Nintendo Wii U: Epic Games Have Five New Games In Development, Hopefully One For Wii U

Epic Games company president Mike Capps has told an audience at GDC Europe that the company currently has five games in development, none of which are Gears of War related. We already know that Epic are rather keen on Wii U so let’s hope that one of those five games make it onto Nintendo’s next home console.

“There are currently five new games at various stages of prototyping and development” at Epic Games. We didn’t multiply our team size by five, so you can assume they’re smaller games.”


  1. Smaller games? Most likely not full console games then. Probably things you’d find for 10$ on XBLA or PS Store. Maybe a 3DS game? :D

    1. Smaller in content, not size. Probably. And Epic would probably be more “geared” towards the PSV in the portable console “wars” because of levels of hardcoreness the PSV emits. 3DS just couldn’t pull off an Epic game. Unless a five dollar eshop game.

    1. Although it’s to early i agree. I need to know how much money i have to have before Wii U comes out

    1. Sloooow day. sickr has nothing else to report on, except bashing Sony. Which isn’t really reporting, it’s more like bashing.

    2. He said there’s a possibility one of these games is for the Wii U. It’s not like the source said none of them were or specified the platforms. He also linked the article with Epic stating they liked Wii U, so there’s a chance 1 or more games could be for it. While not a direct piece of news, Sickr can post rumors or relating news. It’s his site and he can post what he wants or what he deems as news.

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