opportunities for developers.

Are you excited about Wii U, or do you see it as just another box to tick?

No, I’m excited about it. I like the controller quite a bit. We’re committed to that platform, so long as our developers find really interesting ways to use the controller so that it’s a unique experience and much more than a port.

Obviously, even to port some of the stuff over could be very profitable, but we’re really looking to use it. I mean, Darksiders 2 has a very deep loot and inventory system, and having that live and not having to click out of your screen is really a bonus in a game like that. And that’s just one really simple example. Some of the two-player stuff in the living room on independent screens where you can’t see each other is another one.

And then there’s the things you can do with motion sensors, and using the screen as a window – there’s all kinds of fun stuff. Even Nintendo had some fun stuff at E3 in their demo, throwing stuff from that screen to the other screen, things like that. You’re going to see that in a bunch of our core games. As many as it makes sense.

19 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: THQ Is Committed To Bringing Hardcore Games To Wii U”

      1. EA, Ubisoft, THQ, Epic Games, square enix, treyarch, tecmo, 2k(maybe), activision, rockstar(hopefully). i think there are plenty supporting the wii u and now that it has full hd we can see the same games for the 3 consoles + 1 party

    1. They gave up red faction. Sales were horrible. In fact a lot of THQ games did horrible this year, prob why they are looking at the wii U in addition to the other consoles. More consoles to sell on could increase sales.

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  3. He just confirmed the game will use two Wii U remotes, saying that the 2 players can’t see each others screens. YES!

  4. Hardcore you say? I’m still not so sure about that part, considering Nintendo has
    never had any actual “hardcore” games, if you count Call of Duty it sucks for the Wii..
    Well lets just see how it goes..

    1. I always wonder what people mean by “hardcore.” Nintendo is the oldest gaming company currently still making consoles. So that means that their franchises are the oldest, most familiar games in the industry, i.e. the core of the gaming industry.

      So in actually Nintendo is the core of the industry and everything comes after them right? I fear that the word “hardcore” has been warped to mean only games that have blood, sex and guns in it.

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